This article is about the Sharkticon - for the Insecticon, see Nibbles (Insecticon).
I live for the taste of a Transformer’s fuel line!

NIBBLES travels in packs with fellow Sharkticons. He is fearless and vicious, loyal only to the master who last fed him. In water, his powerful tail fin allows him to travel at speeds over 150 knots. He is carnivorous with a voracious appetite, possessing several rows of razor-sharp teeth that can tear through solid steel. In robot mode, he carries a maceration laser that shoots salt-based corrosive liquid accelerated by a beam of coherent infrared energy. He also carries a barbed mace and a bad attitude. While a deadly killer in water, on land he is laughably clumsy and uncoordinated.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Nibbles was created for the Quintesson Invasion of Earth.

MUX History:

Nibbles was deployed to Earth with his fellow Sharkticons on the Quintesson sharship Bellum during the Quintesson Invasion. However, he was left behind when the Quintessons were defeated.

OOC Notes

TP-Only character created for the Quintesson Invasion TP.



For the Quintesson Invasion TP, Nibbles is being temped by CalihexInmate.

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