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Nebulans (or Nebulons) are the inhabitants of the planet Nebulos. The Nebulan resistance opposes the Hive's despotic government led by Lord Zarak. The resistance itself is led by Gort.

Their language is Nebulanese.

Note: The description of Nebulans themselves varies from continuity to continuity.


Generation 1 cartoon continuity

Main-universe Nebulons

Nebulons are extremely human-like aliens who possess green skin and dark green or white hair. Their facial features tend towards a rather Native American cast. Some of the oldest of their ruling class, the Hive, appear to have had cyborg alterations or even taken on fully robotic bodies.

Nebulos is a world whose inhabitants were enslaved by the Hive, a group of eleven Nebulan telekinetics led by Lord Zarak. The populace is mainly forced to do routine farm work, watched over by the machines which the Hive controlled telepathically. Gort leads a resistances against them.

MUX Continuity

The Nebulan Resistance suffered a major blow when the Hive took control of several dead Decepticons and began a rampage of terror in Earth year 2021.

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