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"These hands were made for helping."

On the road, there is not a 16-ton hunk of rolling steel more warm and kind than Motormaster. He shows mercy to all, most of all the fortunate human drivers who happen to be sharing a highway with him. If he can, he'll stop to help anyone who needs it - even if it's something as simple as a lost motorist needing directions. He is a very careful driver, and the few times he loses his temper are when the Autobot Seekers endanger other vehicles. He tries his best to keep combats off the road and away from innocent civilians. His Stunticon followers leap to follow his commands, which he gives with a thundering voice that inspires confidence in all who hear it. They love him, and respect him too much to disobey him.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

In the Shattered Glass universe, when Optimus Prime took over Iacon, not all citizens there agreed with his goals or leadership style, to say the least. Motormaster, a peaceful transport officer, used his connections and skills to ferry as many dissenters out of Iacon as he could, eventually joining them in Polyhex. As war consumed Cybertron, Motormaster overcame his non-violent nature and joined the Decepticons, along with four other Iacon refugees. This new team staged many daring ground-based missions against the Autobots, and were eventually dubbed the Stunticons in 2008 in reference to the daring stunts they are willing to perform in the interests of stopping the Autobot advance.

MUX History:

Motormaster came to Earth on Megatron's shuttle. He found the Autobot Cuffs in the Arctic, and passed along to his Decepticon commanders that the rebel Ultra Magnus was coming to Earth with an invasion force. He has since met up with Professor Arkeville, who he has agreed to assist in defending Earth from the Autobots.

In 2012 Motormaster brought Professor Arkeville to the Ottoman Empire in an attempt to seek help from its ruler, Abdul Fakkadi. In 2013 Shockwave joined Motormaster in negotiations with Earth's leaders, and promoted Motormaster to Earth Assault Infantry XO.

OOC Notes

Shattered Glass Motormaster is painted in red, orange, and yellow flames.

Semi mode


2011 (SG)

April 26 - Warning


  • SG-Motormaster is currently temped by Bzero


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