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Autobot Nightstalker

Nightstalker was once the partner of Ravage, before the war. His devotion to his superiors, however, exceeds even the Decepticon's — Nightstalker will unhesitatingly sacrifice his own well-being to save those he has sworn to protect.

Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens.[1]


2005 IDW continuity

Nightstalker and Ravage were constructed cold in Stanix.

Marvel The Transformers comics

Nightstalker, along with his partner Ravage, was bodyguard to the last surviving Overlord, an Autobot ruler who had grown so old and enfeebled that he needed constant re-energizing life support to stay alive. When the Overlord visited the city-state of Tarn, war broke out between it and its neighbor, Vos, forcing the Overlord to retreat to his own home in Iacon. The Overlord almost made it —- but Tarn's forces tracked him down and demolished the bridge to Iacon before he could cross, trapping him and his retinue. In a display of extreme loyalty to his charge, he attacked alone, taking out all of Tarn's forces but nearly dying in the process.

Nightstalker's self-sacrifice would be in vain: the Overlord died soon afterwards from energon deficiency after Ravage betrayed him and sided with Megatron, refusing to give up his own energy to sustain the old, rusting fool. State Games

MUX History

Nightstalker again encountered Ravage in 2020 on Cybertron and they had an intense "discussion" about loyalty verses servitude.



  • July 20 - "Hydrax Recon" - The Autobots do a fast recon of the Decepticon-controlled Hydrax Spaceport, and leave behind some surprises.
  • July 25 - "Traitor or Slave" - Nightstalker chances upon Ravage on a long-range patrol.
  • Nov 23 - "Lugging Energon" - An Autobot patrol picks up Lugnut in the Drift Plains. Things happen.

Aug 10 - Firebase Atonement Report

Firebase Atonement sent an all call S.O.S indicating that the forward site located near the Stanix boarders was under attack and the agents were fleeing the area per protocol.
Firestar, Dawnfire, and myself responded to the emergency call. Upon arrival, one agent was determined DOA while the other three were missing. A quick but thorough review of the forward outpost indicated that the EMP Mines were deployed to scrub the systems and further physical destruction of the internal operations occurred.
After a time of tracking through a chemstorm, we were able to locate them. However they had been restrained by Bludgeon. A fight between Bludgeon, Firestar, and Dawnfire began while I worked to free our 3 remaining agents.

With a timely arrival by Ironhide, Bludgeon ceased being a difficulty and the S and R team returned to Iacon.

End Report.

Sep 21 - Second-Hand Report

<< Autobot emblem that fades into Autobot Intel emblem >>

Then there's a feline face. No, it isn't Ravage. Maybe?

A request came in from Hot Rod for information to be passed to the upper levels as follows:

(Recording of a radio conversation):

(Radio) Hot Rod transmits, "Can you pass up the chain that was just told by one of the Dominicons that Ghost is looking for information on Caminus?" to Nightstalker.

(Radio) Hot Rod transmits, "Figure someone else would have an idea on what that means.." to Nightstalker.

Also it is highly suggested that our newer additions have a required refresher on cultural expectations and SECURITY to include and re-inforce what I thought was common sense: Flirting with Decepticons is not healthy nor wise. Generally speaking, but even more concerning was reported asking a Decepticon Intelligence agent out on a date? And getting it accepted? Maybe everyone needs that refresher course in security and you. Hrmph. Do not trust Decepticons. Full Stop.

Nightstalker out.


Alternate Universes

Apocalypse World

In the Apocalypse World alternative future, Nightstalker was tortured and killed by Soundwave.



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