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Mount St. Hilary National Volcanic Monument is a U.S. National Monument that includes the area around Mount St. Hilary in Oregon. It was established on August 27, 1986 by U.S. President Ronald Reagan following the 1984 eruption of Mount St. Hilary. The 110,000 acre (445 km2) National Volcanic Monument was set-aside for research, recreation, education, and use by the Autobots. Inside the Monument, the environment was reinforced and developed by the Autobots.

Mount St. Hilary National Volcanic Monument was the United States' second such monument managed by the United States Forest Service. At dedication ceremonies on May 18, 1987, Max Peterson, head of the USFS, said, "we can take pride in having preserved the unique site of first alien contact for future generations." Since then, many trails, viewpoints, information stations, campgrounds, and picnic areas have been established to accommodate the increasing number of visitors each year.

Mountain climbing to the summit of the volcano has been allowed since 1992.


The Transformers space cruiser, the Ark, crashed into the side of the dormant volcano roughly four million years ago, where it lay undisturbed until the volcano erupted again in 1984. The explosion reactivated the systems aboard the Ark, which promptly set about restoring the Autobots and Decepticons on board.

Mount St. Hilary would serve as the headquarters of the Autobots for the next few years. At one point, Wheeljack installed a number of automated gun emplacements around the volcano. These were hidden inside the rock face, emerging through sliding panels as they were needed.

MUX History

Under the leadership of Optimus Prime, the Autobots completed repairs on the Ark and successfully relaunched it into space. The hole left behind still contained a variety of discarded machinery and communications systems.

The Autobots have repaired the buildings within Mt St. Hilary for storage and emergency operations, and have installed a landing platform outside the volcano to house the Ark between missions.

During the Great Flood of 2011, much of Oregon's west coast was flooded, including the campus of the University of Oregon in Eugene. Above-water Mt St. Hilary was used as a centralized location for search & rescue operations as well as a refugee camp for displaced Americans.


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