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As of 11/08/2021 (User:Bzero), Moonbase Two is
under Autobot control.
Autobots within the territory are in command, Decepticons within the territory are seen as hostiles, and Unaffiliated Inhabitants are protected.
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Moonbase Two, on Luna 2, is an Autobot base. The other moon bases are Moonbase One, Moonbase Three, and Moonbase Four. In case of emergency, Moonbase Two has a self-destruct device. Moonbase Two is currently commanded by Kenzan.


The Transformers cartoon

Since the year 2005, Moonbase Two has been an Autobot command base for the fight against Decepticons on Cybertron.

 The Transformers: The Movie

MUX History

In 2020, Moonbase Two was attacked by Shockwave and Valour during the test voyage of Odin's Wrath.


  • Cybertron's two moons were first shown in the movie. They might have been there all along, but they were not seen, even when Cybertron was pulled into Earth orbit in "The Ultimate Doom".

Foreign names

  • Japanese: Moonbase 2 (ムーンベース1 Mūnbēsu 2)

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