Transformers Universe MUX
Log Title: Mysterious Influences

Characters: Cerebros, Dust Devil, Kodiak, Ratchet, Scales, Sideswipe, Trailbreaker, Typhoon, Wheeljack

Location: Iacon Medical Center

Date: September 2, 2020

TP: Space Cthulhu TP

Summary: Progress is made in treating the mysterious illness that afflicts Typhoon and Ratchet.

As logged by  Scales

Log session starting at 17:18:44 on Wednesday, 2 September 2020.

Iacon Medical Center


From his state over, Sidewipe is in one of the isolation points. Force fields around him - this time with a small backup generator in case of another power failure, a guard or two on the outside, and his energon at even lower levels just in case given his lashing out a short time ago.

Cerebros looks over at the forcefields surrounding Sideswipe. The guard makes the situation all the more menacing. He shakes his head. "I can't wait until they bring him back to detention."

Scales bounds into the medical center from outside, all perky and chipper from time in the sun.

Dust Devil chuckles, "Yer doin well...but ya gotta be patient And ya gotta realize yer gonna make mistakes. And because of how young ya are, yer ALLOWED to make mistakes as long as you learn from them."

Between seeing the menacing sight of seeing Sideswipe restrained and the even more intimidating sight of Scales coming in he nodnods to Dust Devil's advice. "Yes, yes. Very good. We'll talk later! I need to run some calibrations on Fortress Maximus now."

GAME: Cerebros PASSES a DEXTERITY roll of High difficulty.

Cerebros slips out from Dust Devil before he can say anything and steps over Scales. "Greetings, Scales. Goodbye everyone."

Scales blinks at Cerebros and waves as he hurries by, turning a puzzled look to Dust Devil. "In an awful hurry, isn't he?"

Sideswipe would smirk from his restraints, "You mean to go and insult some more folks and tell them he knows better?"

Dust Devil grins, "More like he wants to go study some more before he tries talkin again. So how are ya doin today hothead?"

Scales shrugs and goes over to check the various monitors, making sure nothing's happened to Typhoon and Ratchet while she was recharging.

And then there's a look of concern from Sideswipe. Very, very quiet. "He's gonna be okay, right?"

Scales looks back, and straightens up to try to project confidence. "We'll figure it out."

GAME: Scales PASSES a LEADERSHIP roll of Average difficulty.

Dust Devil sighs, "Yeah it's not right seein Sir Grumps-a-lot down fer the count. At least normally we can hear him gripin about substandard care and all. This is too quiet."

GAME: Sideswipe PASSES a TECHNICAL roll of Average difficulty.

Sideswipe would glance over, "So, thing is he's got energon but he's not actually getting any recharge from it?"

Scales nods. "Doesn't matter how much energon he has available, he only uses a small portion. The rest just gets stored." She hmphs. "It's consistent with Typhoon sayin' they need to take energon to some guy somewhere. Big mechs make big batteries."

Dust Devil sighs, "Ya know Ratchet just did this to spite me. I promised him I was gonna hang out with him cause he looked bored the one night."

Sideswipe would shrug over, "Well, maybe just take him off of things a bit and then drain some of the extra?" Not that he could really shurg..

Scales makes a face. "Kinda tryin' to figure out a way to ease things up without killin' him. If it gets really bad, I guess there's always stasis, but that makes it hard to work on treatments."

Dust Devil says, "Like is he overloading or carrying too much charge for his own good or too low? Or we're just not sure in general?"

This would be over Sideswipe's head, even as he would glance at Dust Devil - that question is more specific than the warrior can guess at

Scales tilts her head. "The excess energon is concentratin', gettin' thicker. It's worse with Ty than it is with Ratchet, probably 'cause she's been affected longer. Not refined, like engex, but just compressed together. Kinda rough on their systems." She hmms. "I wonder if the issue isn't so much something that's not happenin' that's supposed to, like a block, but rather an additional process added that shouldn't be there. Somethin' that's diverting resources."

Dust Devil says, "Have ya tried throwin a forcefield over either of them. Ya mentioned that what's affectin them could be extra dimensional. I went over in that portal and haven't shown any symptoms yet....maybe it protected me and could interfere with that?""

Scales hmms, wandering in Ratchet's direction as she thinks. "It'd be worth tryin', just to see if anything happens. I don't think it'd -hurt-."

Sideswipe would go to let out a shrug, "Well, with them probably just all inside." Not that he's a great technician or anything. There's some shifting over of him as he would pull on his restraints. "Give me a bit out of these okay? I just want to look at him. He's a friend."

Scales hmphs. "Not just no, but HELL no. You tried to start a fight in here 'cause you were bored. Even Dusty knows better'n that. You can see fine from there."

Wheeljack lopes into Medical, a tablet tucked under one long arm. He nods to Dust Devil and Sideswipe as he comes in, but he makes a beeline to Scales. "Hey, doc," he says, looking down at Scales as she heads to Ratchet's bed. "I've been examinin' the scans I took o' the tentacles that got cut off when the rift closed, and comparin' 'em to the data Dusty pulled from the Space Bridge nexus." He turns to give Dust Devil another nod of thanks.

Dust Devil looks at Wheeljack, "Well? Any ideas? We're debating throwing a forcefield on them and seeing what happened."

Scales perks up at the prospect of data. "Find anything good?"

Then Sideswipe would go quiet and start to look sullen over. "Look, slaggit, Ratchet's the best of all of us. you can put me in more restraints, cart me over.. Whatever."

Kodiak strolls into the med bay, heading over to the lubrication station, when his audio receptors pick up 'tentacles' and 'rift'. "Tentacles? What in tarnation are you all talkin' about?"

Wheeljack nods in response to Dust Devil. "Might be worth givin' it a try." He turns back to Scales. "I think yer onta somethin'," he says, head-panels flashing. "I examined th' severed arms, and they're definitely given off some weird extra-dimensional energy - the same kind Dusty detected on th' other side. Thing is, I'm STILL readin' it in th' background even with the gate closed. If it's activatin' somethin' in Ratchet an' Typhoon, it could be doin' so at distance, even without any more direct contact - or in Typhoon's case, any contact at all."

Wheeljack turns again to look at Kodiak. "Strange malady affectin' Ratchet'n Typhoon. We think it's related ta th' rift monster Ratchet almost unleashed on is." Wheeljack sounds almost envious, and at least impressed.

Scales shakes her head at Sideswipe. "Not breakin' protocol." But she brightens again at Wheeljack. "Cool! Any chance you can isolate its presence, or is the energy field pervasive?"

There's a hiss over from Sideswipe, him tensing over and giving a little tug at the restraints.. But it has him falling back as they would automatically adjust his energon levels.

Dust Devil says, "So it's still being read in the background? it something you can make a scanner for? That way we can maybe find the other weatherbots?"

"Rift monster? Shoot... sounds like somethin' that'd have yer name all over it, Jack, not Ratchet." Kodiak says with a smirk. "Yer gettin' beat to tha punch!" he says, leading up against the work bench, then looks over to Sideswipe, raising a eyeridge. "What'd fancy pants here do this time?"

Dust Devil frowns at Sideswipe. "Ratchet will not be happy if ya hurt yerself."

Wheeljack glances sympathetically at Sideswipe but addresses Scales. "It's pretty pervasive, but if I can lock onto the frequency, a forcefield might be able to block it out. It keeps phase shifting out of our reality, though, so it'll be a challenge. And, o' course, we can't just keep Ratchet an' Tyhoon in a bubble forever, but this might at least help isolate th' cause." 

Turning to Dust Devil, Wheeljack says, "Th' source is the weak spots in spacetime where we keep rippin' open wormholes - th' Space Bridge portals, an' I think whatever th' pit that Destron did to force an entrance ta th' Dark Nebula." Wheeljack shakes his head in response to Kodiak, I know, right? I'm so proud!" he says in relation to Ratchet, only half-joking. Sobering, he adds, "Sideswipe an' Sunstreaker killed two Cons in custody, but I got a theory about that."

Scales nods. "He's in restraints an' secured because he's bein' violent an' irrational, but it's possible that that's not entirely his fault," she explains, nodding to Sideswipe. "I've been readin' up on his issue whenever I get a chance. It'd be easier if Ratchet were back on his feet, though."

Kodiak widens his optics. "Dang... didn't expect that. Thought it'd be one of their usual pranks 'n stuff." he says, listening a bit to Wheeljack's explanation. "So yer sayin' that all this travellin' with the Space Bridge is wearin' thin spots in tha universe?"

Sideswipe would let out a sneer, "Bit late for that. Now you slaggers going to decide what the hell you want to do with me? Throw me in a box, fine. Yank out my spark, fine. Just figure out what you want to do. I'm tired of waiting." Giving a bit more of a struggle, even as he would slump back more as if exhausted. Energon levels down to pure 'maintenance'.

Dust Devil frowns as he rubs his chin. "I...I do have a variable shield. If you can give me some specs ta play with we can TRY ta keep ahead of whatever this is....or at least give both of them a reprieve from the effects it's having on them until we can figure somethin better. I'm willin ta give it a try. Or Let me repaint Sideswipe since he wants attention."

Wheeljack looks at Kodiak and nods. "Yeah, somethin' like that. And Ratchet's working on a new Ground Bridge that might revolutionize Autobot transportation.... or make things far worse," he admits. Ignoring Sideswipe, Wheeljack offers his tablet over to Dust Devil. "Here are th' specs. Really think you could do it? If not, I could call Trailbreaker...." He finally does look over at Sideswipe, thanks to Dust Devil picturing him in his G2 colors...

Scales resumes heading over to Ratchet's bed to take up a monitoring position.

Kodiak looks over to Sideswipe. "You need to just calm down, son. Hell, if I had been there, you wouldn't be, I'd have snuffed you out then and there because that ain't right." he says with a scowl, looking back to Wheeljack. "Well, I ain't exactly the scientific type, but if I can help out, just let me know. If some EMP would help, I can offer ya plenty."

Wheeljack stands in Iacon medical. Sideswipe and Sunstreaker are behind a forcefield (Sunstreaker is recharging) and Ratchet and Typhoon are on medical berths in the main room, unconscious. Wheeljack looks at Kodiak and nods. "Without Skids, I'm kinda lost on theories - anyone's are welcome, technical or not." He glances at Scales. "Any change in Ratchet and Typhoon?"

Sideswipe would slowly grunt over. Looking a bit disoriented. "Who cranked up the heat in here?"

Scales shakes her head at Wheeljack. "Holdin' steady." She cranes her neck in Sideswipe's direction, to try to check his readouts from where she is.

Dust Devil says, "Trailbreaker and I can merge shields. He's got the power and strength on trick is my ability ta toy around with it. Trailbreaker is the powerhouse and rockwall. I put the flex in."

And Sideswipe is pulling a bit more on the restraints even as they're going to depower him just a shade more to try and tone down resistance. He's still struggling over with them as he would be trying to rise up from the grip they had on him.

GAME: Sideswipe FAILS a STRENGTH roll of Extreme difficulty.

"Any sorta frequencies we can throw at it that might... I dunno... kinda repel it?" Kodiak asks.

Wheeljack looks from Sideswipe to Scales. "Is he OK?" he asks the medic before turning to Dust Devil. "Yeah... let's see if we can get a hold of Trailbreaker. If we can contain it, maybe we can repel it as well," he nods, glancing at Kodiak and stroking his chin beneath his facemask.

<<Autobot>> Herr Doktor Wheeljack says, "Trailbreaker. If you're free, please come down to Iacon Medical."

Scales would really, really like to stay and be involved in the science over here with Ratchet, but duty calls and she hops down to go take a closer look at Sideswipe without moving the fields around him yet. Ratchet's probably safe with Wheeljack, right?

Kodiak decides to observe for the moment, letting the techies do their thing, and turns back to brushing dirt out of his joints and applying fresh lubricant.

<<Autobot>> Trailbreaker says, "On my way, Jackie!"

<<Autobot>> Optimus Prime says, "Wheeljack, has there been any progress with what you found with Sideswipe and Sunstreaker?"

<<Autobot>> Herr Doktor Wheeljack says, "Ah, none yet. I was hopin' Ratchet and First Aid could have a look, but Ratchet's felled by his own problems, so I'm helpin' with THAT first. Never a dull day in Iacon Medical!"

Sideswipe is struggling over against the restraints. His energon level is dropping as the restraints would be slowing the drip into him to try and get him to power down some. But he's definitely surging over against them. They're not giving.. But he shouldn't be -moving- now.

Trailbreaker ambles slowly into the medlab, giving Sideswipe a sad, sympathetic smile before approaching Wheeljack. "Hey, Jackie," he says. "Thanks for being patient... you know I'll never be mistaken for Blurr!" he laughs. 

"No problem, 'Breaker. I was jus' hopin' you could help Dusty an' I trace down this problem with some transdimensional radiation." He pauses as Optimus asks him a question over Autobot broadband.

Scales frowns. "Hey, Kodiak? Wanna be back up for the guards while I get a closer look at Sideswipe?" She's nervous about stepping in without a whole lotta extra muscle.

Sideswipe's energon monitor starts beeping rapidly, showing conflicting readouts. "Forge o' Solus Prime - what's goin' on?" Wheeljack says, turning to look in the medical cell.

Kodiak steps over towards Scales. "Sure thing." he says, giving a bit of a smirk to Sideswipe.

Dust Devil frowns, "And why is he actin up worse now? What were ya sayin you were thinkin happened with them Wheeljack?"

Scales takes a deep breath, which is probably not necessary, but hey, she's just full of Earth-type coping mechanisms when under stress. Blame Wheeljack. With backup from Kodiak, she lowers the forcefield to get in there with Sideswipe and check him over, optics full of bright yellow streaks.

There's more sizzling from Sideswipe as he would seeming to be approaching temaptures of -almost- being on fire. Whatever source of the extreme heat on his frame is coming internally. And his fuel pump is going all out - even with him barely moving and energon levels at subtenance tier.

Trailbreaker turns as well, ready to bring up a backup forcefield if needed.

Wheeljack glances at Dust Devil. "Sideswipe and Sunstreaker have a nanovirus in their behavioral cortexes. I just need to figure out what's activating it, and how to turn it off."

Scales blinks. "Dusty? Think you can try that modified forcefield over here, first?" She dives for some coolant spray to head off Sideswipe's rising temperatures before they can damage him internally.

Trailbreaker moves to help Dust Devil, ready to provide the raw power while Dust Devil provides the finesse.

Kodiak widens his optics. "This like what the humans call a 'fever'?"

The foam hits Sideswipe, and theres a -ton- of steam going off him. His fuel pum is still hammering, even as the energon pump is starting to correct over for his low levels in his system, injecting a  bit more on automatic.

Scales nods to Kodiak. "An' he shouldn't have enough fuel for that to happen," she says tensely. "If there's any transfer from something other than the equipment, cuttin' that off is priority."

Dust Devil does as he's asked and leans on his mentor's forcefield to help power while he tries to control the frequencies of the field, going by Wheeljack's data in hopes of being at all useful. "Wheeljack, feel free to shout out suggestions if ya see somethin I don't."

Wheeljack says, "Oh, trust me, Dusty -- I will!"

GAME: Wheeljack PASSES a TECHNICAL roll of Extreme difficulty.

Wheeljack feeds Dusty and Trailbreaker data, helping them tweak their shields, until...

Wheeljack watches anxiously from the other side of the field, praying to Solus that their theory works.

There's the glow of the force field around him, and Sideswipe's madly pumping fuel pum is going back to normal. Slowing it's drive down to the amount of processing it would be in his current state, intent on conserving fuel given his state of low power.

His systems at least starting to kick in and revert back to what they were before the sudden surge.

Wheeljack watches tensely as Dust Devil and Trailbreaker cover Sideswipe in a protective forcefield, trying to shield him from transdimensional radiation.

Scales breathes out a stream of smoke as Sideswipe stops going haywire. "That worked!" she announces, then narrows her optics. "We started havin' trouble communicatin' with Earth after he got arrested, right?"

Wheeljack looks down at Scales through the field. "Yeah. Why? What are ya thinkin'?"

Trailbreaker smiles and looks at Dust Devil with relieved triumph.

Dust Devil smiles at Trailbreaker, "Thanks fer spottin me! You bearin the load makes this alot easier." He does grimace a little watchin what strain is there.

Trailbreaker chuckles. "Happy to help! We make quite the team!"

Scales growls. "He hasn't been through a space bridge since, right? That means it's contagious somehow. Either through contact or simply present locally." She backs out of Sideswipe's secure area to go to a terminal. "Gonna hafta lockdown temporarily until we figure out which one it is. Hope you guys don't mind getting checked over."

Wheeljack looks at his hands. "I used safety precautions this time when I examined the severed arms. Do you think we could all be exposed?"

<<Autobot>> Scales says, "Placing Iacon Medical Center on quarantine. Any new medical issues in the Iacon area should be taken to the Sparkplug Center for now."

<<Autobot>> Herr Doktor Wheeljack says, "Uh... if it was me, I apologize."

And Sideswipe's blue optics would dim a bit as he would gaze up at the ceiling, energon levels stabilized - at least for what level he was in with the restraints. His vocalizer would croak slowly. "What.. What did I do? I.."

GAME: Wheeljack FAILS an INTELLIGENCE roll of Extreme difficulty.

Scales finishes establishing the emergency quarantine and hmmmms. "Wheeljack, could you check the Medical Center's electrical systems from in here? The power flickered yesterday when Sideswipe was gettin' angry. I'm wondering if that's how it was transmitted." She looks over at Dust Devil. "I can check you real quick for the more obvious symptoms without distruptin' the field you're holdin', Dusty. The sooner we can clear people actually in here, the sooner I can change any restrictions."

Wheeljack says, "Right away, Scales!"

Wheeljack starts checking out Medical's electrical systems, trying to figure out what's causing the outages and surges.

GAME: Wheeljack PASSES a TECHNICAL roll of Very High difficulty.

Wheeljack sits down and starts tracing out signals, pulling up the logs for the week and going through them carefully, line by line, while Scales checks the others. "I..." he says, glancing at Ratchet. "Huh." He rubs his chin. "Scales, Ratchet's been out like this since the attack, right? Because according to the log, his CMO override access was used to shut down the power to the forcefields and the surrounding lab. Only the safeguards kept the whole thing from coming down."

Dust Devil frowns for a moment, "Trailbreaker, I'm willin ta try and push the forcefield out and see if we can include Ratchet and Typhoon in this if you are...." He looks at Scales, "Those three are in bad condition. I'm willin ta deal with whatever if it gives you more time ta fix them."

Dust Devil glances at Trailbreaker to see if he's willing to concur or counter.

Scales looks up from Dust Devil and blinks, the rainbow swirl of her optics being swept away entirely by a combination of deep worried purple and an angry orange-red. "He's been out the whole time," she confirms.

Trailbreaker nods. "I have the power reserves. What do you think, Scales?"

Dust Devil grins a little, "It ain't comfy...but wouldn't be the first time we've been hooked to a backup generator either if we gotta maintain shieldin."

Scales nods slowly to Trailbreaker. "Cut off whatever you can," she growls, tail lashing.

Trailbreaker nods. "OK, Dusty. Let's do this." Shifting slightly, he creates a forcefield prism that splits enough to cover Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, Ratchet, and Typhoon. It takes a moment for the enlarged field to stabilize, but when it does.... Ratchet and Ty both slowly come back online.

"Oh, Primus," Ratchet moans, rubbing his helmet just below the chevron. "Dusty, what brew from Encore did you bring me? Whatever it was, it hit me like a speeding Ultra Magnus!"

Wheeljack stands up and hurries over, security breach momentarily forgotten. "Ratch!" Jackie yells, head-panels flashing. "Yer OK!" He glances over at Dusty, Scales, and Trailbreaker. "You did it!"

Scales launches off Dust Devil to sail into Ratchet where he's lying and give him as much of a hug as she can. Dragon's going to need a moment, it seems.

Ratchet chuckles and accepts the hug, slowly realizing he's hooked up to an energon drip and everyone is looking at him. "Oh! So... what's going on?"

Dust Devil 'watches' the forcefield's shape, feeling the edges of the field and trying to feel for any resistance from...well whatever is affecting their friends. A slight smile appears on his face as Scales goes flying to Ratchet. He eyes Trailbreaker, "Yer not allowed ta doubt yerself after this..." A grin spreads for a moment before he returns his focus on the forcefield.

Trailbreaker makes some noncommittal sounds. Self-depreciation is his very nature, but... he does feel rather good right now.

GAME: Scales FAILS a LEADERSHIP roll of Average difficulty.

Scales does not seem up to talking at the moment, clinging to Ratchet and burying her face under a wing.

Ratchet smiles, hugging the little dragon and all to happy to just enjoy the moment, as confused as he is. He can get explanations later.

GAME: Wheeljack FAILS an INTELLIGENCE roll of Extreme difficulty.

Sideswipe is just staring up at the ceiling, just groaning in quiet. "I.. I killed them. They were helpless."

Wheeljack looks over at Sideswipe, tearing himself away from the sweet moment with Ratchet. "What's that, buddy?" he asks, approaching the fielded warrior.

Sideswipe couldn't really move his head, "The.. The Decepticon. He was helpless and Starlock was trying to help him. I shoved her out of the way and shot him while he was.."

GAME: Scales FAILS a LEADERSHIP roll of Average difficulty.

Wheeljack looks between Scales and Sideswipe.

GAME: Wheeljack PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of Extreme difficulty.

Wheeljack says, "I gotta check something."

Wheeljack hurries to get his scanner.

Dust Devil grins at Trailbreaker, "Ya holdin up?" He is trying to keep his focus on the forcefield despite wanting to say hi to Ratchet. This isn't as easy as it looks though.

Trailbreaker gives Dust Devil a zen smile. "We kept the city sheilds going for an orbital cycle. I can do this all day."

Sideswipe would shake his head, "I.. I killed them in cold fuel. I'm a monster."

Ratchet gives Scales one last hug. "OK. Would someone like to explain to me what's going on? Was there a problem with the Ground Bridge?"

Trailbreaker shifts slightly to better manage the field, spreading it out more evenly over those he's protecting.

Wheeljack returns with his scanner. "Mind if I crack your noggin open one more time, Sideswipe? I don't think it was you. I have a theory...."

Dust Devil grins a little at Trailbreaker and moves carefully to one of the diagnostic chairs so that he can take one thing off his processor, mainly standing. "Much better....I'm tryin ta watch the patterns and all, if yas hook us up ta a power supply we can probably do this fer a while."

Scales shivers a bit and then finally untucks her head from her wing to lay it on Ratchet's chestplate instead. "You got zapped by these tentacle things that came out. Starlock shut it down before anything else happened, but you've been out.." she trails off, closing her optics again.

Sideswipe would barely be able to connect that Wheeljack had said something, "Sure. Go for it." He would mumble a bit, just dazed over and gazing up at the ceiling.

Ratchet checks his chronometer. "For how lo-oh, wow!"

Trailbreaker takes a seat as well. "I'll happily be the battery for now. Just rest and monitor those frequencies. We'll work on a long-term solution."

Typhoon sits up, rubbing her forehead. "What's going on? Why was I stealin' energon?"

Wheeljack says, "I was thinkin' - why was this affecting different people in different ways, but all at the same time? Maybe... maybe this radiation is what activated the nanovirus in your processor to begin with. I need to take a closer look an' check." With Sideswipe's distracted consent, he pops open the Lambo's helmet, and takes a moment to do some deep scans.

Scales takes a moment to slowly draw in air and breathe out smoke. She's in charge here, it's okay if she smokes a bit.

Ratchet slowly slides off his recharge bed, carrying the little dragon with him.

There's not -that- much in Sideswipe's processor. Whether that is good or bad is.. Well, nothing new.

Scales rubs her face with a paw, flexes her wings and crest a bit where she's settled against Ratchet, and shakes herself sharply, settling herself back down. Her optics still have a fair amount of darker purple and some lines of bright yellow, but it's a modification of her normal rainbow shift rather than filling them entirely.

Wheeljack hms, and finally nods to himself. "Yes," he says, more to himself than anyone else. He looks over at Ratchet and Scales. "Ratchet -- I found a nanovirus in Sideswipe and Sunstreaker's behavioral cortexes. Looking now, it's still there, but deactivated. Something in the background transdimensional radiation from the Space Bridge is activating this virus, causing unusual... even murderous behaviors. What Sideswipe and Sunstreaker did was not their fault. But worse -- if other people have this virus... it could happen again."

Sideswipe would finally speak to Wheeljack, "It is my fault. I did it. I'm the one who decided to take.. Not justice, vengeance on a whim and shot someone who couldn't fight back and was unconscious, and went to shove away a medic trying to help them."

Dust Devil is thankful for Trailbreaker holding the bulk of the 'weight' of the forcefield while he plays with the frequencies and feels for weaknesses or fluctuations in the field. He does smile at seeing Ratchet and Typhoon up.

Scales takes a moment, then nods to herself. "Okay. With what we know now... I'm going to continue to have the Medical Center restricted to people already affected or here to work on the problem," she says. "In the meantime..." she looks over at Dust Devil. "Can we program those modifications into the local forcefields somehow so you don't have to stay here the whole time we're sorting this out?" She curls her tail around Ratchet's arm. "This place isn't going to be safe if that thing can reach in and use information we know to try to do stuff."

Wheeljack nods to Scales. "Yeah. Now that I know it works, I can program the medical forcefields to shield the entire bay from the transdimensional radiation." He looks down at Sideswipe. "I know it sucks, but it's good you feel guilty. It means you're not the monster they said you were." He pats Sideswipe's arm. "After this, you really should talk to Cheshire or Rung. You're gonna have a lot to unpack."

Dust Devil looks at Trailbreaker before looking at Wheeljack and Scales. "That might be awesome. But if there is any intelligence guidin this radiation or the nanothingies....we might want to keep a forcefielder near ta be ready to change settings. Set some alarms on the forcefield too in case there are changes."

Sideswipe is quiet, just sort of gazing into the wall, "I.. I made Sunny do it too." His words are just as equally horrified now over at what he's done to his brother on top of it..

Scales nods and closes her optics again, composing a report the quick way rather than bothering with the usual video.

Wheeljack nods, listening to both Dust Devil and Sideswipe. "I know, brother, I know," he says sympathetically to Sideswipe, patting his shoulder.

Ratchet carefully puts Scales down on a desk. "OK. Scales, can you watch over the center while Wheeljack and I see what we can track down about this nanovirus?"

Scales nods to Ratchet. "I'm good," she assures him, then looks down, then back up at him. "Whatever it is, it was usin' your codes to override stuff in here."

Dust Devil tries to relax into holding the forcefield up until WHeeljack and Ratchet get things set up. He does pipe up, "Should someone be informing our allies....or anyone else that had been where the twins were and where all this might happened. And what about the weatherbots...."

Ratchet frowns. "Well, as soon as we're out of quarentine, we'll definitely have to have someone look at that. Thanks, Scales." He looks at Dust Devil. "Can you handle that from here? Find out what you can, tell who you must, and port a report." He smiles at that las bit of torture. He then nods to the others. "Let me know if there's any change. We'll do the same." With that, Ratchet and Wheeljack head into Ratchet's lab, and close the door.

Scales hops up to one of the shelves Dust Devil thoughtfully fixed onto the wall just for her and curls up to stare at her medical center watchfully.

Log session ending at 23:45:48 on Wednesday, 2 September 2020.