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Nemesis Immortal is a Cobra-La character.
Nemesis Immortal.jpg
  • Name: Nemesis Immortal
  • Faction: Cobra-La
  • Species: Altered Human
  • Function: Enforcer; Bodyguard
  • Division: Cobra-La Security
  • Sub-Group:
  • Type: TP-Only

They say in Cobra-La that Dr. Mindbender raised the Nemesis Immortal from a pile of dead things and that where his soul should be there is nothing but emptiness. Residents of the Kunlun Mountains say His leather wings have beat across the night skies since before the ice age as he tirelessly carried out the dark will of his master and creator. Fleeting glimpses of his sinister form have given rise to legends of vampires, harpies, and countless other things that go bump in the night...

"He can glide silently and land without a sound. He is the other presence in the pitch-black room. He is the lurker in the dark, just outside your bedroom window. He rattles the garbage cans and makes your floors creak. He is the dread that stands behind you in the dark and dares you to turn and face him!"


Nemesis Immortal, like all Cobra-La residents, is an escapee from Dr. Mindbender's lab. With other altered freaks, he has created a small hideaway in the mountains which Nemesis Enforcer regularly patrols to keep its residence hidden and safe.


Appearance: blank, white eyes; purple helmet and vest with red chest armor; beige sleeves with purple gloves; purple pants with red belt and kneepads; beige holsters; purple boots; bony arm spikes.

Accessories: grey wing backpack; bright green tentacle backpack.


Nemesis Enforcer was re-released in the G3 line in 2008, and came with Lt. Falcon. Although renamed Nemesis Immortal, Nemesis Immortal and Nemesis Enforcer are the same character. The name change is more than likely the result of a trademark issue. Although Nemesis Enforcer never spoke, he has a listed voice actor of Peter Cullen (of Optimus Prime fame).

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