Speed, power, and agility - those are the skills. However, they must be used with wisdom.

NUNCHUK studied mystic fighting forms at the school of a mysterious blind master in Denver, Colorado. Driven by the need to perfect his form, Nunchuk moved to San Francisco and enrolled in a martial arts school where his distinctive style caught the eye of the ninja sensei Storm Shadow. There, Storm Shadow personally supervised his instruction and when Nunchuk was ready, Storm Shadow introduced him into G.I. Joe, where he became a powerful fighter and self-defense instructor. Nunchuk specializes in nunchaku attack styles, utilizing a terrifying personal form he musingly refers to as the "Samurai Smash." He enjoys taking on Cobra in any situation, and has learned to command some of G.I. Joe's armored vehicles as well.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Ralph Badducci was born in Brooklyn, New York, and eventually made his way to Denver, where he was trained in the martial arts with the Blind Master. He later moved to San Francisco and enrolled in the Arashikage Martial Arts Academy. He caught the eye of Storm Shadow, who then continued the training begun by the Blind Master.

Years later, Storm Shadow recruited Sgt. Nunchuk for the G.I. Joe team's Ninja Force. On Ninja Force's first mission, Nunchuk and his teammates Dojo and Tj'bang fought Cobra Night Creepers in Beirut while helping Destro to avoid assassins hired by Cobra Commander. Continuing their protection of Destro, the Ninja Force and other Joes traveled to the Silent Castle in Trans-Carpathia, where they fought Cobra Vipers and a group of Red Ninjas. It was the Ninja Force who discovered Firefly's connection to the Arashikage ninjas when the mercenary appeared in command of the Red Ninjas.

The team later helped liberate the Cobra-controlled town of Millville from Cobra, fighting a band of Night Creepers.

Shortly before the G.I. Joe team was shut down, Nunchuk and the Ninja Force opened up a martial arts training school on the site of the Soft Master's restaurant where Nunchuk's teammate Dojo had been trained many years before. The school was free to the underpriviledged young people living in the neighborhood.

MUX History:

NUNCHUK remains a reserve member of G.I. Joe, and helped run a dojo in New York City until 2014, when the building was bought out by unknown parties, and the staff of the Academy (minus William who isn't a Joe) returned to the Pit until a new location for the school could be found.

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