Transformers Universe MUX

Log Title: Nebulos Swamp Discovery

Characters: Scarlett, Spike, Sci-Fi, Temera, Sinatra, Jinx

Location: Nebulos Swamps

Date: Wed, Oct 20, 2021, 11:14 PM

TP: Outward Bound TP

Summary: The Joes find something peculiar on Nebulos.

As logged by Wedgekree

Nebulos Swamps

The Swamps of the surrounding area of where the Joes have positioned themselves are mossy, thick, and seem to be even thicker in going through than the deepest ones on Earth. So just walking through them is an ongoing exercise in maneuvering through quicksand with one having to press forwards. It's the type of thing one should really need a hovercraft for. But the Joes have little to spare. And thanks to protocols, they still need to patrol.

But what they’re on patrol -for- is that they've picked up a heavy bit of metal thanks to scanning in the area. Without an exact positioning of it they're walking along with rigged up metal scanners in hands.

Sinatra scowls as he looks around. "I wish the Rat Bus was quieter." He says. "It could swim through this muck with no trouble."


Scarlett would glance over her shoulder at Sinatra, "We work with what we have. Stay alert. We don't know what the local wildlife is like." She's moving to take out her scanner and sweep it along carefully.

Stopped by nobody, Bem makes the jump over to Spike's shoulder, where he immediately starts grooming.

Spike doesn't notice Reverend Bem quite yet, but when he does (when he jumps on Spike's shoulder) - he barely flinches. He looks at the rat and smiles. "Good work out there..." as he continues to walk back to the base.

Bem seems delighted that the response isn't a scream or a flail. He leans into Spike and grooms at his hair happily, giving an appreciative squeak.

Sinatra chuckles. "They earned their peanut butter I think." He agrees. "I had to give it earlier than planned... they really wanted to try and smell something useful about that suit, and, being sealed... you know how rescue dogs get sad and feel like they failed when they don't find anyone? Same idea. Have to reassure them they did good."

Temera looks around and frowns at the swamps. "Not an ideal location for anyone, but it could be worse. At least we can get through it, and if careful not get stuck."

Sinatra still has Bem riding on his helmet. In deference to the swampy conditions, the other two rats he's bought - Usain and Bolt - rest on his shoulders. He peers at the scanner and taps at it. "I know, I know..."

Scarlett would give a nod over at Temera, "Exactly. I'd rather us know we can go through them if we can. And if the HIVE is anywhere about... Hopefully they'll have more issues with picking us up. They don't seem to have the training or equipment for engagement in this type of terrain."

Sinatra's scanner is picking up a deposit in a solid direction. It's getting a fairly good idea of where it is. Just a couple of klicks away...

Spike is quietly walking with the rest of the Joes - anxious to get to this metallic structure - of course, it could just be a piece of machinery, but then, it could be something else. The swamp, the equipment, daily he's marveled at the Joes and their training how it's prepared them for this. As a civilian...he's playing catch-up. He continues to follow the Joes, observing their movements and trying his best to stay up with the pace.

Sinatra blinks and peers at his sensor. "...that way, I think." He points. "Not far."

Temera blinks over at Sinatra, and tries to peer in that direction, even if she can't see anything yet.

Scarlett would glance in the direction that Sinatra would point in, "Good. Spread out and cover one another. You have any idea of what it is we're dealing with?" Glancing over at Spike, "Welcome to the Jungle, Ambassador Witwicky." Did Scarlett have a sense of humor?

Sinatra peers at his screen, looking at the numbers, and the shape of the blip. "We got some fuckin' fun and games here my friend..." He mutters. "I think... it's a vehicle? Size and shape seems about right..."

Spike laughcoughs at Scarlett's remark. His shirt is pretty much soaked in sweat. He grins slightly at Scarlett. "Walk in the park for you guys, right?"

"Why are the channels suddenly quiet?" asks Sci-Fi who appears to be concerned. "One minute, our crew was making it here. Next minute, there's an SOS, and now we're completely quiet again?"

Sinatra frowns. "Whatever's goin' on we can't do shit about it, and we got a job to do. Keep your game face on." Sinatra suggests.

Jinx, who had been out of the cave system, keeping over watch from a perch up the mountain, walks back into the cave, just in time to hear Sci-Fi's comment about the SOS. She frowns, and looks at the Autobot Shuttle, "We couldn't try to use the shuttle to go help out, could we?"

Scarlett would nod at Spike, "It's something we train for." Not elaborating further. "You're doing fine, Ambassador. Most wouldn't engage in grunt work like this in your position." At Sci-Fi's comment, she would hesitate. "They could just be dealing with having to engage in a deep space docking maneuver and rendering medical aid. They'll give a report when they finish up."

Spike looks at Jinx and he's about to say something. Just a reflexive reaction to hearing the term 'Autobot shuttle' - but realizing this is a military operation, he chooses to say nothing, leaving it for the senior Joes to make that decision.

Temera glances over to Jinx. "Keep that thought on hold. Unless I'm totally off base, we'll probably be using it to check the Crusader if contact isn't re-established. Or at least the ones with space experience will."

Sci-Fi clips his helmet and visor on and goes silent. He pulls out a data pad and begins to type on it; almost mechanical. He tilts his head, occasionally, as if looking into something.

Sinatra nods softly as he listens, leading the team towards the metallic mas. "We might get lucky, this might be a shuttle that we can repair, or at least learn about the local technology from. Or it might be a big pile of transformer droppings..." A pause. " they... you know what I don't want to know."

Scarlett would nod at Sinatra, "Or at least get something useful from. But I don't think anything is going to last long in muck no matter what world." Who knows, maybe Nebulan tech is more resistant to the elements than Earth tech is. Looking over her shoulder at Sci-Fi, "Report, soldier."

[G.I. Joe] Scarlett says, "Homelander, we have a general location on the deposit. Size of a vehicle. Not sure on specifics."

Jinx, having made her one contribution to the conversation, remains quiet. She goes to stand a little away from the others, frowning to herself.

Spike looks at Sinatra, happy to at least provide some sort of assistance. "No... they’re just like...well, not exactly, but just like your jets, trucks, even energy plants - they more or less 'emit' - they have pretty efficient internal systems as well. So... droppings."

[G.I. Joe] Scarlett says, "And Crusader, when you're clear to update us on your situation let us know."

"Affirmative, HQ. Reading logs of data and preparing for the next plausible decisions." says Sci-Fi regarding Scarlett. "Decisions are being calculated."

Sinatra nods "Well, at least we know something it's not!" He says cheerfully as he leads the way.

Scarlett would wave a hand over at Jinx, "Join me on point." Looking over her shoulder at Sinatra, "That's the way to look at it." Then at Sci-Fi, "When you have something solid, inform me. Be backup in case we need a specialist to get readings on the deposit."

Temera watches the perimeter quietly, as well.

Jinx moves back towards Scarlett, following the order given her. She remains quiet, to not say something to offend someone, again. She seems to excel at that. Must be because she is out of her element, on a new planet, and the gravity is affecting her. Must be it.

Temera keeps looking around, trying to see if she can see can notice anything, even closing her eyes mostly for a moment to do so.

Bolt, as Jinx passes, leaps from Sinatra's shoulder to hers, and begins trying to make her feel better. As he's a rat, this consists primarily of trying to groom her.

Scarlett would give a barely concealed smile at Bolt and a look of quick reassurance sent to Jinx, "We might actually need your expertise if there is something worthwhile to take back with us Ambassador. We have limited options and... Well, if we need to recover something deep in the muck, you'd be the most skilled."

"What the!" Jinx Squeeks as the rat jumps to her shoulder, and she freezes. "Is he trying to eat my hair??" While she squeaked, she does not do anything else. Not wanting to injure the rat or make anyone feel bad. She is just not used to rats jumping on her shoulder.

Spike nods to Scarlett's words. He's not exactly sure what he can contribute at this exact moment. A long-ago memory comes to mind - the Insecticons were discovered in a swampy area much like this one. - no - best not to bring that up. He says in a slightly winded tone "Absolutely - I haven't done any diving ... recently, but I've done my share in the past."

Temera peeks at the rat, curiously. "I don't think it's eating the hair, doesn't quite look like it anyway..." She watches with interest.

Sinatra blinks and looks over at Jinx and Bolt. "No, he's..." He smiles warmly. "He's grooming you. That means he likes you, or he thinks you're feeling sad and wants to make you feel better, and grooming makes him happy, so he hopes it makes you happy." He shrugs, adding "Bolt, you should warn people before you do that. Not everybody thinks you're cute and cuddly."

Temera's stomach rumbles very softly, leading her to blush.

Scarlett would smile, "I think he's just trying to help. They’re here on the mission with us." Her tone gentle. "Everyone, loose formation and spread out. Let's make sure to not all be lined up if we run into something."

Temera nods quickly. "Yes, ma'am." She moves to separate a bit, watching carefully again.

At the growling belly, Bolt tries to hide on the other shoulder. Usain and Bem glare.

Sinatra nods, unslinging his rifle and starting to move closer, spreading out a little.

A tentative hand reaches up to Jinx's shoulder, and she lightly strokes the rat. Her face is kind of amazed, like she is willingly touching a rat?? She lets her hand slip to her side, and she pulls out a pistol, as her rifle is slung over the shoulder Bolt is sitting on, and she moves forward, taking point.

Spike backs up a few steps and then makes his way to be somewhere close to Scarlett, but a good distance between Scarlett and the next Joe closest to Scarlett. It looks like civilians can be trained.

Scarlett would glance at Temera and go to reach over into her pack. Taking out one of the MRE nutrient bar packs to offer over if wanted. But with nutrient bar packs, one might perhaps rather starve than have it... "We're all here to save our friends and do what we can to help this planet." She would nod at Spike, "And thank you, Ambassador."

Temera smiles but waves it off. "Thanks, but I've eaten, that's just a somewhat automatic thing. Didn't mean for it to happen here." She keeps blushing.

Bolt leans into the petting. He's got surprisingly soft fur. He squeaks and hops off to rejoin Sinatra when things seem to be getting more active. He visibly puts on a 'game face', getting all serious and ready to work.

Spike looks over at Scarlett and gives a respectful nod and continues moving in formation - or at least what he observes with the others.

Jinx glances at Bolt as he leaves and shrugs a little. She does, however, feel a little better, but is that because the rat likes her, or because the rat left? Only she knows! She does take the chance to begin to move out, leading the way.


Scarlett would smile as the group would walk along. They're about half a kilometer from the 'deposit' and it's registering now to them. Local metals matching what they'd figured out of Nebulan vehicles.

Sinatra nods as he peers at his scanners. "Definitely the right materials for a local vehicle." He comments as they get closer. "About 500 metres."

Jinx just leads the way, checking over her shoulder to make sure the group doesn't turn as she tries to remain in front of them. Maybe she shouldn't have taken the lead? Oh well, too late now.

Sinatra is following Jynx. Bolt would bite his ear off if he didn't.

Temera just keeps her rifle held and watches her side, trying to make sure they aren't surprised by anything.

Scarlett would nod at Sinatra, "Excellent. Sweep the area Joes, mark, and confirm. We'll do a sweep around to look for any sort of sensors or tripwires."

Spike steps back and lets the Joes do their work. He's already running through contingency plans in his mind - what if it's a Decepticon ship - what about an Autobot ship? What about an 'else' - like another similar faction like the Junkions?

Sinatra nods "Got it. Ratties, this is your time to shine!" He says, brightly. "You know what Earth explosives smell like, and there are only so many ways to make an energetic molecule. If it smells even slightly like a mine, remember your training. You are Apopo's best and brightest."

The three rats leap down off Sintra and get to work. Each one picks an area, walks around a square, and then searches every inch of that square, nose to the ground before moving on and repeating the process.

Jinx glances around, and finds a tree, of some kind, and begins to climb it. She assigns herself guard duty, and over watch, on the team looking for whatever it is they are looking for.

Temera tries to peer around to see if she can notice anything.

The rats highlight metallic frames, humanoid in shape, and a lot of detritus, but very little in the way of explosives. At each find, the rats squeak and dig a little, making a small mound. Sinatra doesn't seem concerned; there must be a different squeak or reaction for actual explosives.

"Whatever happened, it happened hard, and fast." Sinatra decides.

Temera blinks and frowns at that.

Jinx must have missed whatever is going on, as she climbed the tree. She begins to look at the surrounding area, to ensure the team is safe from outside forces.

Scarlett would glance at Sinatra, "Report." She would state over quickly for the rest of them. "Jinx, perimeter. Temera, back her up. Ambassador, stay with Sci-Fi."

Spike looks over at Sci-Fi and nods. He moves closer to Sci-Fi, careful not to 'bunch up' the formation.

Sinatra looks over at Scarlett. "Lots of debris, they're not finding any explosives yet. Couple of humanoid frames." He crouches down by one of the frames and works to uncover it. "I'm not an expert, but I'd guess Cybertronian."

Temera nods quickly and heads to back up Jinx. "Yes, ma'am." She peers around still as she does, frowning.

Up in the tree, Jinx calls out, softly, but audibly to Scarlett, "On it." She motions Temera to join her in the tree, "I'll cover 'North and East' you watch 'West and South'."

Temera climbs up and nods, settling in to watch. "Understood."

Scarlett would call out, "Spread out Joes. Sweep and maintain perimeter." Looking at Spike, "Sorry Ambassador."

Spike 's paired with Sci-Fi. He looks over at Scarlett, slightly confused. "Sorry for what?"

Sinatra keeps on trying to uncover one of the humanoid figures, or at least its head, with a small folding shovel from his belt of EOD kit. His rats help, but even 12" rats are just rats, and can't do much more than dig rat-sized holes. It He growls and must pull a large rock out of the way, but eventually he does manage to get the upper torso uncovered, at least temporarily.

What Sinatra is digging up is a big... Humanoid... Metallic shell. The size of a small power armor. Humanoid, a heavy mask over the front of it that's covered in the gunk of the swamp and the heavy detritus atop it. But that would feel surprisingly intact for however long... Or short... It had been buried.

Temera watches the perimeter quietly, as well.

Sinatra blinks at the power armour. "It's... it's a suit." He comments, wiping gunk off the mask to try and identify it.

Scarlett would rub her eyes, "Lovely." Going to hold her hand up. "Joes, pause."

What Sinatra is rubbing through is a... Faceplate. So much gunk on it that it was hard to tell just what it was. Whether it was a drone or someone's power armor..

Spike takes in the sight. He has a bit of a guilty look on his face. the power armor is very much unlike his own that he has on Cybertron, which he constructed to basically be the equivalent of a human hard-hat... something to protect humans from the elements on Cybertron, and maybe, maybe take a shot from a Decepticon, but not much more - just something to hopefully protect humans from at least one Decepticon shot from an average Decepticon. He looks over at Scarlett and then Sinatra and pulls out his cell phone. After a few moments thumbing through the photos, he does fall onto one shot of his exo-suit.

Spike says, "I's not... it's not the same by any stretch, but it kinda of is like this...""

Sinatra nods "Nebulons are the same shape as humans, yes? So, the armour is going to be similar." He seems pleased with this deduction.

The rats sniff at the exposed head, around the neck joint and looking for the smell of decay, investigating if it had a pilot or not.

It has some sort of joint. The rats aren't getting up any kind of scent to be able to tell what exactly. Probably telling more would require physically taking off the helmet or disassembling it.

Sinatra pats the three rats and shakes his head. "Acha." he says softly. The rats look up at him pleadingly. "Imefungwa, hautanuka chochote." He tells them, and they hop up onto his shoulders, looking despondent. Thankfully, they're rats, so all it takes is a squeeze-tube of peanut butter from an MRE to cheer them up.

Subtitles: “Stop. You won't smell anything, it's sealed."

Scarlett would call out, "Joes, hold up. We're going to have to do more of an excavation here if we want anything. This is more than a simple salvage. We're going to need a more detailed follow-up if we want to get things. Confirm nothing hostile is in the area then we'll be withdrawing back to rendezvous."

Spike looks over at Scarlett and the others. And perhaps in the most civilian behavior possible, Spike takes his smartphone and snaps a few shots of the mysterious armor to study what little is visible right now when they get back to base.

Spike looks at Scarlett and Sinatra. "Obviously we're going to need a full excavation, but just looking at these pieces of to be more Nebulon than Cybertronian. I can't sign off for sure, but it looks like it was most likely made on this planet and not ... Cyb'tron."

Sinatra nods and stands up, letting the rats make their way through the tube of peanut butter, nodding at Spike's words. "Makes sense to me man you're closer to an expert than us. We just work here." He laughs.

Scarlett would chuckle, "Yes, I think this is more your expertise than our's. Come on Joes, let's roll out." She would do an attempt at being glib.

Spike makes his way back to the base. He looks over and smirks at Scarlett. " guys say that too?" his own attempt at humor, which he's heard can be just as funny as Optimus Prime's.