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This article is about the evil Decepticon Nightshade - for the heroic Autobot, see Salvation Nightshade.
  • Name: Nightshade
  • Faction: Decepticon
  • Species: Transformer
  • Division: Intelligence
  • Sub-Group: N / A
  • Type: OC
Secret operations are essential in warfare.

Once, millions of years past, NIGHTSHADE was widely considered to be one of the best sharpshooters in the Decepticon ranks. Cool, composed and deadly accurate, she saw no reason to brag about her skill – the results spoke for themselves. Now, after a turn in a former chassis that unwittingly inhibited her particular set of skills and an accident that almost killed her, Nightshade has been rebuilt into an updated version of her original design; this includes her altmode, a VTOL-capable twin-turbofan stealth tactical strike aircraft. Her optical capabilities incorporate a suite of options for enhanced detection and targeting abilities; with it, she can shoot out an Autobot’s optics in pitch darkness from 10 miles away, hit a speeding target the size of a gnat, and can drop a selected quarry in a milling crowd while leaving all bystanders unscathed. On a personal level she shuns the camaraderie of her fellow Decepticons; this aloofness is often mistaken for arrogance. In fact, she is justifiably confident in her own ability, and has no need for outside validation – she feels that interpersonal connections hamper her clarity of thought and action. More often than not, she tends to make cutting remarks that discourage friendly conversation. Despite this outward appearance, her dedication to the Decepticon cause as well as her regard for Megatron’s leadership is beyond question.


Nightshade -- Robot Mode
The femme standing before you is on par with most typical Cybertronians, though leaning towards the tall end at twenty-three feet (seven meters) in height. Her head is mostly a dark charcoal-grey hue, around the top and sides of the cranial unit. Her faceplate, however, is a pale ghost-white shade, with a pair of glowing electric-violet optics; occasionally, however, a set of dark charcoal-grey goggles will cover her forehead and optics; then, the goggle’s electric-violet optics possess a more arachnid-like appearance when manifested and visible. Her facial expressions are fully visible under normal circumstances, with a thin-lipped mouth that’s typically seen as a bemused half-smirk; like with the goggles coming out, however, a lower face mask can also appear, seamlessly fitting to the goggles and giving a more creepy, fully-masked look when both are used together. Her voice, when she speaks, is typically a quiet mezzo-soprano, but with a more forceful, cutting wit when provoked (OOC Voice Actress: Jen Taylor / Cortana of Halo fame).
The physical build of this femme, on the whole, is sleek and streamlined, and goes all-in with the charcoal-grey. The shoulders and upper chest portion of her torso possess a more heavily-armored appearance, with armored pauldrons – each proudly emblazoned with the violet-purple Decepticon emblem – attached to what might best be described as “bikini plate” armor with a raised collar section to protect her neck. This portion is complete both front and back, though the back features a ring centered at upper back, illuminated with the same electric-violet hue as her optics and goggles, though this time the ring of light circles around in a clockwise motion. The same electric-violet lights flow in a strobe pattern as accents to the armor: back and forth on the lower edge of each pauldron, and from top to bottom at the torso.
Fitting in seamlessly at the lower torso is, by all accounts, a Seeker-lite appearance, with the cockpit of her altmode in centerline from sternum to waist. The upper arms from shoulder to just below each elbow slim down, but then expand back, giving her hands the appearance of bracers and mock-gauntlets. Molded armor portions are attached at the waist to give separation from torso to hips, then give way to a more molded plate armor appearance from the waist downwards to her boots. Along the upper portion of each bracer the molded armor parts at each side of her waist, along both legs andat the lower torso to show some slight separation between the altmode cockpit section and the rest of her torso, are more of the top-to-bottom strobe-like electric-violet accent lighting.
This is the one, the only... Nightshade.
Nightshade -- AH/G-24 Banshee Mode
The vehicle before you, at first glance, looks like some weird amalgamation of attack helicopter and subsonic fighter. The truth, as the craft’s configuration comes into full display, is more complex: it’s actually a dark charcoal-grey VTOL-capable tactical strike craft that measures approximately thirty-three feet (ten meters) in length. The cockpit, tinted the same dark charcoal-grey hue, is at the very front of the craft, with a pair of turbofans to either side that provide the forward propulsion once airborne – the exterior of each turbofan, just above the short, stubby wingtips that extend outwards approximately three feet (one meter), is proudly emblazoned with the Decepticon sigil. The front of each turbofan and the smaller fore pair of wings are a vivid electric-violet hue.
The fuselage widens out until just more than half the overall length of the craft, in line with the rear of the symmetrical pair of curvilinear, aerodynamically-streamlined wings. Most of that wing-space is actually mostly open space, housing a full-fledged VTOL-capable rotor system for takeoff, hovering and landing; they also maintain altitude in flight – even in space-flight operations when such isn’t needed. The back portion of each wing, like the front of the turbofans, are a vivid electric-violet hue to give some contrast. Retractable rocket launchers are mounted to the dorsal (bottom) of the craft, opening when needed to provide additional firepower to a pair of dual pulse lasers.
The fuselage shrinks in, the appearance like that of the tail end of an attack helicopter with a tail-mounted rotor system. Unlike Terran helicopters, however, this craft has tail fins like a normal fixed-wing aircraft, although these extend outward before opening up like S-foils to give a quad-tailfin configuration. The bottom pair of tailfins, as well as the ventral (top) back half of the tail-rotor housing, is the same vivid electric-violet hue as the turbofans, front of the pair of short forward wings, and back of the main wings.
<< Pic: >>


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Nightshade was originally a Decepticon femme infiltration specialist, active predominantly during the four million years that Cybertron had no contact with either Optimus Prime or Megatron. Discovered while tailing Elita One and her Autobot femmes, Nightshade was nearly killed by an ambush, and her chassis deposited at the nearest Decepticon checkpoint to be found.

Her laser core was placed into storage, where it remained for a little more than a million years before being discovered by the Decepticon scientist Nemesis (at that time, going by the designation Harbinger). He placed the laser-core in a new body, a prototype of his tetra-sweepcraft design, and brought her back online.

However, Nightshade's memory banks had been damaged, and as a result, the revived femme had amnesia. Rather than tell her the truth and stress her out, Harbinger told Nightshade that her name was Banshee, and that she was his creation, to serve in Decepticon Intelligence.

MUX History:

As Banshee, Nightshade served with distinction, infiltrating Metroplex to free the former Intelligence XO, Ghost, as well as infiltrating the Ark at Mount St. Hilary in preparation for an attack that was meant to make it appear as if the Ark were finally destroyed by an eruption of the volcano. During the Ark mission, however, she encountered Moonracer, who recognized some of her moves and speech patterns -- and the memories slowly began to return.

Shortly thereafter, during an attack by the Deadites, Banshee went to investigate. She was captured, however, and was subjected to the Deadite infestation, which transfigured her. She regained her memories and reclaimed her original name of Nightshade... but was also altered into a vampiric Transformer, complete with a new mode as a mecha-vampire-bat.

That state of affairs continued for a little over a decade. However, in March 2020, Nightshade came into contact with the Enigma of Combination while attempting to steal it from the Autobots. The artifact was... displeased to be touched by someone on tainted, and it purified her with a vengeance, though it nearly killed her. Still, she survived, and Decepticon MedTech quickly discovered that Nemesis had detailed schematics in his records for Nightshade -- a heavily-modified, updated version of the schematics from Nightshade's original creation. A week later, Nightshade was back on her feet, and back in action once more.

OOC Notes

1) Banshee was what Harbinger renamed her after learning of her amnesia.

2) The "tetra-sweepcraft" was a hybrid blend of the Seeker tetrajet and Sweep sweepcraft altmodes; Starscream and the Seekers considered it an abomination. Scourge and the Sweeps were similarly unimpressed..

3) For just over a decade, Nightshade was an energon vampire, after being infested by Deadites. However, recently that form was nearly destroyed by contact with the Enigma of Combination. Now, she has a new body (ironically, an updated version of the schematics of her original body).

4) If the descriptions above are tl;dr for you, think of this: Nightshade's robot mode is a Cybertronian version of StarCraft 2's Terran Ghost unit; her altmode, similarly, is StarCraft 2's Terran Banshee unit (with some slight modifications to weapons for some aerial defense).



Feb 20 - Brazil

<< The 'Con spinny appears, before being replaced by Nightshade's visage, her voice a vaguely clipped British accent >>

"Intelligence Operative Nightshade, reporting. Given the nature of recent events in South America, I followed orders to investigate, assuming the holographic form of a Terran aircraft -- American military designation F-117 Nighthawk. Here is what I found in Brazil upon my arrival at the scene."

<< The image of Nightshade is replaced by the live video footage of Weaver Delta and the Priests of Primus outside a citadel, talking for several moments before both the Priests and Weaver Delta move within. The video feed then shifts back to Nightshade's visage >>

"I believe we have found our prey, and she is all too close to our doorstep, should she decide to attack. I also find it disconcerting that the Autobots would send an envoy to her, particularly in light of the fact that Luminous has seriously damaged several Autobots previously. While it is not my place to make any plans, I would suggest a visit to Metroplex is in order, to ascertain if Optimus Prime and the Autobot contingent present on Earth are making a deal with Luminous... and if so, what kind of deal. If they find themselves with a new ally, then I believe we may have serious concerns looming on the horizon. Intelligence Operative Nightshade, out."

<< Nightshade's visage vanishes from the screen, replaced by the 'Con spinny >>


  • December 02 - "Recruitment" - Mixmaster attempts to recruit Starscream into the Dweller's legions.


Jan 24 - AAR: Tyger Pax

<< The 'Con spinny pops up briefly before Nightshade's visage appears >>

"Intelligence Operative Nightshade, reporting. Last cycle, I was in the vicinity of Tyger Pax when I spotted Galvatron and several cultist allies. Before I could radio in his location, however... this occurred."

<< Nightshade's visage is replaced by a video feed of Tyger Pax, with a silvery-green streak lancing down from on high to impact dead-center of the Autobot city-state despite retaliatory fire. The moment the streak impacts, everything goes silvery-green, and the city-state collapses in on itself, only to then reform and reformat itself into a new, foreboding city-state appearance that is as far from Tyger Pax's idyllic, tranquil state as can be. Then the footage cuts out to return to Nightshade's visage once more. >>

"The inhabitants of Tyger Pax are gone -- killed and then reforged as part of the 'new' Tyger Pax. Galvatron and the cultists were able to withdraw in all the chaos that ensued, and in fact destroyed the structure that was used as their observational vantage point, some kilometers distant from Tyger Pax. However, I did find a data card that seemed to survive the destruction of Galvatron's observation post. It was heavily encrypted, but I delivered it to Soundwave for analysis and data recovery. I imagine that soon, he'll be able to elaborate on it's contents. Intelligence Operative Nightshade, out."

<< Nightshade's visage disappears, replaced by the 'Con spinny once again >>


Mar 23 - Incoming Transmission

<< The ‘Con spinny pops up, only to be replaced with what seems to be a black screen before a pair of unholy green optics flare into existence and a clipped, precise voice begins to speak >>

“I know, I’m probably the last femme anyone expected to hear from. Given recent events, I would imagine that most wouldn’t blame me for not being around. By the same token, I also know that inevitably, I have little choice in the matter but to face up to things. To that end, this is me doing so, but on my terms.”

<< The lights slowly come on, illuminating the silhouette before Nightshade comes into view >>

“So, let’s start with the basics: I know Nemesis left. I know I left. But I didn’t go with him – if there’s one thing the Empire should know about me by now, it’s that I could really care less about Nemesis. He pretended to be my creator before the Deadite infestation overtook my physical form and helped me to regain my original memories, and took advantage of my initial amnesiac state to insert himself as a father-figure – one I don’t need or want. If that doesn’t make my feelings clear enough on the matter, I don’t know what will.

“As for why I left after he did – well, let’s be honest, one Decepticon to an Empire of Decepticons... when I learned that the story Nemesis had concocted about 'anomalous energy readings' was false and that he was gone, I knew immediately what most of you would think: that I was in on his scheme, that I knew what he was going to do before he did it, and that I refused to report it out of some misplaced “loyalty” to the one who, at best, gave me a second chance at existence. So I think I can hardly be blamed for proving unwilling to risk termination due to some perceived guilt-by-association. In that light, it should be easy to understand why I chose to disappear.

“All that said, as to whether I should return to the fold--” Nightshade shrugs a little “--that is still up for debate. Rest assured, I have zero interest in becoming an Autobot. Likewise, I have no interest in going my own way. But I’m not foolish enough to simply walk back into Kaon or any other Decepticon stronghold and run the risk of termination on sight. I can, however, offer a little insight on a certain garbled message. And – unfortunately for me – despite my dislike for Nemesis, I do have some slight insight as to what he’s doing. Not much of a hand I’ve been dealt, but I’ll play it out. And if you decide to kill me... well, it’s not like I can convince anyone otherwise. The choice is yours.”

<< Nightshade straightens up, her gaze locked on the camera transmitting her message >>

“Maybe it’ll be the last time, maybe not. In any case... Intelligence Operative Nightshade, signing off.”

<< The camera feed cuts abruptly to black, then is replaced once more by the Decepticon spinny >>

Sep 27 - Re: Bombing

<< text message format only, no audio-visual >>

"Before making any decisions regarding Cobra: there have been "alliances" before. Each time, they fall apart -- mostly because Cobra winds up doing something stupid to offend Decepticon High Command, and then we have to turn around and smack them down again. Just a word of warning. Intelligence Operative Nightshade, out."


Feb 28 - AAR: New Polyhex

<< the 'Con spinny pops up, then freezes in place as the audio begins >>

"Intelligence Operative Nightshade, reporting. I imagine the rumor mill has been flying at lightspeed since last evening's events. That being said: last cycle, Lord Megatron decided to make an example out of Deathsaurus. Several of us were there to witness, as per the norm: Blast Off and Swindle for the Combaticons, Goth, the neutral known as Khamsin, and myself. It was your standard two titans going at each other fight, up until it became clear that Lord Megatron would be victorious... and then Goth decided to attack Lord Megatron, no doubt in some effort to save Deathsaurus from being further victimized. I took offense to that -- I would imagine, after all, that we all know better than to interfere in any way when Lord Megatron makes his displeasure known -- and was able to stab Goth for his impertinence.

"Unfortunately, Goth managed to slip away and make it to Deathsaurus, giving him a quick repair job before the two 'escaped'... if you call fleeing into Darkmount and locking themselves within 'escape'. Lord Megatron has decreed both to be under house arrest in Polyhex, and for troops to effectively lay siege to Darkmount, so as to ensure neither of them make a run for it.

"At the moment, I'm observing from the ruins of the Decepticon War Academy. Lord Megatron has returned to his citadel, no doubt to undergo repairs from the damage Deathsaurus inflicted upon him during their duel. If Lord Megatron deems I went too far and deprived him of the opportunity to mete out punishment to Goth, then I will accept the consequences of my actions from him.

"Intelligence Operative Nightshade, out."

<< the 'Con spinny starts spinning again, then winks out >>

3/10 - "Radio Panic - Darkmount"

An explosion to happen on the Decepticon communications link, but Blast Off has other priorities!

3/11 - "Disgruntled"

A day after the explosion over the communlink, everything is oddly moving forward as if it's a normal day, with Leozak reporting to Deathsaurus.

July 31 - "Prison Break on Luna 2"

Cyclonus leads a force to break into the high security prison Garrus-1!


  • April 19 - "In From The Cold" - After a lengthy infiltration of the Hub's command world, Cyclonus returns to the Odin's Wrath to report in to Shockwave, bringing with him a certain missing Decepticon Intelligence Operative...

May 23 - AAR: The Hub

<< the Decepticon spinny appears on screen, before being replaced by the visage of Nightshade >>

"Intelligence Operative Nightshade, reporting in. Consider this my 'coming in from the cold', as it were.

"Short version: the Corumkan fell into the Warp Gate after Lord Megatron, where we spent a /wonderful/--" one can almost hear the sarcasm dripping from her words "--time trying to retrieve him. Unfortunately, we ultimately wound up near the center of the galaxy, where we found the Hub.

"The Hub is... well, a rather strange place. It's the seat of another Cybertronian Empire, one led by someone who claims to be Liege Maximo, one of the Thirteen. They retrieved Lord Megatron, revived and rebuilt him -- while he may call himself Primus Pilus now, rest assured that he is, indeed, Lord Megatron returned. The crew of the Corumkan were conscripted by this new Empire -- forcibly so. I, however, spent months evading capture and gathering intelligence; information that I would not be able to deliver now, had it not been for Commanders Shockwave and Cyclonus."

Nightshade straightens up. "That being said: Primus Pilus, there is certain information that requires your attention -- preferably with Commanders Shockwave, Soundwave and Floodlight present as well. I believe this information to be of vital import, and so I do not ask to meet with all of you lightly. Until such time as we can all meet... Intelligence Operative Nightshade, signing off."

<< Nightshade disappears, replaced once more by the Decepticon spinny >>

Jul 30 - AAR: Central Vos

<< text-only report >>

As soon as the power to Vos was cut, I did help to retrieve Lugnut from the imprisonment he'd been staying in. We both made our way to where Starscream was in council, and attacked him. Lugnut had a good showing, all things considered; had Blast Off not intervened, we could have taken Starscream prisoner and ended this farce. Instead, Lugnut's back to being imprisoned, and I was forced to withdraw despite dealing no small amount of damage to both Blast Off and Starscream alike -- despite the damage they had taken, it was not feasible to remain and keep trying to fight.

At present, I've returned to the Cradle in Kaon for repairs, but I intend to return to my overwatch position, assuming I am not needed otherwise. If there is need for me to report for reprimand or punishment, then so be it.


Nightshade was created and is played by darksabrz.

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