Transformers Universe MUX
Log Title: No Good Deed

Characters: Starlock, Chromedome

Location: Uraya

Date: 5/31/2020

TP: Peace In Our Time TP

Summary: Starlock passes Chromedome the combaticons scans and they get a moment to 

As logged by Starlock

Uraya - Eastern Equatorial Cybertron


Starlock is sitting outside Calyhex in Uraya as she waits for Chromedone as she looks over the old, and the new scans of the Combaticons, trying to get an idea of what she could.. that and to obviously scan them before Chromedome could be passed them to help speed his work along. "Not to much longer.." She'd murmur to herself.

Chromedome drives in from the direction of Iacon and transforms, giving Starlock a wave. "Hey, 'Lock," he says in a pleasant voice. "I hear you have something for me?" He glances at Calyhex, assuming she's listening, but having decided to trust her. Chromedome approaches Starlock and stops just out of melee range. "How's our other patient?" he asks, motioning to Calyhex with his head. His tone is relaxed and ready for work.

Starlock nods as she pushes herself up and removes the dataslug from her datapad. "That I do.." She'd say, taking a slow vent, and rubbing at her optics, clearly tired. "And well, Last I knew Calyhex was at, and going over 82 percent in her recovery." Starlock smiles, and holds out the dataslug. "As for this.. Make sure whatever is on it is destroyed after your done.. They're copies but.. New, and old.. What you asked for." She nods.

Chromedome nods, accepting the dataslug with almost reverent care. He produces a small drive out of subspace, and plugs the dataslug into it, first scanning for malware and viruses, and then copying the scans for his own use and perusal. He ejects the slug and holds it up. "You want this back, or should I destroy it?" he asks curiously. "And I'm glad Calyhex is doing well. Let me know if there's anything more I can do. Have you heard from Ghost lately?" he asks innocently.

"Destroyed, person i got it from could be put in danger if it's found out it was given to me." Starlock explains with a nod. She'd take a slow vent and looks around. "I think she's currently at the rollout with a few others, getting drunk." Starlock chuckles. "..She's pretty stressed with everything that has been going on, on her end."

Chromedome nods again and plugs the slug into a different port in the drive and presses a button on the side of it. After a slight pause there's a flash and a burning smell. "Formatted over and destroyed," he says, ejecting the slug and crushing it in his hand for good measure. "And that sucks for Ghost. I gather there's some trouble going on within the Decepticon Empire?" he asks somewhat cluelessly. He opens a port in his chest and plugs in the external drive.

"A few things from what I gather, Des was injured, she.. I think she also remembered something horribly traumatic." Starlock explains as she sits against the wall. "Least that's what I gather from internet chatter." She'd tap her audial phone. "And No, I've.. asked a lot of you already." She'd nod, finally answer his other question, she goes silent. "..I've asked a lot of everyone.." she lets a slow vent out.

Chromedome raises an optic ridge. "Don't be like that," he scolds Starlock. "There's a lot going on for everyone. You're just doing your part to make things a little better. I'm happy to help." His optics light up a little brighter as he downloads the data from the external drive and starts processing it. "OK. This could take a bit of time to analyze, but I have a couple of ideas on how to fix things if I can crack this code."

Starlock glances up at him and she gives a tired smile. "...Thanks, It's.. hard sometimes to remember I'm not alone in this." She nods, taking another vent, trying to relax. "Thank you, you've done so much, all I can hope, is that everyone's involvement in this over the months, leads to a favorable outcome." She'd grin. "Just let me know what else you need of me for those ideas."

Chromedome nods. "Basically, depending on how complex this code is and how I can break it down, I'm hoping I can just build something I can 'inject' in Blast Off's code and it'll propagate to the others next time they merge. More likely, however, I'll have to write something for each individual Combaticon, and find a way to deliver it without them noticing. Finally, if none of THAT will work, we're back to the hardest part - anesthetizing Bruticus."

"That is going to be hard, don't they de-merge once their out cold?" Starlock asks with a raised ridge. "Least that's how I understand it works."

Chromedome hms. "I'm really not sure. Looking at this code..." His optics glaze over a bit. "... It doesn't look like it was written and installed piecemeal, although I'm trying to reverse-engineer other people's undocumented code, so of course I could be wrong. But, yes, simply KOing Bruticus wouldn't be enough - we'd have to stun him somehow and hold him still. It would probably take one of the other combiners or a Titan."

Starlock sits there thinking, but she nods. "I can prep for that if it comes too it." Starlock says, taking a slow vent. "...Its likely code from Shockwave, so it likely could hide easily in the combiner code he made." she'd suggest.

Chromedome nods. "Well, I'll get to work and see what I can come up with. I think Wheeljack might have some discs that can transmit the code if we need to do it remotely. I've been doing some research but should ask him directly. If that route will work, I'll get them manufactured and then all we need is an encounter with the Combaticons that we all hope to survive!" he laughs.

Starlock chuckles. "Just be sure he doesn't slip anything extra in there." Starlock grins. "...We'll figure it out, may require multiple people to do it, but i think.. we may have the numbers."

Chromedome nods again. "We just have to make sure to have a solid plan. 'Cause if things go wrong, people could die," he cautions. "I don't think they should be enslaved, but keep in mind - the Combaticons are killers. Don't think just because we free them from Megatron's control they're suddenly going to become Sensitive New Age Decepticons. We might be curing them one day and then fighting them the next."

Starlock nods. "...I know." She'd state, looking back down, silently. "Doing the right thing, doesn't always mean its outcome will always be good... Or go rewarded" She'd say with a nod to her self.

Chromedome's optic twinkles. "Well, you know what they say - 'no good deed goes unpunished.' Still, it's a programming challenge if nothing else. And it might remove a powerful pawn from Megatron's arsenal, which is good for the Autobots and Cybertron in general, so there's that."

Starlock chuckles. "Yes, exactly that, I know it far too well." She'd grin, wiping her thumb under her nose. "Agreed, during and after all this are going to be /really/ interesting." She'd nod.

Chromedome nods one last time. "OK. Well, let me get this back to Iacon." He unplugs the external drive, erases its contents, and stows it back into subspace. "I'll get right to work, and let you know as soon as possible what path I need to take to free them, so we'll know how much help we might need. And maybe I'll see if I can get those discs without telling Wheeljack who they're for," he says with amusement.

Starlock nods with a grin. "Appreciated if you could, the more cogs in this sorta thing, the easier it will be to break." She'd say. She'd pause in thought.. She'd need to find some way to make this up to him...

"Gotcha!" Chromedome agrees, transforming back into his Cybertronic sports car mode. "I'll be in touch!" He races off, already working on a cure for the Combaticons.