Earth's Moon

The Moon. Not actually made of cheese.


It's the Moon people! I know we're all MU*ers here... but you've had to have been outside at least once or twice in your life. It's the big ball that's not the Sun... and looks like it's made of kitty litter. Romantic sounding, isn't it? -- Drake Fenwick


The Transformers cartoon

Blaster Blues

In an attempt to hijack Earth's airwaves and cripple the humans' ability to communicate with each other, Megatron had a base built on the Moon. After Blaster and Cosmos were captured, Blaster sent music over Megatron's transmissions to let the Autobots learn where they were. Once the Decepticons had been driven off, Blaster commandeered the base to use it to hang.


One of Megatron's other plans involved using an orbit disruptor cannon to knock the Moon out of orbit, but it was never realized.

MUX History

  • Evil, Inc. maintains a base on the Moon.
  • The Decepticons retain a Space Bridge nexus there.
  • Blast Off once left Swindle there alone when Swindle annoyed him.
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