Nalide Nakamea

Nalide Nakamea

Faction: G.I.Joe
Species: Human
Function: ANTI-ARMOR
Rank: 0 - Infantry

It takes a lot of guts to stare down a Cobra tank, and even more to actually fire at it when all you've got is a shoulder-fired weapon. The GI Joe Anti-Armor specialists are up to the job, though. Members of the Infantry are selected for their unflagging determination and courage, as well as their ability to use common sense to get out of tricky situations. They often work in pairs, one spotter and one gunman, but are fully trained to operate alone, which is what sets them apart from other branches of the service. When Cobra rolls out the big toys, the Anti-Armor soldiers are ready to stop them dead in their tracks.


Nalide Nakamea was killed by a Decepticon in 2015.



Jul 28 - Fort McMurray

General Report:

A lone Decepticon raided Fort McMurray's airbase in search of energon at 2100 hours. While most of the civilians and military personnel on the base fled to proper shelters, one recruit made the ultimate sacrifice to stop the assault.
May we never forget.

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Nalide Nakamea

Nalide Nakamea

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