Transformers Universe MUX


Log Title: Negotiations for Harmonex

Characters:  Starlock, Soundwave, Crosscut, Spike

Location: Harmonex - Northwestern Cybertron

Date: 3/16/2020

TP: Harmony of Harmonex TP

Summary: Crosscut and Spike come to Harmonex and helps 
Starlock in negotiating its release.

As logged by: Starlock

Harmonex - Northwestern Cybertron

Crosscut drives up the gates of Harmonex in his tiny Honda City R mode. He opens the door and lets Spike out, and then transforms into his not-much-larger robot mode.

Ambassador Spike Witwicky

Spike has been brought on by Crosscut. He isn't wearing a jumpsuit. Nor a suit. But definitely something in a 'space-worthy' wear. As he waits for Crosscut's orders, he's monitoring the situation on Earth. Spike looks at his laptop and mutters "Don't know if Buster is loving or hating this 'social isolation' thing."

Starlock had her medical tent set up outside Harmonex's shield, an the tired, and stressed looking mini-bot with her tattered cape around her shoulders.. Her Autobot emblem missing and instead.. her natural Silver Star Emblem.. Her finials twitch up seeing Spike and starts moving her way over, waving.

GAME: Spike PASSES a COURAGE roll of Very High difficulty.

Spike looks over at Starlock and smiles, raising a hand, and trying to put on a brave face. "Heyah Starlock - how goes?"

Soundwave is out here as always. The cassette deck is stationed on a pillar just outside Harmonex, monitoring the people coming and going. Oh look. Crosscut and Spike. Diplomats. This should be interesting. The cassette deck keeps recording.

Spying Starlock moving his way, Crosscut watches her approach carefully. While nominally an Autobot, reports suggest Starlock has been identifying more lately with her home city than with her Autobot faction. Crosscut is therefore cautious in his interactions.

Starlock comes to a stop once they are there and folds an arm behind her and gives a light bow to the two. "Sorry I'm a bit unkempt, I didn't expect I'd have visitors.." She'd smile and glanced down at her missing badge. "...And I take visitors on office business, yes?" She'd ask, tilting her helm.

Spike looks up at Crosscut and gives a nod after the seasoned diplomat transforms into his robot mode. He walks aside Crosscut and looks up, hoping that he'll lead off with things. That first utterance or two is critical in the world of diplomacy.

Soundwave continues to watch, listen and record. Carry on.

Crosscut's face is masked, but his tone is friendly. "Somewhat. I've been trying to determine with whom to talk about altering Harmonex's forceshield to make it a little more friendly to returning neutrals while affording the same protections. I had some ideas, but I'm unfamiliar with Harmonex's current governmental functions. I was hoping perhaps you could help." Crosscut glances down at his colleague, Spike. If he notices the sweet 80s Walkman, he gives no indication.

Starlock lets out a mutter of frustration. "I'm.. TRYING, to get control of Harmonex, with maybe Imager and Soundwave's help but.." She'd let out a frustrated sigh, and rubbed her temples. "The shield is controlled by the Dominicons, I've been wanting to drop it for a while because it is becoming nothing more than a hindrance to growth and repair.." Starlock mutters, looking to grow even more frustrated. "...But Soundwave and Imager fight like bitter enemies, and both Imager and the Dominicons think it's too soon, slash, scared.." she'd rub her temples. "...So I'm stuck in a catch 22, no matter what I do, i'm gonna anger someone.... Oh and lets not forget Megatron flying off the fricken handles." She'd throw her hands up.

GAME: Spike PASSES a LEADERSHIP roll of Very High difficulty.

Spike looks at Starlock and shakes his head. "Sorry, guess I've been too preoccupied with the stuff that's going on on Earth, but what exactly do you mean by 'getting control of Harmonex'?"

"Basically leading it, and being responsible for it, instead of it being held hostage by a shield." Starlock says thumbing back to the ire of her annoyance, the shield over Harmonex. "I cannot tell you how tempted I've been to put a bullet in the damn generator and just work on getting the old Tonality Tower City Shield working as a replacement for when stuff hits the fan.. But that's.. kind of a big project, and short sighted." She sighs.

Crosscut nods. "Perhaps I can help. We've made some inroads with the Dominicons."

Spike does his best not to smile as Crosscut announces that. Nothing like seeing a professional at the top of his game.

Starlock shrugs. "You can try, they've been passive aggressive to me for months now so.. welcome to give it a shot.. but I'm making it known now, I am not going to relinquish my efforts to lead and repair this place, and make it a place for /everyone./... I've busted my aft to get both Cons, Bots, and even naturals to work together here, and I'll be damned if I have to cut one out, or show prejudice to one."

Crosscut says, "Let me see what I can arrange." Crosscut steps back to try some long-distance negotiation.

Spike breathes out. "You'll forgive me, but...that really doesn't make sense. I mean... out of all of these three, one of them is likely going to be the best decision for Harmonex's residents." He shrugs slightly "It's not really showing favoritism, it's honestly just choosing the best option for Harmonex's inhabitants."

Starlock nods, and withdraws the beton from her belt, and extends it into it's normal stave mode, but the crystal does not ignite, She'd lean against it for support as she watched Crosscut... She'd then look to Spike. "I only say it, given what's going on in Retrois."

Spike continues to talk. "And ... again, my apologies for not preparing more - but what's going on in Retroi - " he looks over his shoulder and Crosscut is sort of out of the spotlight, leaving the white-hot spotlight on him. He turns around and looks at Starlock. There's that 'drifting' feeling again.

"Basically got this anklet trackers on any decepticons that enter..." Starlock frowns. "I understand the reasoning just.." She'd sigh. "That's just going to cause problems, and I don't want that sort of thing going on here, specially after all the decepticons that have helped me in repairing my home."

Soundwave continues recording until otherwise spotted.

Spike sighs and shakes his head. "Goddamnit..." He looks at Starlock. "Look, this is coming from a human, not an Autobot. You DO realize that sometime down the road, the Decepticons are going to want we humans say 'cash that proverbial check' - meaning that no matter how much they SEEM to be doing the right thing right now in repairing, they're going to hold that over your head, and eventually, they'll want payment. Nothing they ever do is out of the goodness out of their hearts."

Spike frowns and says "I'm not saying 'they're evil' - just... everything they do almost always comes with strings."

"I'm well aware, no one really does anything just because it's right, wrong, or out of pure kindness.. Part Of why I want to ensure they understand that this is part of their reward for helping, they are to be treated like normal citizens here, they violate any law after, /then/ that's on them specifically as an individual criminal and not because of their faction." Starlock would say with a nod and half-shuttering of their optics. "Which I think.. many of them don't get treated as."

Spike shakes his head and smirks, getting a bit worked up. Stupid emotions. "I don't know, you'll have to forgive me. Something about the them trying to enslave my entire population on a few occasions and treating us more like parasites than actual organisms capable of thought and..."

Spike shakes his head and sighs, rubbing the bridge of his nose. "'s just... " He gestures "Yes, you're right. If humans were to see the FULL factions of the Decepticons on Cyb'tron and not the most...'radicalized' - then they would most likely not see them as 'enemies.'"

Starlock listens and nods, she wants to reach a hand out, but hesitates, thinking better of it. "I understand.." she says lowering her helm. "...Make no mistake, I understand what I am doing, I know what sort of deal I am doing, but as I leader.. I have to make decisions like this, like it or not, even if it will plague my mind... All I can do, is do whats right and what's best for everyone." she says with a nod. "...It's a work in progress." Starlock says with a soft smile.

Spike smiles and nods back to Starlock. "I understand...and for what it's worth...I know you genuinely want what's best for Harmonex's inhabitants." He adds "They have a good steward."

Starlock smiles a bit more. "Everyone deserves better, it's their choice to reject it, or try to better themselves, and I'm wanting to give that chance." She'd grin.

Crosscut sends a radio transmission.

Soundwave just continues his recording. Oh sometimes it pays off to sit still for long periods of time watching a decayed city.

Spike smiles, not realizing Crosscut isn't there. He looks at Starlock and says "What are your inhabitants saying right now? Or are they to worried about other matters?"

Crosscut remains off to the side, negotiating over radio, perhaps unaware that he's likely being intercepted.

"It's a mix, most are frustrated with the shield." Starlock would say. "That and all the struggle to get those I want to help me, working together." She'd huff. "I want to also get Imagers little concert going.. I think it would be a good moral booster."

Crosscut sends a radio transmission.

Spike nods slowly. "Anything that's impeding that? Anything we can help with?"

"Honestly, if you two can get me help in getting this damn shield down, I'd be incredibly grateful." Starlock says with a smile. "I have.. a couple potential trade routes already in the works if I can get it down." She chuckles. "I've even started drafting contract agreements."

Crosscut sends a radio transmission.

Spike smiles "I'll..." He looks at over at Crosscut. Damnit, Crosscut, get over here. He looks up at Starlock and confides "OK, honestly, he'll probably have to be the driver for that."

Starlock drops her voice. "Honestly I think that's what he's doing right now." She'd chuckle.

Spike looks over at Crosscut and shakes his head, he looks up at Starlock. "I swear, that guy is like playing four games of 3-D chess all the time, and I'm still learning ... chess."

"Yeah, that's politics in a nutshell." Starlock chuckles.

Spike breathes out and rubs the bridge of his nose. "Yeah...the repair bay is SO much easier..."

Starlock chuckles once more. "Indeed, but, we'll learn as we go, yeah?" She asks with a smile.

Crosscut sends a radio transmission.

Spike smirks and laughs. "Yeah...until you make a mistake big enough to get you fired."

Spike sighs "So...yeah. Baby steps. Maybe first, get this thing from Imager's off the ground."

Crosscut sends a radio transmission.

Crosscut sends a radio transmission.

Crosscut nods while radioing, as if the person on the other side can see him.

Starlock chuckles again. "Can say that again." She says with a smile, looking to Crosscut. "...Man wish I knew what they were saying.."

Spike frowns and looks over at Crosscut and mumbles to Starlock "He does this every time, I swear."

"I think i'm just a bit anxious, as it involves this place.. so.." Starlock gestures, trying to get her point across.

Crosscut sends a radio transmission.

Starlock would go into her medical tent and then pull her dingy seat out, and took a seat, watching Crosscut.

Crosscut's optics brighten, and he approaches Starlock once more. "I spoke with Protector Illarion, and she agreed to speak with her 'daughters' about removing the shield," he says brightly.

Starlock nods but her lips press into a thin line. "I'm not getting my hopes up, it's a start, but I'm still not getting my hopes up." She'd huff. "...Did they have any demands or anything?" Starlock would ask with a gesture of her hand and a raised ridge.

Crosscut sends a radio transmission.

<> <Guardian> Oh, Harmonex people.

<> <<Voidwalker>> ...Yesss?

<> <Guardian> such plans.

"My initial proposal was that they turn control of it over to you, and my second was that the shield be altered to allow neutrals to enter the city. Removing the shield entirely was the compromise position," Crosscut explains.

<> <<Voidwalker>> Yep.

<> <Guardian> Indeed. Keep up the good work.

Starlock crosses her arms and raises a ridge. "And they wanted nothing in turn?" she asks, an edge of suspicion in her tone and posture, something didn't feel right here.

<> <<Voidwalker>> really mean that?

<> <Guardian> I have always been a supporter of harmonex. I don't see why not.

<> <<Voidwalker>> Heh, glad to hear that.

<> <Guardian> And your efforts are admirable.

<> <<Voidwalker>> ...I'm glad to hear that, hopefully we can all keep moving forward.

<> <Guardian> I'm always there, watching if needed.

<> <<Voidwalker>> heh, figured as much.

Crosscut chuckles. "I think they just want to disentangle themselves with the whole operation, without being seen to 'give in' by turning control of the shield over to Soundwave and you. Although I've been warned that if you collectively damage Harmonex, Illarion will 'find you.' So... that's pleasant," he concludes.

Starlock rolls her optics, and huffs. "Of course, wouldn't be the Dominicons without a threat." She'd look at Crosscut and nods. "Thank you.. and I apologize if I seemed.. suspicious, I'm walking on a very thin tightrope, with both sides of the baton heavily weighted and ready to tip me over the edge if their not happy... I just had to be sure they were not going to ah... Want something grand, in exchange." She'd nod. "Like Harmonex being a vassal.. uhg."

Crosscut nods. "I truly believe their sparks are in the right place in wanting the city protected, but they, too, are a small nation state looking for every advantage in keeping their citizens safe. Although of dubious origins, they seem to be trying to do right by those who have placed their trust in them."

"I can understand that.... I don't begrudge them for that, but this has.. been a mess, I've just want to be put behind us, and get everything going." Starlock explains. "...I don't agree with their methods, their a bit extreme, and don't really get to the heart of the problem.. But they are trying." Starlock says in acknowledgment, and sighs. "Hopefully, if they do agree, and I can finally begin work unhindered, relations will improve, but I'm not holding my breath."

Crosscut nods again. "I'll do what I can to facilitate, if you have no objection. It's in the planet's interest for the two largest independent city-states to get along, not to mention the Autobots'."

"Course." Starlock says with a smile. "I want to negotiate a trade route with the Autobots too once things are going, I just need to make sure I can hold up my end on the other two." She explains and smiles. "...Just.. need to also be sure they and one of my other two aren't gonna fight.."

Crosscut holds up his hands. "I'm all for peaceful negotiations as well. Every time shots are fired, I've failed."

"I can agree with that." Starlock chuckles, taking a vent and relaxing, letting her helm lul back against the chair backing. "...Thanks.." she says, closing her optics. "Been trying to do what's right here since I returned...and I can practically see the light at the end of this long dark tunnel, almost reach it.. even hear its melody.. Just been trying to build the road to it."

Crosscut nods. "I'm from Nova Cronum, another neutral polity. I'd much rather be hanging out in the Philosopher's Club writing plays than navigating interplanetary civil war, but it has to be done. You're doing good work here." Crosscut looks towards the city, taking a moment to admire its beauty. "Harmonex must be protected. You've helped keep it from becoming just another warzone."

Starlock smiles and glances over. "...I couldn't of done it without Soundwave." she'd look back. "And hopefully, now you, Thank you again." she says with a nod.

Something glints in Crosscut's optic. "If Harmonex can bring out the best in an old operative like Soundwave, perhaps there's hope for us all yet," he muses in amusement.

Starlock chuckles. "I'd say more but that's between him and me, I wanna keep our trust." She'd smile.

Crosscut nods in understanding. "As you should. Honesty and trust are so important in negotiations. You can break someone's trust once for a short-term gain, but then you've lost something vital from then on."

"Indeed." Starlock says knowingly, and looks up at the sky. "Why I need to tread carefully."

After Crosscut & Spike leave...

Soundwave does speak up after a while. "That's quite a show."

Starlock chuckles. "Was it?" She glances back, clearly aware he'd been there for a while.

Soundwave nods "Both here and on the radio." he transforms and stands by the niche he was sitting in.

Soundwave transforms into robot mode.

Starlock raises a ridge. "Anything you can share that they said? I'm a bit.. suspicious, about the Dominicons motives in this.."

Soundwave pauses. "I have been since they put up the field that only they can get in that records everyone who comes in and out."

Starlock nods in agreement with that. "...I'm worried about how they've asked for nothing in turn." She'd take a vent through her denta. "I maybe being paranoid though."

Soundwave pauses. "Why ask for what they don't already have. They have always considered this a second Valvolux." Soundwave nods "I wouldn't put it past them. It's sad how quickly the Autobots forget they used to be Decepticons. And didn't leave because they stopped being conquerors."

Starlock huffs. "Well.. I got my work cut out for me." She'd sigh tiredly and relax there in her chair. "...Least I'm finally making progress again."

Soundwave nods "I will help as best I can. I will at least keep him away as best I can."

Starlock nods. "And I really am grateful for that." she says with a smile before looking at her internet channel. "....Is Vortex really trying to hook you and Des up?" She asks with a raised ridge.

Soundwave nods "Des and I do not get along but he is good for Cybertron." He says. "Good for Goth and Khamsin." Soundwave shrugs. "Or me and whirlwind. Who knows." he shakes his head. "I don't translate rotary very well."

"..Oh no wait, he's trying to hook you up with Dust Devil..." Starlock raised a ridge. "I mean you two seemed friendly, but Dust Devil was kinda being dumb and being blindly kind to you." She'd say. " Gullibly so."

Soundwave pauses. "I think he's just being a pain in the aft." he shakes his head. "Sounds like he needs to burn off energy."

Starlock chuckles. "He's a stubborn kid, I'll say that, and not at all refined in the art of subterfuge at all, but.. He is getting better at it, I've noticed his growth over the months." She'd smile. "He's.. a bit misguided, but means well..." She'd pause in thought. "I take it's not been you training him?"

Soundwave then comments. "I'm shocked and amazed you don't find our friendship sincere." he says in a very flat tone.

Starlock raises a ridge. "I don't see you sassing off to him like that, like you do with me." Starlock says with a smirk.

Soundwave chuckles. "I do what he needs me to do to get the information I need." He says. "Just like everyone right?"

"I guess." Starlock says, before looking back up at the sky, and closes her optics. "I meant what I said, about Decepticons here."

Soundwave nods "You meant it?" he arches a brow under his visor. "I somehow knew that. You always seemed fair and truly neutral about this place."

"I want us all to live in peace, and end this silly war, then, I need to be one of the ones to work to such being achievable." Starlock would smile. "And I think, my efforts are starting to bare fruit, wouldn't you say?"

Soundwave murmurs. "I don't know. I've been too busy dealing with Megatron's tirades to be concerned with peace." he says his voice more tired than anything.

Starlock frowns. "Been getting that bad, huh?" She'd ask sympathetically. "...Wanna sleep in my tent.. Sounds like you need it."

Soundwave nods "Every day the fire keeps burning. I may have to watch a friend of mine die in a pit duel."

Starlock cringes, having clearly known, the fact Soundwave is angry about it though speaks volumes... She looks down at her lap, trying to think, taking a slow vent. "There's nothing that can be done?"

Soundwave pauses. "I have..." he says. "Banshee is talking with Metroplex. I have her looking into what the Autobots know about Dark Energon."

Starlock scratches her cheek. "But will it come in time to save your friend?" She asks, looking at him, it was interesting for her to find, that Soundwave considered Goth a friend...

Soundwave pauses. "Probably not. I suppose...more drastic measures may have to come into effect. Fortunately he has powerful friends."

Soundwave nods "They should go there now. they should seek amnesty. I cannot.." he pauses. "I can't publicly support them. It would break Megatron's trust in me and I need that if I'm going to control him." Soundwave pauses. "I have no doubt Deathsaurus will give them a safe haven in polyhex, until Megatron comes after him next."

Starlock nods slowly again and looks at him softly, she'd reach an arm out to him, it was hard for her to not hear the pain in his voice even if he was trying to hide it.

Soundwave is trying to hide it but the anguish is there. He's watching the one is trusted for millions of years turn into a madman and destroy everything he built with him. He reaches to her arm when she extends it, taking the offer. His optics dim a bit, showing a bit of his pure exhaustion before he nods. "Thank you." he says softly. "Sincerely. Thank you." he says. "If he continues down that path, I may have to do what I never thought...never in a million years thought I'd have to do."

Starlock hugs him tightly, trying to give him a safe place of rest there. "Welcome... We'll figure this out, somehow...." There's a moment where she thinks about how she could help but.. "I trust Des can protect them.." Yeah Des is involved in her mess of a plan to bring peace.

Soundwave nods "Des and I do not get along but he is good for Cybertron." He says. "Good for Goth and Khamsin."

Starlock chuckles. "He's a stubborn kid, I'll say that, and not at all refined in the art of subterfuge at all, but.. He is getting better at it, I've noticed his growth over the months." She'd smile. "He's.. a bit misguided, but means well..." She'd pause in thought. "I take it's not been you training him?"

Soundwave shakes his head. "he is defiant. I don't know who has been training him but I don't like insurrections either." he says. "I should get back to base." he says. "I'm missed if I'm gone too long." with that he turns to leave.