Transformers Universe MUX

Log Title: Now on Sci-Fi: Face Off

Characters: Sci-Fi, SyFy, Red Spot

Location: New York City

Date: Friday, October 13, 2017

TP: Shattered Glass TP

Summary: Sci-Fi and Red Spot are doing attempting to capture the SG version of Sci-Fi without the normal G.I. Joes knowing about this play. Seymour Fine puts himself at risk while giving easy access to SyFy by teaching some guest lectures at the NYU campus; hoping that SyFy makes his move. SyFy has his own trap set as well against the pair.

As logged by Sci-Fi

It’s a Friday and it’s October 13, 2017. At a New York University lecture hall in the science wing, a guest speaker is presenting on quantum mechanical theories and their applications with the military. Guest lecturer Seymour Fine is presenting; his hair looks combed, freshly shaved face, and very professional and yet casual. He is wearing a business suit while rocking a white t-shirt with the NASA logo. He is finishing his series of lectures while the college students are taking notes. Some students are starting to wait for the bell to ring and the class to finally be over.

While most of the class seems to be there for their own studies, one student idly clicks on a keyboard and is drawing up renders for a future project. He is drawing up designs for a helmet and a laser rifle. He appears to be about a decade older than his classmates. One would notice the dog tags around his neck if they were to pay closer attention. Michae Ritchie, known better as Red Spot, is there to attend this lecture but for a different reason. He seems to be there to keep an eye out for his mentor; Seymour Fine.

Some of the students engage Seymour Fine with questions about the military and their goals with science. Fine gladly answers what he can say officially while also explaining some of the space missions he has done with both G.I. Joe and NASA. He encourages the students to look into positive life choices. Most of the students are engaged with this part.

As Seymour speaks, there’s a silhouette of a man now in the doorway. He casually knocks on the wall and then whistles as he strolls towards the class. He’s very well dressed; much like a James Bond-level spy would be. “Well, hello there!” shouts the man as he appears now fully visible. He looks exactly like Seymour Fine but with better everything. He waves to the class, “I see my doppelganger is boring you with theoretical sciences.” He flashes a smile that Clark Gable would envy.

Michael Ritchie

Michael looks towards Seymour fine and then back towards the intruder. He waits for a signal.

Seymour Fine looks at his Shattered Glass counterpart and then gives a sharp glance to Michael and gestures with his hand rather subtly to not do anything yet.

SyFy looks at the interactions, “Oh, I see that you brought someone. Well, if we are having partners...” He smiles as he quickly grabs a male student as a hostage and human shield, “I want to make sure that we are still on equal terms. You have your plus one, I will have mine. Though, if you make any other moves, I will have a plus none if you are as intelligent as me you’ll understand.”

Sci-Fi then looks back at Red Spot and the students who are now starting to leave before he looks back at SyFy with his hostage. “Alright, what do you want? If you wanted me dead, I would be already so this has got to be something more than a social visit.”

SyFy grins again, “Ah, I was hoping my mirror-self was not as bad as some of the other possibilities. You are pretty smart right now. I do hope that you can truly be a worthy chess match for me.” He then tugs at his hostage; pulling him closer. “So, if I were you...” He smirks, “Correction, I am you. So you know if you were me that I am already planning my next move. I have a hostage. You have a padawan. Granted, he’s now more than a youngling but he’s not as good as both of us. I recommend you have him step down or my hostages will be enabling that their dorm mates will be getting straight A’s for this semester because of this interaction.” He whistles a tune similar to Jeopardy.

“Pass by catastrophe is nothing more than an urban legend,” says Sci-Fi as he clenches his fists and then looks at Red Spot. Neither one of them had prepared for a hostage scenario like this in their planning. It appears that SyFy has something else planned somewhere else. He decides to put his hands up to show he’s not armed or about to make any moves. “Give me a moment.”

SyFy tilts his head, “Oh, are you trying to figure out the offsite complications that I set up for you?” He says that in a teasing voice, “You’d have to get to my level of thinking and play by my rules to figure this out.” He begins to use zip-ties to fashion his hostage to the chair. “So, do I get to call checkmate, or do I need to kill all of the pawns to force your next move?”

Seymour looks back to Red Spot and then his doppelganger. “Alright, we’ll do this but under my terms. Michael leaves first and then you release the hostage.” He eyes the sprinkler system above him and then looks back at Red Spot.

Michael slowly backs away from his chair, “Fine, I am not --” He then looks back at his mentor and notices the look and thinks he understands. He places his weapons down slowly. He backs out from his seating area and then walks slowly towards the door.

SyFy looks back at Seymour and then Red Spot. He looks back at his hostage. “Very well, I guess if I can’t trust myself, then who do I get to trust?” He smirks a little as he then uses a switchblade to liberate his hostage. “I do have a killswitch set up that if you come back, Michael, that you will trigger and my hostages are dead. So don’t think about pretending you are anywhere near a John McClane-level badass!”

Red Spot nods as he sees that hostage is getting to walk away, unscathed, by SyFy. He once again looks to Seymour for advice or what to do next.

Seymour closes his eyes and then looks back at Red Spot, “I’ve got this.” He smiles even though it is forced. He walks casually out from the podium and towards SyFy. He slowly puts his hands up in the air to show he’s not going to make any move to attack, “Go ahead, let’s talk.”

SyFy watches the hostage leave with Michael and then looks back at Seymour. “First, congratulations on your early retirement from teaching. Second, if you do anything besides what I am asking you to do, I want to let you know I won’t kill you. Because I most likely need your help. However, if I do need to motivate you, I will make sure that the people you care about the most will suffer.” He then wirelessly hijacks the projector showing images of Spike with his family as well as of Wraith.

“I’ve been able to get past your Joe security easily just by pretending to be you. If you dare not hold up your end of the deal, say goodbye to Red. If you doubt me, my wetwork friends will make sure that Wraith, the Witwickies, and all of your family here are soylent green.” He smiles again, “I even sent off a letter to some of these ‘Fine’ friends of yours letting them know you no longer want anything to do with them. And no, I didn’t forge your signature as it is mine as well. I don’t lie to myself. You know that.”

Seeing the images, Seymour’s heart sinks. SyFy has in fact managed to find his Achilles heel. Trying to not show any fear or concern, he stutters as he speaks, “Who... who hurt you to have you this way?” He looks at his twisted counterpart, “What do you want from me? Clearly, you’re not looking to put me six feet under right now.”

Making sure there is no trick, SyFy looks around, “I... I need your help. I want to go home but I am stuck here. I don’t even know if I should go home as it’s so screwed up.” He drops his attack stance and looks at Seymour, “You have access to the Autobots and Joe technology that I need to figure out how to get home. You’re going to need to go on sabbatical. Take a leave. You will not be in touch with anyone or warn them of what I am up to...Or better yet, what you are up to. If you do, I will activate whatever I need to make sure that you pay dearly.”

“So what’s the plan then,” asks Sci-Fi; curious and frightened about the response at the same time. “What’s your endgame?”

“I’m heading home or staying here. I need to find out if I can get home, first of all, to determine if I am going to do that. You give me an honest attempt to get me home and after we try it for, say a month or a year depending on how much effort you put into it, I will let you and your friends live.”

Sci-Fi slowly nods, “Understood.” He reluctantly moves closer to SyFy. “What insurance do I have that you will not kill her regardless of whatever happens?”

SyFy looks back at Sci-Fi with a twisted smile, “You don’t and won’t. Other than the fact that I didn’t kill her where I came from. She might have been a life choice that splintered how I ended up this while you are the way you are. Even if you are weaker with your moral compass than me. That’s enough for me to respect that decision about you. I somewhat envy you because of that.”

Sci-Fi exhales deeply, “So, I now am going to be tag-teaming with my psychotic nightmare version of myself to find a way to get him back to whatever Hell you came from where you will continue to assassinate people for fun?”

Laughing, SyFy confesses, “Just think of it, the sooner I am back there doing what I am supposed to be doing that means the sooner I won’t be here killing for fun.” He puts his arm over Sci-Fi, almost in a mock affectionate way to walk out of the seminar room with him, “We have some things to do tonight. I have a grocery list of parts we need to steal so we can find a way to get me home.”

Meanwhile, on the outside, Red Spot has pulled a fire alarm to evacuate this part of the campus. EMS is slowly starting to respond to the call. Michael is waiting to see where the two Seymours are.

SyFy leads Sci-Fi to the parking garage and points to a black 2017 Audi R8 sports car. “Get in and don’t do anything stupid. You know about the killswitch.”

Sci-Fi reluctantly complies.