Nebulos (sometimes called Nebulon) is a planet inhabited by lifeforms, most notably a race of humanoids called Nebulans or Nebulons.

News on the planet was reported by the Nebulan News Network.


Decepticon World continuity

Ten thousand years ago, a conflict threatened to destroy the planet but the first incarnation of the World Watchers organisation defused it. In response to the near-disaster, the Nebulans turned away from the ways of war and locked away their weaponry under the watch of the, er, Watchers. The planet came under the rule of the democratic Council of Peers; an aristocracy existed as well.

A group of Autobots led by Bumblebee sought to relocate to Nebulos in order to escape their own millennia-old conflict on their own planet of Cybertron, but their arrival created dissension and mistrust within the Nebulan community.

Main MUX continuity

Nebulos is a world whose inhabitants were enslaved by the Hive, a group of eleven Nebulon telekinetics whose focus on development of their mental powers had caused their bodies to wither, led by Lord Zarak. The populace is mainly forced to do routine farm work, watched over by the machines which the Hive control telepathically.


Known locations on Nebulos included:


On the main universe, Nebulos has not yet been discovered by the Transformers.

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