Transformers Universe MUX
Log Title: Niblets - Valvolux Festival

Characters: Deathsaurus, Esmeral, Folly, Illarion, Imager, Mothra, Scales, Solus Prime, Thunderblast

Location: Valvolux

Date: October 30, 2020

TP: non-TP

Summary: Day one of the Valvolux Festival, a number of party-goers show up in costume!

As logged by  Scales

Log session starting at 17:33:21 on Friday, 30 October 2020.


Valvolux is all dressed up for their festival, with brilliant banners and every storefront in the market showing off their best work or snacks for the revelers. Everywhere people are in costumes, some brilliant, some clunky and obviously hand-made.

Mini-Sludge scoots along the edges of the market, peering up to inspect various displays.


This small quadruped has what looks like a strong grey tarp carefully cut and sealed into an old-fashioned brontosaurus shape complete with long neck and stubby tail. Colored patches have been carefully painted onto the cover to mimic Sludge's pattern, with gold at the head and hips and a bit of red where it connects under the belly. Swirling rainbow optics peek out of eye-holes and the mouth boasts some sharp teeth inside, hints at the wearer’s identity.


Thunderblast is currently floating in. Behind her come a wave over of small sparkles. She's arrayed a small energy field to hold them in 'containment' so it looks like she's being trailed along by a sphere of mist that would glow. Seeming like a Siren coming out of the MIthril Sea, her voice flowing out commandingly..

There isn't much of a crowd just yet- people are still trickling in a few at a time.

Mini-Sludge finds a booth that sells little crunchy metal snacks and buys some, then hops up onto a rooftop with much more vigor than Sludge usually demonstrates. Then again, a full-sized Sludge would flatten most buildings. The mini-Sludge looks around at the costumes, pointing at some of the ones with good effects. Thunderblast's ball of sparkles catches her attention.

The energy field would flicker around Thunderblast, making a trail of flashes along with her. They would chime with each twist - even when staying still, they would surround her over in a veil of music, making haunted tones over her form.

Mini-Sludge crunches through a couple of snacks, then jumps back down with a fairly solid *thud* onto the ground. She shakes herself and then trots over to Thunderblast. "How're you doing that?" she asks in a childish sounding voice.

Thunderblast would glance down over at Mini-Sludge, and take a moment to try and identify the cassette-scaled thing. "Light forcefield with refractors. Hoverfield keeps the energy in the air, put in a few sonic sweepers to alter the frequency."

Mini-Sludge ooohs. "Neat! Is it power heavy?" The little dino peers more closely at some of the sparkles.

Thunderblast would shake her head, "Not really. Just not particularly efficient. It'll last for a few dozen breem then I'll have to get a new energy capsule for it." The sparkles would wave in and out of the field. It essentially having enough 'energy' to keep air out.

Mini-Sludge nods sagely, apparently familiar with the tech in question. "It's hard to make stuff small enough to carry without also making it really power hungry one way or another. But that's not too bad."

A few of the nearby venders lean closer to listen in. Apparently shop talk is interesting here.

Thunderblast would nod, "So it only lasts a relatively short time." A super weak force field that's only good for a few hours and can have someone break it by poking a finger in

"It's probably easier to get the whole effect when you've already got anti-grav," the mini-dino observes. "That way it just has to keep the field with you, not pick you up AND the field."

Thunderblast would nod at Mini-Sludge, "I tried that, and found everything wouldn't stay stable for long." In other words, she's not a technician, she brute forced it.

Mini-Sludge nods. "Kind of makes me wish I had jets," she says wistfully. "Not sure where I'd pack 'em in, though." The back of the mini-dino ripples a bit, as if something flexes underneath.

Thunderblast would just smile, "The skies belong to us." A little flare in her voice, a flicker as there would be flashes along the containment grid for her energy field.

Mini-Sludge hehs. "Hey, didn't anybody tell you all Dinobots can fly? It's part of why they're so cool." The stubby tail wags.

The sound of a piano warming up drifts over from the Entertainment District.

Thunderblast would just smile, "And how many of you can do that? Or is that just them forgetting that they have to stay on the ground?"

Mini-Sludge grins with lots of sharp teeth. "More than enough!"

Thunderblast would grin, "Fair. So, what are you going as?"

Mini-Sludge looks back at her own costume. "Uh, I'm Sludge? One of the Dinobots! I would have done Snarl but I couldn't figure out how to get the neck right."

Thunderblast would look down and then offer after a moment, "Use a 'fake' head. Just use it over like a prop around the area and make sure you have your sensor diodes able to extend."

Mini-Sludge ums. "Maybe. I'd have to build a whole fake chassis for that kind of costume, though. Maybe if I hadn't left things until so late."

Thunderblast would wave her fingers dismissively, "Isn't that hard. You just need a couple dozen breems, a basic toolkit, and access o some scraps and cosmetics."

As more people arrive, the streets get more populated but still not quite crowded. The market is full of people hawking specially made items as well as edible treats. The sound of a piano tinkling out basic scales and other warm-up exercises comes from the Entertainment District.

Mini-Sludge hmms. "Maybe next year. Oh! Or maybe I can figure out a way to go as Grimlock! He's the best, after all."

Thunderblast would just flat out stare for a moment down at Mini-Sludge, "That's like saying that Blot has the best smell."

Mini-Sludge huffs and a little puff of smoke comes out her mouth. "Grimlock is absolutely the best! Big an' brave an' strong!" She tilts her head at Thunderblast. "Who's Blot?"

Thunderblast would just look over at Mini-Sludge, "Then you're probably the better off." Thunderblast has a small flickering energy field around her body that is having an array of  energized sparkles around her creating a miasma, a radiant reflective pool around her. It's chiming, making her constantly surrounded by an enthralling haze of song.

There's the sound of scraping metal on metal as a hulking creature out of nightmares shambles forth, dragging a giant spear in its wake. The creature hunches forward, no doubt at least size sixteen if it stood upright. Its mouth barely hangs on by one jawpoint, giving it a horrid, distorted look, even as other parts of it seem to be barely held together by Primus knows what.

The warm-up exercises turn into the opening bars of Der Erlkonig.

Death Knight

A huge hulking robotic pseudo-knight figure. Several key pieces of the creature's armor have large holes in them, and its visage has a broken, carved gaping maw of a mouth that is at least five times larger than it should be.

In short Ultron, but re-imagined as a fantasy death knight

Valvolux is decked out for the festival, colorful banners and people in costumes everywhere. Most storefronts have unique display items to advertise their specialties to the visitors, and many places are offering energon and mineral treats for the occassion. While some visitors are content to linger in the market to look over the items and concessions here, others drift after the sound of music.

Mini-Sludge glances up and for a moment the mini-dino seems to get even smaller, as if literally shrinking away from the big scary undead creature.

The very small clown, in the bright but not TOO bright colors looks down at itself as it it has to calculate movement. For good reason, this clown is packing oversized feet that would be too much for someone twice its size. It takes a very cautious step, shifting its skirt as it moves, with an audible honk coming from its shoe. Not even a clown honk, a car honk.


The diminuitive figure before you is painted in some...well, not quite /bright/ colors but perhaps bold. It has a skirtframe worn about its waist, which seems rather unremarkable, except for the fact there are very large feet beneath it apparently.

Thunderblast is currently surrounded by a flickering field. A light shimmering force field around her that within would contain a legion of small energy bursts. Keeping her constantly surrounded by a shimmering, bright energy field and light miasma of flickering sparkles. Chimes going off about her giving her a continuing sound of haunting, emphereal music going around her. As others start to come in, Thunderblast goes to look up.

Persephone paces into Valvolux with a soft violet glow, a flutter of fabric, and wisps of shadows trailing behind her feet as she moves. Golden-green optics taken in the decorations as she smiles, alert and apparently delighted at the festivities. There is a moment of pause before she heads for a stall that has in its display some mineral treats.


At or just over 32 feet tall, this femme is mostly white. The rippling opalescence captures and steals the light with reflections and refractions hinting at darker shadows living just beneath the surface. Flight-frame elements stand out: vernier-thrusters adorning heeled, digigrade legs, canopy cover split with part inset into her chest, the other acting as part of her hip array, and wings. 

Torso armor angles sharply into a thin waist, layered and angular panels over panels nestled under one another with venting slats higher to her shoulders. Between the thicker armor plates, glimpses of dark violet biolighting can be seen in peeks and flicks, fully exposed along her midrift in lines that span from chest to underneath hip plating, bright-dark. Her wings, set high to her back, angled downwards 'at rest' are composed of multiple segmented panels like long blades or 'feathers'. Angular, lithe, and rapier thin, her form gives the illusion of being female without softened curves.

Golden-green optics sit against a darker 'white' face. An angled chevron touched violet with angled panels that rise into sweeping spikes to each side that, at a glance, could be a stylized Decepticon emblem forms a circlet on her helm. To each side of her helm sits slight sensory domes with wing-like finials again touched with a violet glow when in full fanned display. 

With a closer inspection, details can be made out such as the rich, dark blue hue striping the trailing edges of her wings, wrapped vinelike with a deep green in spirals and curls that end in small crystalline flower-skulls both etched and gilded with golds, violets and pinks. The vine pattern curves around shins, thighs, delicate etching and detail with curls ending in those crystal flowers or tiny black-gold skulls, depending on how the light hits at the time. Gilt and wire-braided vines brightens her sensory fins and circlet, tiny crystal flower-skull pattern repeated like a floral crown.

Sweeping from hips fore and aft is a translucent, paneled loincloth that drapes to her ankles, shading from a dark pink of energon up through a dark violet. Crystal flower-skulls line the bottom edge with gilt vine-twists a counterpoint. Fabric is attached at wrists, shoulders, draping a large sweeping swath behind and between wings in a flowing cape. 

REF Image:


The Death Knight seems to have its optics focused on nobody in particular, dragging that massive spear behind it as it peruses the bazaars set up.

Mini-Sludge seems to remember that Dinobots don't hide, straightening up. "Gosh! That's a big costume!"

A beam of red light emenates from the death knight's one good eye, as an ominous noise is heard, it turns and scans the area, even investigating some parts of the ground, though not near enough to Mini-Sludge.

Persephone gets her treat and seems to be rather pleased with nibbling on something on a stick. A tilting of her head as she listens, then begins to move towards where the music is coming from.

Thunderblast would glance over at the Death Knight, "Aren't you blocking your optics over with that?" She would query, maneuvering over towards some of the Robot Snacks.

Mini-Sludge sticks to the edge of the street to not get in the way- no need to get walked on! She scoots around to look at the Death Knight's costume from other angles.

Death Knight turns its frame slowly, that hulking form groaning under the weight of parts that no longer function. Its red eye searches, glaring as it follows in Thunderblast's wake, that massive spear up in its hand, as if it was looking for an intruder to slaughter. Still though, its gaze seems to juuuust miss Thunderblast, every time, even.

Oooh, someone's playing hard to get. And also big and tall. Thunderblast goes to give a wink.. But, it's kind of hard to make out underneath her energy field.

Mini-Sludge gets just a bit closer. "Uh, hi?" A stubby paw wave.

The hunched death knight turns its head again, a dramatic shift of its weight. "Graaa..." And then suddenly starts coughing. Its free hand comes up towards its mouth and coughs into its fist. "Bleah.. I....Er..I mean, erm xbWho approaches Erigam, Keeper of the Foul?"

Mini-Sludge ooohs and poses so the Death Knight can see. "I, um, me am Sludge!" The mini-dinobot holds still for a moment before bouncing up and down on her feet.

Thunderblast has a shimmering energy field around her that is glowing and sparkling. Forming a miasma of energy around her, continuously sounding with chimes to give her a silouette of songs like an enthralling siren. She would turn her attention to the Death Knight. "How about Blot?"

Death Knight shakes its head, that unhinged jaw threatening to come off fully. "B-braahhah...Unworthy prey." It inverts its spear and plants it in the ground. Canny folks in the area might notice that it doesn't actually pierce the flooring. A gnarled hand reaches back into its frame, and withdraws out a fun-sized energon goodie. "Take your prize...BEFORE I CHANGE MY MIND!"

Mini-Sludge rather nimbly takes the goodie in her teeth. "Fanks!" A toss of her head, and the goodie, wrapper and all, is inside the mouth and chomped.

Illarion arrives from deeper inside the city, glad in.. something unexpected and very odd for the large Femme, something those who know much of Earth culture would identify as a anthro-style My Little Pony costume, mostly black and purple in color.. with a long glittery black horn ontop of her head.

Thunderblast would go to let out a low whistle and grin at Illarion, "Going for a Battle Unicorn there? Haven't seen that particular thing out of the wilds before.."

Mini-Sludge ooohs and gets closer to look at another new costume. "A unicorn! Neat!"

Illarion chuckles just a bit as she looks down at... Mini-Sludge, her voice coming out in far softer then normal tone, "Well, hello there, small One.. your costume is rather nice as well."

Death Knight looks up from the fifth bazaar merchant, offering candy and buying candy. "Hrgagra....Erm is that the time? I mean uhrm  GRaba t...time...." The hulking figure clutches its massive spear and starts to shuffle towards the entertainment district.

Mini-Sludge looks over at the Death Knight. "Lots of good costumes.. that one's pretty scary."

The streets are crowded now with people in costumes, from simple masks to elaborate setups. Vendors show off their best goods, but the ones making the most shanix are the concessions.

Pirate Deathsaurus meanders into Valvolux, a crooked grin on their face, optics glinting garnet and crimson. treats, drinks, music, a party? All the boxes on the 'lets have fun' checklist. Bonus round for costumes.

Pirate Deathsaurus

Short Deathsaurus with a pirate hat complete with long 'feather', an obviously fake foam sword at his/her hip, and lacy frilled cuffs poking out of the wrists of a pirate-esqye style 'Captain Hook' coat complete with braiding and 'buttons' that is made to fit around wings. 

The clown, having experienced a high degree of stage fright, is currently recovering at one of the drink stands, with a glass of lighter fluid, a drink even of less proof than energon...

Mini-Sludge finds a treat booth and purchases a few more crunchy metal bits. The little dinobot seems to mostly want to stick near the edges and look at all the cool costumes.

Pirate Deathsaurus heads for one of the stalls serving mid-grade and gets themselves a drink. Wings flick then settle as they sip, settling to crowd watch. "I know he brought the bitlet here..."

The small clown tilts its head as it regards the minature Sludge. After a few silent moments, there's a pleased look. The clown gets up from their spot, moves over to one of the food stands, and buys two enerkabobs with the whole three shanix she has. The clown returns to the mini-Sludge, kneels down, though this Sludge-lite isn't that much smaller really, and offers one of the skewers with interest.

Mini-Sludge notices the offering and produces a little bag with the nibbles she'd bought earlier. There's claws at the end of those legs rather than the more appropriate bronto feet, but that means the mini-dino can accept one of the skewers and offer a pawful of crunchy niblets in return.

Pirate Deathsaurus is near an energon stall, mug in hand. They tip their hat at someone walking past before moving to walk more towards t4he gates again, humming a slightly off-key ditty. Something about drunken sailors.

Clown seems somewhat taken aback that the Sludge was not some sort of pet. but how could a goodie sack be denied? The clown puts the energon skewer in Mini-Sludge's sack. The clown looks at the second skewer that was purchased and starts to raise it up to their mouth, but pauses. After a mere moment of decision, that too was added to the goodie bag, a sincere smile on the little clown's face.

Mini-Sludge ohs! "Thanks, but you can have some, too!" in a very not-Sludge, childish voice.

Pink Starscream comes into the area, walking hand and hand with a tiny brightly painted Bruticus with butterfly wings and fuzzy antennae. The Bruticus is pointing at all the lights sounds and faces, very excited. "Look at all the colors." "Starscream" smiles at her. "Yeah this is your first Cybertron festival isnt it?"

Illarion remains off to one side, simply watching the going ons quietly.

" Oh..." The clown sort of pulls back a hair, "Ah, I did not bring a sack, but its okay. You are very small." That's enough of a reason right there.

Pirate Deathsaurus makes their way closer and closer, picking out a.. Wow. that is Pink.. and Large.. and very pink. They skip a few steps, ditty changing to something else as they get closer to the giant hinking pink 'starscream'. "Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum, a pirates life for me.." They wink at the mini bruticus, "Who's my little pirate?"

Mini-Sludge nods to the Clown. "I know. It's not too bad being small, but it's kinda scary when there's so many big people movin' around. I don't wanna get stepped on!" She takes one of the skewers and nibbles the end.

The little mini Bruticus lets go of her 'Starscream's" hand and wobbles over to the pirate. "Momma!" she giggles "Or is that poppa. You look so good!" she says. "I dont know if you know who I am. I might be scary." the Bruticus says in a young sounding feminine voice. "Im a big. Bad. Battlin' Bruticus."

Clown agrees with Mini-Sludge, "Hmm, yes, they are very large." The clown turns its gaze towards the towering, and pink Starscream. He looks like an eraser figure...and he's carrying either Micronus Prime, or the world's smallest combiner. "Very large. hmm yes."

Mini-Sludge mmms. "Kinda funny, Starscream in pink." She holds very still for a moment to get clean captures.

Pirate Deathsaurus swoops up the mini-bruticus and nuzzles, "Who's my fierce, fierce big baddie." she coos. A wink up at the Pink Starscream "Well you're certainly bright."

Pink Starscream poses "Yes. Record me in all my gloory." he says in a higher pitched starscream falsetto. "Get my good side. What am I talking about. Its all a good side!"

the Mini Bruticus return nuzzles. Pink Starscream looks to the pirate. "You're looking.." he chuckles. "Love it." He says. "She asked me who Bruticus's daddy was so..thats how I got this."

Pirate Deathsaurus laughs at the posing, setting the mini-bruticus down, "Lets go find you some treats so there are no tricks, shall we?" Another laugh at 'Starscream', "Well that works then. I just.." she shrugs, "Woke up and this happened in a bit of a rush." Walking onwards, unintentionally heading closer to the mini-sludge.

Mini-Sludge giggles at the big Starscream's posing, something Big Sludge would never do. She nibbles on her skewer some more, eating snack and stick together, and waves a paw at the Pirate Deathsaurus.

The tiny Bruticus widens his eyes "Theres treats too?" Oh this is the best night EVER.

Pink Starscream bats his optics "Paint me like one of your monacus femmes..."

Pirate Deathsaurus waves back at the wee Sludge, "Hello there!" all grins and cheer. Looking down at the wee Bruticus, "Of course there are, my precious. Finery, dancing, music.." she mock whispers, "And oil cakes..."

The mini-Bruticus gets a bit shy at the wee Sludge and hides behind Pirate Deathsaurs's leg. He gives a tiny wave, opening and closing his hand shyly "Hi. Im uh..Boo'ticus."

Mini-Sludge grins toothily. "Me am Sludge!" she says, getting into character. "Sludge can share," and she nudges the sack of niblets to push it out where the tiny Bruticus can reach. There's a second skewer in the sack, too.

Solus Prime comes from deeper in Valvolux, hmmming a bit to herself as she watches the activities occuring.. a slight chuckle escaping from time to time as her presence does seem to catch quite a fwe folks off hands and she waves a hand and smiles to them "Just a costume.. it's just a costume."

Pirate Deathsaurus awws at the mini-sludge, rummaging in her greatcoat before dropping onti the sack of niblits a few more mini-packs of crisps and tasty treats, "Lovely costume."

A handful of people in less authentic Solus Prime costumes go over to oooh and aah and ask for tips on how Solus Prime made hers.

A mini g2 colored Bruticus stands a t about 8 feet in height. He hangs on to pirate Deathsaurus's leg, looking up at Solus Prime. "Oh. Oh shes pretty."

Solus Prime again gives a soft chuckle at the comments, her honest smile still in place as she replies, "I am just fairly good with my hands.. Just have to keep trying till you get it right." Even though she keeps walking, not once does she shrug off or ignore any questions that come her way, taking the time to answer each as honestly as she can.. thought she contineus to dance around who she really is when asked.

Pirate Deathsaurus looks up, trailing the noise of oohs and ahhs before. "Well, I'll be damned. that's a nice looking rig." She slides to her feet, watching the 'Solus Prime' from where she is, "She is pretty, bitlet. Very well dome. Do you want me to ask if you can have a holo with her if she isn't too busy?"

Solus Prime chuckles and is currently doing just that, pausing with a few as they take photos through various means, the large Femme kneeling down to make it easier on the smaller types.

The mini Bruticus nods. "Okay." she stays close to her Deathsaurus, her voice small and very young sounding. She opens and closes her hand in a small wave, her visible antennae creating dust as shes a bit overstimulated.

Mini-Sludge finishes her skewer and tugs the bag back under the edges of her costume. "Thank you," she tells Pirate Deathsaurus politely.

Pirate Deathsaurus grins rakishly at the mini-sludge, "You're welcome." She peers at the mini bruticus before picking the tiny one up, tucking her to her chest. "Or do you want to just wave at her from here, lil bitlet?' she asks softly, wings shifting ti ivot and wrap to give the little one something to hide behind.

Solus Prime progress has continued to be... slow though the crowds do thin quick enough till she finally sighs as she gets a moment of rest and stands back up fully and streches her arms a bit.

The mini Bruticus clings to the pirate deathsaurus. "I think I'll wave from here. The little dinosaur is cute." she smiles, her antennae perking up a bit.

Mini-Sludge gets up and bounces a few times in place, wagging the stubby tail to show off.

Mini Bruticus giggles and watches the Mini Sludge, her tiny wings sprinkling dust excitedly.

Pirate Deathsaurus sooths the mini bruticus, shifting wing so she can better interact with the mini-sludge, even shifting to kneel so she isn't towering quite as much. "The little dinisaur is adorable. Not as adorable as my mini beastie."

Solus Prime goes back to walking among the festivities, still exchanging hellos as she moves from one stall to the next, pausing on occasion to ask a few questions on what is being sold.

Pink Starscream looks over protectively at Deathsaurus and the mini Bruticus. "You guys doin ok over there?" he nods to Solus Prime and the mini sludge. "Hey nice costumes."

Mini-Sludge takes out a tin niblet and offers it up to the mini Bruticus. "Yours is great!" she says in her kid-like voice to the Pink Starscream. "I bet it makes him really mad."

the Mini Bruticus smiles under her facemask "Thank you." she takes the niblet and puts it under her mask. "I chose it. I asked him. I said. Who is Bruticus's poppa. He said Starscream. He asked what color do you want Starscream to be. I said.. pink!" theres a small giggle from her. "So him's pink."

Pink Starscream nods "Pink and Fabulous." he says, showing off the wings. "Probably. I think its fantastic."

Pirate Deathsaurus laughs, not minding the 'moth dust' her greatcoat is getting dandered with. "I'm sure we'll hear about how it isn't proper or respectful or -something-. That one like the sound of his voice oto much methinks." A shrug of wings as she rummages in a pocket and offers the mini-brute a candied gel on a stick, "Treat for my treat."

Mini-Sludge finds an out of the way crate and hops onto it, curling up as much as the costume allows to watch the costumes from a safe space.

Log session ending at 23:24:31 on Friday, 30 October 2020.