Night Fox

NIGHT FOX is the G.I. Joe team's special combat and operations expert. This former Navy SEAL takes control of challenging situations with tactical force and strategic impact. He calls on a broad range of skills including marksman, explosive expert, combat driver, and ninja training. In desert battles his blasts through Cobra blockades to weaken ememy defenses and open paths for this team.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Night Fox served in the Navy SEALs before joining G.I. Joe.

MUX History:

Night Fox joined the Joes in 2010, and served for a year before moving to the Joe Reserves. During the recovery missions of 2012, Night Fox was re-activated as part of Ninja Force and assigned to the USS Flagg. In August of 2013 he was assigned to SEAL Team 9, a new team operating Worldwide out of Coronado, California.

OOC Notes

Pilots the FOE Striker.



Night Fox is now available for application.


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