Transformers Universe MUX

Log Title: Mudflappable

Characters: Ratchet, Sideswipe

Location: Iacon Medical Center - Iacon

Date: November 14, 2021

TP: Wild Cybertron TP

Summary: Ratchet sends Sideswipe out to his doom.

As logged by Ratchet - Sunday, November 14, 2021, 9:06 PM

Iacon Medical Center - Iacon

The first floor of the facility is a masterwork of elegant precision of movement; dozens of medical droids carrying tools and materials rushing in between medics and gurneys rapidly, Autobot medics moving from room to room while reading datapads or discussing matters in low, hushed tones, and automated medical equipment moving slowly from floor to floor make the entrance floor of the medical center seem like the production stage of a choreographed waltz. Two elevators on either side of the floor allow access to other areas of the facility, which include patient rooms, testing labs, and rehabilitation facilities.

(Radio) Ratchet transmits, "Sideswipe. What is your location?" to Sideswipe.

(Radio) Sideswipe sends Ratchet a radio transmission, 'Uh.. Around the Great Dome. What's up Ratchet?'

(Radio) Ratchet transmits, "I want you to travel to the Alyon region and assist Hot Rod and Inferno with the search for Imager." to Sideswipe.

(Radio) Sideswipe sends Ratchet a radio transmission, 'Got it. Will take me a bit to get there. On my way.'

(Radio) Ratchet transmits, "Thanks, Sideswipe. Be careful out there. The ground can still be pretty hazardous. I'd send someone like Brawn or Trailbreaker, but I'm worried about them being attacked." to Sideswipe.

(Radio) Sideswipe sends Ratchet a radio transmission, 'I can take care of myself. And better Sunstreaker's not out here, he'd whine about his paint job.'

(Radio) Ratchet transmits, "Ha! No doubt! Report in when you make contact with the others." to Sideswipe.

(Radio) Sideswipe sends Ratchet a radio transmission, 'Will do boss. If we find Hot Rod, do we have to bring him back?'

(Radio) Ratchet transmits, "I mean, if it's him or Imager...." to Sideswipe.

(Radio) Sideswipe sends Ratchet a radio transmission, 'Exactly! I mean, we can always just put a giant chin on a bobblehead and no one will notice.'

(Radio) Ratchet transmits, "*snerk* I'll consider it. Ratchet out." to Sideswipe.

(Radio) Sideswipe sends Ratchet a radio transmission, 'Will do, will let'cha know when I hook up with the others'

<<Autobot>> Sideswipe says, "Along the Ring of Steel and getting distress signal from partially immobilized vehicle, no faction insignia."
<<Autobot>> Sideswipe says, "En route to provide assistance. Has all the signs of a setup."
<<Autobot>> Sideswipe says, "So marking exact coordinates."

<<Autobot>> Sideswipe says, "They're just sorta sitting off the road, no damage, distress call started soon as I was in visual range."

<<Autobot>> CMO Ratchet says, "Be careful, Sideswipe. If you run into trouble, I'll send help."

<<Autobot>> Sideswipe says, "Will do. I can take care of myself."

<<Autobot>> Sideswipe says, "Starlock around?"
<<Autobot>> Sideswipe says, "Guy's named Mudflap and says that he's been driven out of New Harmonex looking for work and everyone trying to do's been driven out by Cryotek."

GAME: Ratchet FAILS an INTELLIGENCE roll of Extreme difficulty.

<<Autobot>> CMO Ratchet says, "Mudflap, huh? Never heard of him. Never worked for me, anyway."
<<Autobot>> CMO Ratchet says, "Starlock's off base. I'll have to ask her about that when she gets back."

<<Autobot>> Sideswipe says, "Yeah, definitely let her know if Cryotek is after construction teams out there."

<<Autobot>> Sideswipe says, "SLAGGER."

<<Autobot>> CMO Ratchet says, "What is it, Sideswipe? Do you need backup?"

<<Autobot>> Sideswipe says, "Well, this guy sys he has a message for me and I was an idiot and let myself get in grabbing range."
<<Autobot>> Sideswipe says, "No backup yet. I was stupid and I'm gonna give this guy a piece of me."

<<Autobot>> CMO Ratchet says, "OK, Sideswipe. But say the word and I'll send Cliffjumper and Windcharger."

<<Autobot>> Sideswipe says, "You wanna give the guy a set of footstools?"

<<Autobot>> CMO Ratchet says, "That's not going to encourage them to rescue you if you get in over your head, Sideswipe."

<<Autobot>> Sideswipe says, "Day those two rescue me is day I admit Sunny's better at me in everything."

<<Autobot>> CMO Ratchet says, "Don't make me call HIM to save you."

<<Autobot>> Sideswipe says, "I'll be dead by the time he's done laughing."

<<Autobot>> CMO Ratchet says, "That may be true. I have your coordinates. If nothing else, I'll send someone to pick up your corpse."

<<Autobot>> Sideswipe says, "Always a pleasure working with you Ratchet"
<<Autobot>> Sideswipe says, "So, this Mudflap guy says he's been hired to send me a message for going after Ghost without cause. I gotta say, Soundwave's doing it on the cheap."

<<Autobot>> CMO Ratchet says, "An assassin? Named *Mudflap*? What, Death's Head wasn't available?"

<<Autobot>> Sideswipe says, "Yeah. Definitely going on the cheap here. I mean, if I were in a relationship with someone, I'd break up if they weren't willing to pay to have someone *decent* sent in."

<<Autobot>> CMO Ratchet says, "I know, right? At least send someone with class. Like Nightbird. She'd really give him a hand... hopefully, not mine again."

<<Autobot>> Sideswipe says, "Just send her DVD's with Naruto."

<<Autobot>> CMO Ratchet says, "That's an Earth pop culture reference, isn't it? Do I *look* like Jazz to you?"


Sideswipe, during better times

This has been about as humiliating for Sideswipe as it can get. Calling off assistance by Windcharger and Cliffjumper. Humiliated by being in turn brutalized by someone he had dismissed and was busy smack talking. On top of that to put the mecha-cherry on the fuel pump, they're having to divert SAR things to have to pick him up, do emergency field repairs, and take him all the way back to Iacon that should be sent looking for Imager.

Presuming if Sideswipe was online at all he would probably be just as intent on beating himself up as he had been!

Adding insult to injury, Ratchet sends Wideload to pick up Sideswipe, and he comes home in the back of a dump truck. Ratchet looks sadly over Sideswipe's condition, and then gets him on a medbed, doing what he can to patch him up before leaving him to self-heal while Ratchet pulls out spare parts for Sideswipe's line of Autobot warriors.

And of course the note that had been left on Sideswipe's body is somehow perfectly intact, not crushed or smudged over in the slightest, and no doubt left entirely pristine and over where it would fully be noticed when he woke up.