Transformers Universe MUX

Log Title: Negotiations And Public Disasters

Characters: Deathsaurus , Esmeral , Goth , Miasma , Sideswipe , Soundwave , Thunderblast , Valour

Location: Captain's Office - Upper Deck - Arcadia

Date: September 23, 2021

TP: Peace In Our Time TP

Summary: What begins as Esmeral reporting to Deathsaurus on the progression of her plans turns into much much more.

As logged by Esmeral with added information from Starscream

TFU2 - Thursday, September 23, 2021

[ Destron ] Deathsaurus says, "So."

[ Destron ] Esmeral says, "So.. We may have a.. guest, my stars. A..n unexpected one."

[ Destron ] Deathsaurus says, "A guest? where? Elaborate?"

[ Destron ] Esmeral says, "I think we need a talk."

[ Destron ] Deathsaurus says, "where would you like to meet, my sea?"

[ Destron ] Goth says, "well, thats an ominus question."

<< Decepticons >> Air Commander Starscream says, "...What."

[ Destron ] Esmeral says, "Meet me in the Arcadia."

[ Destron ] Deathsaurus says, "On my way"

Captain's Office - Upper Deck - Arcadia


Esmeral is settled in the captains chair, a finely carved wine flute in hand, looking at screens as reports scroll by.

Deathsaurus comes into the captain's office and bows to his beloved. "My sea. I hear that another sea is under your control. I am extremely proud of you."

Esmeral looks up and offers Deathsaurus a brilliantly pleased smile as she stands. "Oh.. Why thank you, beloved. I do need to catch you up on some matters aand.. an unexpected guest.. Who might have thrown a wrench into our plans."

Deathsaurus heads to Esmeral, offering her a warm embrace followed by a nuzzle. "What prizes do you bring to your Emperor, my sea?" he asks softly.

Esmeral tilts her head upwards, nuzzling back, lazily fanning wings. "An unbalancing of those Decepticons. One who thought he would threaten what we've built under negotiation, one who lacks understanding of.. Galactic and Space law."

Deathsaurus arches his brow ridges "There is a Decepticon who dares to threaten our kind? Who is it. What details do you have for me..."

Esmeral chuckles, "Oh. Not at the moment. He's not a threat. Consider him neutralized." Optics glint, "He walked into the dragons den, threw words about, and poorly veiled threats. And somehow expected to walk straight out."

Deathsaurus scowls "Did he come under orders? Has there been an interrogation? Is this something I need to have..talks to Starscream about?"

Esmeral shrugs, "Walk with me to the brig, my dearest. Unless you'd rather not know more so you can be 'innocent' of my ongoings." She -smiles-.

Deathsaurus chuckles. "You have my curiosity now. Lets go see what you've caught in your web my dear."

Esmeral laughs, "Net, my dearest. I'm a pirate, we cast nets and reel in our prey."

Deathsaurus chuckles. "Indeed my dear. Lets see what we've pulled into our net."

Esmeral leads Deathsaurus through the Arcadia, to the brig, smile on her face. As they near, there is a guard set up in the deeper corners of the space, guarding an active ray-shielded cell. "Good day, Valour." She calls as she steps into view. "I do hope you find the accommodations comfortable. Do you need any fuel? reading material?"

Valour lies in a cell, groggy but uninjured. The Decepticon Aerospace Commander sits up carefully, gently touching his head and trying to figure out where he is and what happened to him. He begins to analyze his surroundings - looks like the brig on a ship... Maybe... Destron? Esmeral's voice answers that question immediately. Valour stands and makes his way to the brig shield, stopping just before encountering it. His optics narrow. "What is the meaning of this?" he demands crisply.

Deathsaurus comes down the hall, his arms crossed behind him. His heavy footfalls can be heard before he goes to the brig to see ...who the guest of honor is. "Commander...Valour." he says. "A unexpected guest. What brings you to be in our company?"

Esmeral smiles at Valour, resting a hand on a hip, the other giving a little finger-wave. "Well, I could hardly have you running off to squawk at Starscream before I'd finished, now could I?" Esmeral adds, "And you did threaten us. As I /see/ it."

Valour's narrowed gaze slides over to Esmeral. "I'd like the answer to that same question," he frowns. As she does, Valour glowers. "And you think kidnapping me is going to improve things, after taking over an entire Decepticon installation? I came to you in good faith, offering a way to resolve the situation with your relationship to the Decepticons intact." He glances at Deathsaurus. "I see now you have different ambitions."

Deathsaurus pauses. "What is this I hear of you threatening my people and our.. acquisitions?" he asks. "The base was not being used, we decided to put it to use. Simple as that. Expansion is a good move in any empire. I , too have been considering our relationship with the Decepticons in Megatron's absence..." he rubs his chin

Valour looks ready to spit. "I will not be arguing pedantics with you," he declared. "You took over our base, however you justify it. I offered to go to Lord Regent Starscream to extend your contract with the Decepticons - PAY you to maintain that base and our interests on Earth - and instead I get assaulted and detailed. If you want war with the Decepticons, you may be gravely underestimating Lord Starscream's combat prowess."

Esmeral chuckles softly, "It was derelict, abandoned, a shipwreck and those there were left to fend for themselves. Graciously, I allowed them their freedom to return should they wish, to your Decepticons." She blinks and grins toothily, "As for Starscream, well... " she shrugs, "We will see how the sails fill with that one. You're an -esteemed- guest, my dear Valour. One that I do hope will remain on his best behavior while residing with us, lest.. well spacer and galactic -law- are rather clear on attempted threats against a sovereign."

Deathsaurus pauses. "Do you think we should call Starscream? Maybe he can put...a end to this little situation." He offers.

"Your threats don't frighten me, Destron," Valour glares. "I also won't be used as a hostage. Contact Lord Starscream - he'll realize the extent of your duplicity soon enough." He reaches for the hilt of his sword, almost by reflex, and frowns to find it missing. (Maybe Dust Devil will lend him his old one.) Straightening up, Valour's optics narrow to little slits. "You will regret this treachery," he warns. "That is not a threat - it's a promise."

Esmeral gives a little shrug, "That is entirely up to you, my sea. You are my Emperor. Al that I do is for you and ours."

Deathsaurus pauses. "And here I was thinking things may resolve amicably. A pity...let me open up the invitation."

<< Decepticons >> Deathsaurus says, "Starscream...I have some things to discuss with you in person. When you have a moment."

Esmeral chuckles softly and waves at Valour, "Do enjoy the.. hospitality..." She turns to follow her lord and emperor.

<< Decepticons >> Air Commander Starscream says, "grumbles"

<< Decepticons >> Air Commander Starscream says, "and this would be where?"

<< Decepticons >> Deathsaurus says, "the arcadia. Unless you'd rather discuss somewhere else."

<< Decepticons >> Air Commander Starscream says, "and I am not to be harmed?"

<< Decepticons >> Deathsaurus says, "why would we harm the leader of the Decepticons. I just want to discuss some things with you."

[ Destron ] Deathsaurus says, "Heeh."

<< Decepticons >> Air Commander Starscream says, "you must understand, some times, one cannot be too careful."

[ Destron ] Deathsaurus says, "this is going to be easy. he already cowers."

<< Decepticons >> Deathsaurus says, "of course, of course."

<< Decepticons >> Air Commander Starscream says, "A neutral ground would be something well suited, how about outside polyhex?"

[ Destron ] Goth says, "Hmmm?"

<< Decepticons >> Deathsaurus says, "that works as well"

[ Destron ] Deathsaurus says, "Starscream knows my power. I do hope he didn't send one of bully us."

<< Decepticons >> Air Commander Starscream says, "I'll be there shortly."

Deathsaurus pauses. "He has agreed to meet us outside Polyhex. Shall we, my sea?"

Esmeral chuckles, "Had he stepped on -my- ship, we'd have a different tale, my stars." She nods and turns, "Let us go."

Deathsaurus nods "Of course, of course..." He says "Enjoy your stay, Valour."

Tri-Torus - Southwest Sector of Cybertron

[ Destron ] Goth says, "mmm do be wry of that one, then again we've all delt with that fragger"

[ Destron ] Esmeral says, "Of course, Goth. thank you for the warning."


Starscream is waiting just outside Polyhex, like he'd requested, he'd not tempt the easily influenced Kaiju to the upper hand of him, or give him the advantage of territory should things get violent, he's working away diligently on his datapad to sort out all manners he'd been given since Megatron's departure.. it been quite, and he liked that, still though, frustrated by Prime's silence.

Deathsaurus is in his robot mode for once, hands laced behind him as he struts to the outskirts of Polyhex. He's in one of his full of himself moods today which of course means he's going to be just /wonderful/ to deal with. "Ah, Starscream. Thank you for meeting with me. One of yours has shown... dissatisfaction in our recent acquisition on Earth. I wanted to make sure you didn't send him to interfere." oh getting /right/ to it

Esmeral is pacing alongside Deathsaurus, warm smile on her face, optics bright. Wings angled just 'so' for alert but inviting as far as body language is concerned. She offers a little finger wave at Starscream as they approach before dipping into a polite bow. So formal.

Starscream raised a ridge, Valor had been last seen going to visit with Esmeral... And with What Deathsaurus just stated, he frowns, stowing away his datapad. "No, I merely requested information as to what was going on with it, and what had happened, which you could gladly of given yourselves." He'd frown.

"I do hope You've not /harmed/ anyone, as that would be marked with... /quite/ a dealing of repercussions." Starscream states, keeping his wits about him. He gives the other a nod in acknowledgment and greeting.

Deathsaurus nods "Of course, I would expect no less." he says. "Esmeral, tell him of our situation. We have not harmed a spark."

<< >> <Cybertronian Babysitter>

[ Destron ] Esmeral says, "the velvet or the steel glove, my sea?"

[ Destron ] Deathsaurus says, "velvet until he sees the steel beneath it."

Esmeral clasps her hands in front of her, optics glinting. That smile shades thoughtful before she speaks, "I'm afraid your Valour came to me with some questions and.." she tips wings, lowering them. "Well he departed in /quite/ a snit when he saw things differently than I did."

"Did he now? And yet he's not been seen since, you can understand my concern with this information." Starscream states dryly, attempting to keep his tone even and un-accusing, despite being /very/ sure they had something to do with it. He crosses his arms with a frown.

Deathsaurus pauses. "Of course." he says. "What I wonder is...was he /sent/ to us? To keep an optic on our recent acquisitions perhaps?"

Esmeral's optics widen and she puts a hand over her mouth, "Oh! I mean.. he -did- leave in a hurry and in a /mood/ after.. well I took it as a bit of a threat you see, Lord Starscream. Telling me to let him know if I needed transport officers to help me pack Darkmount and Polyhex up."

"Are you deaf? I already stated no." Starscream snaps, a bit impatient and annoyed the Destron continued on about such.

His optics move to Esmeral, and his frown deepens. "He wasn't given orders, but if you're /holding/ him I suggest releasing him and let /me/ handle reprimanding for him acting out on his own." Starscream sternly states, keeping his tone in check despite his irritation.

Deathsaurus nods "If he is being detained.." he says "It's simply to protect him from starting rumors about us. He seems to think that we are petty thieves wanting to overtake things." he shrugs. "Which is preposterous of course." he says. "Which brings me to another topic...that I was meaning for another time time like the present."

[ Destron ] Deathsaurus says, "not the way I wanted to do this but..."

[ Destron ] Esmeral says, "I have your back, as always, my dearest."

Esmeral peers at Starscream, optics still wide, the picture of startled elegance and innocence. "Oh!.. Well. My dear Lord Starscream. Perhaps.. Oh I mean it -has- been some time since the Decepticons were a /galactic/ force but.. Are you at all aware of the protocols and rules for threatening a sovereign?"

"No. You're to release him." Starscream emphasis, not allowing the topic to be dropped till it was resolved. His face twisting into a sneer... Perhaps he could feign a bit of ignorance regarding Esmeral. "No, and none of us have been /enlightened/ for sometime. Something past management seems to have lacked in tutoring."

"Once more, he is to be /released/ and I will deal with him." he emphasis.

<< Decepticon Command >> Acting Lord Starscream says, "Soundwave"

<< Decepticon Command >> Cmdr. Soundwave says, "Starscream?"

Deathsaurus shakes his head. "Well. There's an easy solution for all of this. Starscream, you and your seekers are the undisputed lords of the air. I respect your superiority there, your seekers are without peer. However, what the Empire an emperor. Someone to take the brunt of the blows while you and Valour and the old guard of the skies take their rightful places as Princes of Vos. I am not offering a hostage situation. I am offering a solution. Allow me to serve as Emperor of Destruction until Megatron's return. And I shall allow you and yours your mastery of the skies. Here and intergalactically."

Starscream sends a radio transmission.

(Radio) Starscream transmits, "Purge all Destrons for Decepticon channels, and ready them for possible hostilities." to Soundwave.

(Radio) Soundwave sends Starscream a radio transmission, ' at once.'

<< Decepticons >> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "<Clears any and all Destron frequencies from the airwaves>"

<< Decepticons >> Air Commander Starscream says, "Decepticons, it seems the Destrons have taken Valour as a prisoner."

<< Decepticons >> Thunderblast says, "Uh.. That.. Sounds bad."

Esmeral ex-vents a very -put upon- sigh. "What makes you think -we- have him? You're being quite accusatory. But I do see where he gets that from if this is the standard of treating ones.. allies." Optics glint as she quiets, listening to Deathsaurus. brow ridges raise, wings perk slightly, and there's another put upon sigh as she quiets, letting those in 'command' speak now.

Starscream frowns, and after a few mutterings over his radio. "And yet your past display and demotion to not even that of a private speaks volumes with how chaotic things where, not to mention the riots at Polyhex." He muses. "And yet, you don't give an option if I say no? How am I not supposed to see this as a hostage situation"

He tilts his helm and optics settle into a flat look. "Oh don't play koi, you've hinted enough that he's in your possession." His optics track to Esmeral "Interesting, last I recall, your.. Emperor here, has told me that such allied contracts need /renegotiated/ in the past when I attempted to give orders."

He'd flick his wrist. "So, you must see, I don't take such back-and-forth on when and when not such can be used /lightly/ and considered you unaligned until such was spoken of."

<< Decepticons >> Air Commander Starscream says, "I may need /backup/ soon if these two continue to test my patience, worry not on speaking here, I've had Soundwave purge them from the comms."

<< Decepticons >> Thunderblast says, "... Acknowledged Sir. Awaiting orders."

Deathsaurus nods "What do you propose would be a solution then, Starscream?" He asks.

"First, release Valour, I will deal with him." Starscream says with a pointed finger before frowning. "Then, /tell me/ why are you so interested in playing /figure head/ of all times now? Considering your adverse reaction to taking command posts when I've asked, hmmm?" he raises a brow, a bit interested.

[ Destron ] Esmeral says, "He is here alone, my sea. If you wish to push this, let me know."

Esmeral's smile shifts, less sweet, more amused. "Why, /Lord/ Starscream, before he didn't have -me- and those with me here."

[ Destron ] Deathsaurus says, "If we do the Decepticons make think of it as an act of war."

Deathsaurus pauses. "Well, I have been watching things..more or less stagnate. I figure if I'd be assisting this empire, it would be best to do it from a position where I can make the most changes. Instead of absorbing into the Decepticons. I propose the Decepticons absorb into the Destrons."

"Out of the question." Starscream huffs. "Nether of us want to join the other, so, I'm willing to let it go and let us be out separate ways.. now, what would you do in place? I'm attempting to end this war most of us seem so /tired/ of, course Prime is being a right--" He'd take a vent trying to calm his nerves. "How would you do it? more fighting and destruction I assume?"

Esmeral looks back and forth between the two, like watching tennis. "Why Starscream, you could be the gentle glove of the empire, while we could be the steel fist as needed. A perfect blending of Decepticon and Destron. If only.. my Lord leads as the Emperor." Optics all glint, "of course until mighty Megatron returns."

<< Decepticons >> Air Commander Starscream says, "Decepticons, be ready to report to Tri-Torus"

<< Decepticons >> Air Commander Starscream says, "Wait on the outer bounds till I call."

<< Decepticons >> Thunderblast says, "Yes Sir. En route with nearest rally point group."

<< Decepticons >> Miasma says, "Is it going to be at least mildly educational?"

Starscream thinks about this, like he's giving it some legitimate thought. "And how would I play into this? And your positions? If you hold the reigns, how am I meant to proceed unobstructed?" Starscream asks, crossing his arms with a raised ridge. "Are we to be of /equal/ ruling or merely under one?" he asks with a frown.

"You've yet to answer how you would go about such... Words seem not to be getting through to the prime, nor are my actions in regards to stepping to a peaceful resolution to a number of the... issues, they've had regarding us."

<< Decepticons >> Air Commander Starscream says, "mayhaps, but be wry, don't strike unless ordered and attempt to remain hidden."

<< Decepticons >> Thunderblast says, "Yes Sir"

Deathsaurus pauses. "As I said, the skies and aerospace would be yours. I know you and your seekers are without peer in the skies. And I would be looking over the overarching whole as Emperor." he says. "I would like everyone to be in the best position to defeat our enemies."

Thunderblast folds in, her wings snapping over her back and turns into a deadly, sleek assault hovercraft! A small chemical tank drone with four heliblades whirrs into the area, then transforms and drops onto the ground. Heading long in the far distance is Thunderblast in her assault boat mode. She's far away - it will take her at least two or three breem to reach the area at her current speed. But they were ordered to gather at the end of the Tri-Torus route!

"That's a non-committal answer Deeathsaurus... and avoiding the question." Starscream states, frowning. "And what of Valour? What is his position to be once I've re-assumed, hmm?" He'd click his jaw. "I am to assume you have no /idea/ what is to be done to end this war once you are in control, do you?" Starscream taps his foot. "You'd be in no better a position then I, with your track of mass genocide with the cyberforming of worlds." Starscream points out with a finger.

Though, there is a pause, a thought, perhaps a card to play. "And what of when Megatron returns once more, and retakes his role once more, what is to stop you from merely turning tail the second he calls for the death of your traitorous brother and his.. sparkmate, once more."

Deathsaurus pauses. "If you speak of Goth and his sparkmate, they are mine. They are not Megatron's to look out for." he says. "Valour, as one of yours will go where you see fit. I will not interfere with your divisions."

Esmeral settles herself to Deathsaurus' right, hand on her hip as she listens to the back and forth. Optics narrow slightly, "Why Starscream, you would be the Prince of Vos, master of the skies. My Lord Deathsaurus would reign, like he has our Destrons. Look at how much we have done, think of what we could accomplish together, Starscream. Peace.. Through Tyranny."

Miasma intakes her psychosonorum, and exhales menacingly, despite being a rather small Decepticon. "I was promised something interesting."

Thunderblast is a few hundred meters away from Miasma, moving to take a position moreso on the ground than the drone, and is on an interception course. But in a long, long route and not her best speed.. Following orders!

There is his back up, that makes Starscream a bit less tense, but still it stands. "Titles are meaningless without the power to back them." he replies with a twitch of his brow. "You offer such with no plan, no elaboration of rules, and power, and non-committal answers, not to mention the /holding/ of one of mine... and yet you expect me to just /trust/ you in such?" Starscream sneers once more.

Deathsaurus pauses. "Consider it a bit on my behalf. My city versus your empire. I take a huge risk if you do not wish to meet agreeable terms. "

[ Destron ] Esmeral says, "Do you want me to have the Warworld and Arcadia change positions away from Trypticon, my lord?"

[ Destron ] Deathsaurus says, "Yes. Get them out of the line of fire. just in case."

Miasma looks over at the two faction heads impassively, she just watches them spar verbally back and forth. "If there's nothing going on here, I'm going back to my lab. It's going to hatch soon." Her eyes gleam for a moment in expectation.

[ Destron ] Esmeral says, "As you Command. Arcadia, Warworld, begin orbital change, position yourselves at quidistance from trypticon outside of any firing range."

[ Destron ] Deathsaurus says, "I've been shockingly patient with this entire planet."

Thunderblast is maneuvering towards observation range, about two or so kilometers away from the parley. As she's doing so, she's slowing her speed and going to more of a slow loop around the area, her position rather evident as she's making sure that she's not approaching closer without any sort of signal.

Esmeral spreads her hands wide, offering, "Starscream. We came to -talk- about this. Whyever else would we have agreed to meeting you someplace -in the open-. You keep making excuses, can you not see the benefit of such a merger? This -peace- you are so after, have you not /seen/, realized how poor your position is on such? How the vaulted -Prime- ignores you, turns your words against you, flaunts his entrenched positions and ideals against you?"

She gives a shake of her head, "You've lost 2 Decepticon holdings already, four if the spaceports are added. Two to martial loss, two to internal treachery. Do you not -see- the power behind such a thing?"

[ Destron ] Esmeral says, "You have, my lord, you have. Through Megatron's dismissiveness of what and who you are, to this one nattering about what can we offer. I know they try your patience."

[ Destron ] Deathsaurus says, "We should prepare Polyhex. In case...this means war. I am not sure how this will end."

GAME: Starscream FAILS an INTELLIGENCE roll of Extreme difficulty.

[ Destron ] Esmeral says, "As you command, my lord."

Starscream's sneer twists into a scowl, trying to turn into a full snarl, he's been trying, trying damn hard to prove he's BETTER then Megatron, and to give some.. some Megarton-Like-Sparkling his position so willingly?! It angered him to his very spark, he still hadn't head any word from Windblade regarding the meeting with the Mistress of Flame and the Prime.

The Prime was ignoring him... He had planned to use those space ports as an attempted peace offering to help improve relations.. He was trying so hard to keep his mind clear. He had to succeed, he HAD to, just to shove it into everyone's face who underestimated him and mistreated him... No, no, no! He had to show everyone of them why they where WRONG and overcome the crap-shoot Megatron left them in.

Starscream takes a deep vent, and tries to relax himself. "I'll talk, once Velour is released, then we could put something in writing and properly negotiate, until then, I will remain in power." Starscream says, pride, ego, and a bit of anger and sheer force of will over riding his mind in those last words.

[ Destron ] Deathsaurus says, "I think we should release Valour. It'd go a long way to showing our intentions."

[ Destron ] Esmeral says, "His snooping about and threatening us is why he was picked up, my lord. So we could best position ourselves."

[ Destron ] Esmeral says, "But I can see that he is released. I'll take care of him myself."

[ Destron ] Esmeral says, "As I was the one insulted."

[ Destron ] Deathsaurus says, "As you were the one insulted it is up to you what we do with him, my beloved."

Deathsaurus nods "Very well it shall be done. In the meantime, Optimus Prime has not wished to discuss peace. Perhaps , if I may suggest you need to show him you are a serious threat."

[ Destron ] Esmeral says, "I think you could deal with him here and now, my lord. But if more negotiation is what you wish, then so be it."

[ Destron ] Deathsaurus says, "I do not want to take it by force. Like I said. I want the empire to follow me, not see him as a martyr."

Starscream's mind also couldn't help but wonder to the fact Megatron will take GREAT pleasure in rubbing Starscream's nose into this if he fails.. He glances to Miasma...a thought, a scheme, coming to mind for him to set in motion later.

Starscream scoffs. "What do you want me to do, go to the Iacon gates, call him out and have a fist fight?" He asks with a wild gesturing out wards of his hands.

All this contest of power stuff is beyond Miasma. But orders were orders. If someone else signed off on the war crimes, that was just how it went. She just crosses her arms for now. Deathsaurus was there when she came online, Starscream...well she'd only really heard of him, but had reserved any opinions of him.

The back and forth of internal politics, positions of power, negotiations, diplomacy, and perception all has the processor of Thunderblast spinning. She would go to flip up and over to transform to robot mode, hull clips 'unfastening' to fold over her backframe, legs unlatching to flip out and heel struts extending. So s she would go to robot mode she's watching along cautiously. But things don't seem to be escalating and there's no signs of it doing so. So she waits on hand..

But also tries to shuffle just a little to make sure that Miasma's gaze isn't turning over to her just in case. She's not really sure exactly about the smaller femme's reputation.. But given her meanderings better not to risk it after all.

Deathsaurus pauses. "I would." he shrugs. "Or take one of his lands. Show the empire is still something to be feared with or without Megatron."

Deathsaurus again then back once more, "And your -plan- of peace seems to be lurking in Vos sending out proclamations while good Decepticons and Destrons take the wear and tear of your losses."

Esmeral tilts her head, peering at Deathsaurus a moment then looking back at Starscream. "Well right now you're turning around and showing him your back, making yourself a convenient target, Starscream." She ex-vents, looking at Deathsaurus again then back once more, "And your -plan- of peace seems to be lurking in Vos sending out proclamations while good Decepticons and Destrons take the wear and tear of your losses."

"As Valour threatened us, what are you going to do about that? Give him a little talk like you've given Optimus a talking to? So stern, Starscream, so fearsome. Are you going to pander to your own whims, hmm? Threaten us with the loss of a city -we- rebuilt, /we/ protect, we earned through death and destruction. Is your little winged mouthpiece going to slander us with name-calling, thieves and the like? Are you going to threaten us with taking what is now -ours- by Galactic law and no small matter of gifts? Meet my questions with things I can work with and perhaps, perhaps I might -remember- something about this Valour of yours."

Starscream' rolls his optics, course Deathsaurus would agree to that, why wouldn't he? course nothing else has worked... Something he may considered if this all goes well.

"I fear that sieging control of a land has made everyone numb, and won't send quite the necessary message, given Megatron's last quarry of attacks that left us over burdened with too many things we couldn't manage." Starscream points out.

"And no, I will not take the city form you, nor the bases, once more I will discipline him, but I also refuse to negotiate under such circumstances." Starscream frowns, he wants to say something so nasty, so vile, that it would enrage both Kaijus but he knows better, not to do that. "What I have merely been doing is offering to work with you, show the Prime I am willing to talk through things, as I am now, instead of taking the offensive and putting you into your place." Starscream muses.

"That I, am no /Megatron/ and to offer you lost lot a /home/ here without risk of your youths being threatened by him once he returns."

Miasma jerks a thumb back to Tarn, "If you don't need me, I've got a vat of stunticoncide brewing, and it is......." She hisses, "Delicate."

Starscream sends a radio transmission.

(Radio) Starscream transmits, "Should this de-esculate without a fight.. I will be in need of your.. expertise." to Miasma.

<< Decepticons >> Thunderblast says, "... What is that!?"

<< Decepticons >> Air Commander Starscream says, "what is what?"

<< Decepticons >> Thunderblast says, "Stunticonicide!"

<< Decepticons >> Air Commander Starscream says, "oh for the love of-- -huffs-"

<< Decepticons >> Miasma hisses, "Quiet!"

Miasma sends a radio transmission.

(Radio) Miasma sends Starscream a radio transmission, 'Very well'

Starscream sends a radio transmission.

(Radio) Starscream transmits, "Good, we will talk when there are no prying ears about." to Miasma.

The quick mention of Stunticonicide' has a freaked out expression on the faceplate of Thunderblast. Any sort of indignation she would have made over at the comments by the two Destron leaders is cut off over by her look of 'don't wanna' in reference to Miasma's comment

Deathsaurus shakes his head. "I do not feel threatened by Megatron's return." He says, backing down for now. "I suppose we can negotiate once he is returned."

Esmeral, unaware of the Decepticon back-up, gives Starscream a look over, listening carefully before looking at Deathsaurus, brows raising. There's a single shift of wings before she huffs and looks back. "All I want is for Valour to apologize for his actions and words. I will.. concede my right as a sovereign to any further punishment by my own hands." Optics narrow and she nods, "Polyhex, Ky-Alexia, and the Victory are ours by your words. I am open to negotiations with -you-, proper negotiations for a continued bi-directional support between our peoples, if you seem so vehement on not conceding to my Emperor's own worthiness at being -much- better at ruling than you are during this time of disp-lacment of your own leader."

[ Destron ] Esmeral says, "We negotiate with Starscream now and further entrench ourselves, my sea. Megatron will of course want to deny such things but we can burrow in nicely."

"I will see too it, and you are to inform me of any other.. acquisitions, you are interested in, as I've already permitted one request." He huffs, glad he had controlled his own anger and.. perhaps sorted this out, for the time being.

"Set a date proper and we'll start... until then, where we don't have any more of these.. Shenanigans, are you allies, or are you not until a new contract is established?" He asks firmly, mostly wanting to ensure Des can't scramble out of things if they are.

Deathsaurus pauses. "That's a good question. One that's been avoided for months..." he says. "Where /do/ we stand with your empire?"

[ Destron ] Deathsaurus says, "This is the slow drawn out way but.."

[ Destron ] Deathsaurus says, "I think it's best for the empire."

<< Decepticons >> Air Commander Starscream says, "Disaster seems to have been avoided I..."

<< Decepticons >> Air Commander Starscream says, "...I applaud your willingness to heed my command."

Then as Esmeral is going on, Thunderblast is grating her gears. But Starscream's words also are to not interrupt unless told to. So long as things seem to be at a detentes her -very- rare inclination to speak up in defense of her brethren is pushed on down. Now is not the time while the leaders are engaging in back and forth and it looks like no one is going to open fire.

So from her position she's quiet, and not making any move to raise weapons or do much of anything unless the situation changed.

<< Decepticons >> Thunderblast says, "... Sir, you're our Lord Commander."

[ Destron ] Esmeral says, "As you command, my lord. I will see that Valour is restored and returned."

<< Decepticons >> Thunderblast says, "You are the face of the Empire. To undermine you is to undermine the Empire."

<< Decepticons >> Air Commander Starscream says, "Be ready to receive Valour when he is returned, I will need to have /words/ with him."

"A question I've been wanting answers myself, but considering there is no /written/ contract all I have is your word, and that has been crossed a number of times, and claims of not owning anything to M-- The empire till such is done." Starscream breaths out.

Deathsaurus pauses. "Are you questioning my honor?" he asks.

Esmeral taps fingers on her hip, looking at Starscream. "I hold no ill will to the Decepticons. I have aided whenever I am near under the understanding that we -are- allies- to some degree. There is nothing written and to that, Megatron had reached out to renegotiate properly with -me-. As if my Lord and Emperor Deathsaurus were nothing of worth nor merit. I don't want a war with your people, Starscream." She pauses, peers at Deathsaurus, upper optics blinking, then looks back at Starscream, waiting for an answer.

Starscream gives Deathsaurus a look that is half-lidded, as if to say 'you know what I am talking about' and doesn't answer such... His mind has wondered on, if he's going to fight Prime, he needs to /win/ maybe do something so blazingly stupid, that only he would do such with the bravo of going to win.

"Then we are allies, I will start writing up a /proper/ agreement so this doesn't happen again." he states with a tired huff, his frame noticeably relaxing slightly.

Thunderblast would go to avoid snapping up and out over once more and then go to speak over to her radio very, very irritatedly but managing to generally not do so openly as she would forcibly keep her hands lowered as she would murmur over while keeping things at a distance.

<< Decepticons >> Thunderblast says, "They talk about honor while they have one of our own a hostage."

<< Decepticons >> Air Commander Starscream says, "do not remind me, for now, wait, It seems things have cooled for now.. does however escalate matters.."

GAME: Starscream FAILS a COURAGE roll of Extreme difficulty.

<OOC> Starscream says, "I'm using a skill here called egotism"

GAME: Starscream PASSES a COURAGE roll of Extreme difficulty.

Deathsaurus nods "Very well. If the agreement is amicable, I will stand by it. See? We didn't need hostages or anything. We could have resolved this months ago if you just came to me."

<< Decepticons >> Thunderblast says, "Didn't you offer several times to meet for negotiations, Sir?"

<< Decepticons >> Air Commander Starscream says, "Yes."

Starscream wants to retort he did! but just lets it drop. "Set a date, a proper date, and we'll talk more." he'd huff.

Esmeral snorts, "We don't /have/ hostages." She smiles. "We have someone who was detained for threatening what is mine." she shrugs, seeming relaxed now, "I will -personally- attend to Valour and insure that he is properly returned and released."

"Unharmed." Starscream adds, as if expecting them to be like Megatron.

Deathsaurus nods "As you can see, Valour is completely out of my hands." he says.

Thunderblast would let out a low, low growl from her position at a distance. But going to keep herself quiet over while muttering. Finally reminding herself that hypocrisy in negotiations was as universal as the greeting.

Deathsaurus mutters "Now we're all aggressive for nothing and Prime is laughing at the empire. Why don't we go blow up something of his?"

"I already have plans for that, don't you worry... I have to attend to that /now/, once I've heard of Valour's uninjured return." He'd take a slow vent and start moving to prepare for take off, a slight.. tremble in his hands, before they ball into fists.

Esmeral's optics narrow slightly, "He will come under no further harm. Those that directly served me for so long may have been.. Well." She shrugs.

He turns his helm back. "Then expect them to be punished if things have gone too far." Starscream adds almost wildly. There's.. something off about the intensity about him. He turns back to keep going.

Esmeral smiles, "Why Starscream, I'm a -professional- and an Empress. He's no use to you dead or damaged beyond a few spa sessions."

"...Mentally /and/ physically." Starscream adds with a bit of vile as he transforms and blitzes into the air, but not to Vos.. Fact it looks like he's.. headed to Kalis.

Starscream reconfigures into a modified F-15 Eagle.

[ Destron ] Deathsaurus says, "I want to hit something now for some reason."

Something about it seems weird to Thunderblast, but.. That would go the same for about any situation where all participants involved could just step on her. So there's a level of wariness that she's more than happy to not be called out on.. Or even noticed. As Starscream is transforming to fly away she would let out a low sigh of relief.

[ Destron ] Deathsaurus says, "that was..."

[ Destron ] Esmeral says, "Interesting."

[ Destron ] Deathsaurus says, "Feel like I could have handled that better."

[ Destron ] Esmeral says, "Not at all. You were perfect. We are an excellent team together."

[ Destron ] Esmeral says, "We now have a toehold on earth that won't be challenged for a bit, we have the seaside town which I have plans for, and we hold Polyhex."

[ Destron ] Deathsaurus says, "Then we are still doing well. Part of me still wants expansion. hrm."

[ Destron ] Esmeral says, "We can wrestle."

<< Broadband >> Starscream says, "PRIME!"

<< Broadband >> Optimus Prime says, "Yes?"

<< Broadband >> Starscream says, "If you want to /talk/... I'm outside."

<< Broadband >> Optimus Prime says, "... Talk? Now.. Starscream - what do you -want-?"

<< Broadband >> Starscream says, "Tsk, my offer still stands from the news sources, now don't be /rude/ you have a guest waiting out in the plains."

<< Broadband >> Optimus Prime says, "Those that come into ones home uninvited are not guests, Starscream, they're intruders."

[ Destron ] Deathsaurus says, "well looks like my talk got Starscream moving"

[ Destron ] Deathsaurus says, "I need to threaten people more often."

<< Broadband >> Starscream says, "oh for frags sake, just get your aft out here, quite tired of these word games and stalling."

<< Broadband >> Optimus Prime says, "If you wish to talk, you do know how to use the proper channels. And that does not mean the news sources."

<< Broadband >> Optimus Prime says, "Screaming at me from my proverbial lawn is not a proper channel."

[ Destron ] Esmeral says, "Well. that's not terribly bright of him, now is it."

<< Broadband >> Deathsaurus says, "Look. This isn't what I meant."

<< Broadband >> Starscream says, "Can it, you've made your bed, now lay in it, let the adults talk."

<< Broadband >> Deathsaurus says, "I mean if you're a kaiju you could do this, no problem. I'd talk to you on normal frequencies, Starscream but....I find myself unable to. Go attack a holding or something don't walk up to Iacon and wave a fusion cannon ya don't have about."

<< Broadband >> Starscream growls. "Would you just get out here! bring what ever damn safety you want. I find this unfortunately the only option available."

<< Broadband >> Optimus Prime says, "You could have radioed me with a time and a place. Instead you chose to throw words around to make yourself feel and look important, I suspect. What do you want?"

<< Broadband >> Deathsaurus says, "Look. I'm sorry. I got him started and now he's all seeker-y. My bad, Prime. My bad."

<< Broadband >> Starscream says, "/Save it Deathsaurus/. I'm quite tired of these shenanigans, I'm quite tired of the hypocrisy and stubborn refusal to compromise!"

<< Broadband >> Optimus Prime says, "Those are indeed interesting words coming from you, Starscream. Depart the plains before a patrol catches up with you. Reach out through -appropriate- channels, and we can talk. Stay too long and you will be removed."

<< Broadband >> Deathsaurus says, "alright, alright. Go back you're doing there."

<< Broadband >> Esmeral says, "Being an idiot? I know we have some cobalt crunchies somewhere.. This needs a good snack to listen in on."

<< Broadband >> Deathsaurus says, "this channel's better than cable."

<< Broadband >> Goth is laughing is aft off

<< Broadband >> Deathsaurus says, "Just a suggestion. I'd recommend being at least my size before doing the slag I do."

<< Broadband >> Starscream growls, sounding more frustrated. "Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP! I CAN HANDLE THIS!. Appropriate channels my aft, I'm here /now/."

<< Broadband >> Optimus Prime says, "Starscream, unlike Megatron, I do not have to give into your whims. Now get off our plains."

Thunderblast sends a radio transmission.

[ Destron ] Deathsaurus says, "I feel like I owe prime a fruit basket or something."

<< Decepticons >> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "Starscream?"

<< Decepticons >> Air Commander Starscream says, "What?"

<< Decepticons >> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "Are you...threatening the Autobots by yourself?"

<< Decepticons >> Air Commander Starscream says, "not /threating/"

Thunderblast sends a radio transmission.

<< Decepticons >> Comm Guy Soundwave says, " require backup?"

<< Broadband >> Deathsaurus says, " ...want to borrow a warship or something?"

<< Broadband >> Starscream says, "Why? where you can merely reject such and continue this ridiculous cat and mouse?--- NOT MEGATRON GR!--"

<< Broadband >> Deathsaurus says, "I thought I'd at least offer. You know. I feel kinda bad."

<< Broadband >> Optimus Prime says, "Starscream, you were a leader in old Vos. You know better than this. Reach out through proper channels. Not the media, not screaming and demanding that you are met with -right now-."

[ Destron ] Esmeral says, "Well.. this is amusing. I hope he gets shot."

[ Destron ] Deathsaurus says, "I can't believe he actually pulled a Deszaras."

<< Broadband >> Starscream says, "Extreme measures require /extreme/ actions, even more for those that are stagnating."

<< Broadband >> Deathsaurus says, "Oh primus..."

[ Destron ] Esmeral says, "He's not even pulling a deszarus. He's.. he looks.. very poorly in this."

<< Broadband >> Deathsaurus says, "If you would have just let me....and you could be in charge of the air...."

<< Broadband >> Deathsaurus says, "I'm getting drunk. This is a planetwide invitation to the rollout. We all need it."

<< Broadband >> Optimus Prime says, "Who's your second? You appear to be malfunctioning and need to be returned -home-. If I come out there, the return will not be pleasant."

<< Decepticons >> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "Starscream I would suggest coming home."

<< Broadband >> Starscream says, "/Soundwave/ and I /doubt/ you wish him here"

<< Decepticons >> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "We can threaten them another time."

<< Broadband >> Soundwave says, "come home, Starscream."

<< Broadband >> Optimus Prime says, "Well that's news. You've until the time I get to your little hill to depart or you will be -escorted- off with prejudice."

<< Decepticons >> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "Help me find ghost."

<< Decepticons >> Air Commander Starscream says, ". . . .SHE'S GONE AGAIN?!"

<< Decepticons >> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "She is."

<< Decepticons >> Air Commander Starscream says, "AHHG! WHAT THIS TIME?!"

<< Broadband >> Optimus Prime says, "We will not be talking. You are intruding into Iacon and are running out of time to be lucky. Depart."

<< Broadband >> Deathsaurus says, "You want me to go get him?"

[ Destron ] Goth says, "What did you do? ahah"

<< Decepticons >> Thunderblast says, "'Again'?"

<< Decepticons >> Air Commander Starscream says, "Ahg, start sending out resources to find her last location"

[ Destron ] Deathsaurus says, "He asked how I'd handle the Optimus thing."

[ Destron ] Deathsaurus says, "I told him how /I/ would do it. go threaten him and his. I didn't mean -you know- be Starscream and act like that."

[ Destron ] Esmeral says, "He's.. wow."

[ Destron ] Goth says, "Ahahah Chela almighty, he really did it"

<< Decepticons >> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "Th last place she was seen was underground. With Autobots. Near the Vector sigma chamber. I'd go search for her myself but...ravage took a lot of damage."

<< Decepticons >> Thunderblast says, "Well, if your uh.. Ravage thing is back in the medbay you can just leave him for some of the.. Medics to look over."

<< Decepticons >> Thunderblast says, "I'm sure that err your.. Services are better put into finding our chief diplomat."

<< Decepticons >> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "He is not a thing."

<< Broadband >> Deathsaurus says, "Starscream. Come home and get drunk. That's probably the best option at this point"

<< Decepticons >> Thunderblast says, "Err forgive me Lord. I'm sure that Ravage is in err.. Good servos under the auspices of the medbay."

<< Broadband >> Optimus Prime says, "Starscream, the time is running down. Depart. Send a proper request in. Determine a proper location - I hear that there is a good place in Nova Cronum."

<< Decepticons >> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "I am repairing him. If I could leave him I would but...."

<< Decepticons >> Hand of Shockwave, Arachnae says, "I mean, I can take care of Ravage.."

<< Broadband >> Starscream growls. "/FINE/ but this isn't over, because I have a agent missing YET AGAIN! We WILL meet Prime and talk over this damned mess! quite tired of the hemming and hawing."

<< Decepticons >> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "We didn't need the Autobots to know this..."

<< Decepticons >> Air Commander Starscream says, "If the Autobots saw her last lest they can blasted say something."

<< Broadband >> Soundwave says, "Wherever she is, I will locate her. Personally. Please. If anyone who was at the Vector Trion incident knows where she is....let me know. I worry."

<< Broadband >> Sideswipe says, "Starscream, just send a representative to contact us on official channels to determine an appropriate location and time for some sort of talks. We can find somewhere good for everyone to meet and discuss things in an acceptable venue."

<< Broadband >> Deathsaurus says, "Look - you want me to do the negotiating?"

<< Broadband >> Starscream says, "No."

<< Broadband >> Deathsaurus says, "Well.. I tried"

<< Broadband >> Starscream says, "Would you get your nose out of this, I am perfectly capable of handling this on my own."

<< Broadband >> Deathsaurus says, "I see that."

<< Broadband >> Optimus Prime says, "Exactly that. Starscream. Send Crosscut a request for a meeting. He will arrange it. Indicate if you need or would like to request others present. He is, after all our Ambassador."

<< Broadband >> Soundwave says, "If anyone knows what I am talking about, contact me."

<< Broadband >> Starscream says, "Tsk, fine, whatever, continue this festering longer more."

<< >> <Cybertronian Babysitter> seriously.

<< >> <Cybertronian Babysitter> Im too sober for this.

<< Broadband >> Optimus Prime says, "I look forward to seeing your request come through Crosscut, Starscream. Until then, good evening."

<< Broadband >> Deathsaurus says, "Again sorry I got him going. my bad."

<< Broadband >> Starscream says, "Would you knock it off."

[ Destron ] Esmeral snickers.

[ Destron ] Goth says, "Well, that happened"

[ Destron ] Esmeral says, "That it did, that it did."

[ Destron ] Deathsaurus says, "Why am I still sober?"

[ Destron ] Esmeral says, "I have no idea."

[ Destron ] Deathsaurus says, "I'm gonna go change that. Who wants to join me?"

[ Destron ] Goth says, "I've not been out of the den for sometime"