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Nucleon is an incredibly powerful energy source capable of being used as fuel by Transformers and other mechanoid life forms, but though it can give great strength and power and has even revived the nonfunctional, it often has terrible side effects. Nucleon is said to affect no two types of mechanoid the same. One very common effect for Transformers is the loss of transformation ability. The Action Masters resulted from injudicious use of this mysterious, dangerous substance.

Nucleon appears as a funky liquid with a dangerous glow. It looks like fun, and seems to help, but don't be a fool! Listen to your momma and stay off the stuff!


Nucleon is mined on Messatine and used in medical experiments by Pharma. As a result of his efforts, several damaged Autobots have been brought back from near-death from Pharma's nucleon-based serum.

Foreign names

  • Japanese: Nucleon (ニュークリオン Nyūkurion)
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