Misfire is a Decepticon interceptor.
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He couldn't hit the Ark if he was shooting from inside it!

Misfire is the kind of guy you want on the Decepticons' side —- if you're an Autobot, that is. He couldn't hit the broad side of Broadside. He holds the record for enrolling and failing the Decepticon Military College, only graduating because the Autobots blew it up. He claims his aim is getting better. What was it like before?!

Megatron values Misfire more for his ability to spread terror than anything else. "Because Misfire so rarely hits who he aims for," notes the Decepticon Commander, "it is all those whom he doesn't aim for who must worry." Misfire is armed with a double-barreled ion particle blaster in both modes, and with proton blasters in vehicle mode.



His aim's so bad he could shoot at the sky and miss!

Misfire applied to the Decepticon Military College a record number of times, and was ejected every last time, until a fluke Autobot attack destroyed the college, making him the only survivor, and thus, the final graduate. He's been promoted often, due to his willingness to follow almost any order. He seems to have no real ambitions or goals outside of simply being a useful Decepticon.

MUX History

Misfire is one of several Decepticon jets serving under Scourge and Cyclonus on Cybertron.






  • Misfire's design was used as a "generic" Decepticon in "Linkage" Part 5, in a flashback showing Redline and Flat-Out's former Decepticon masters. This fits in with the general theme of using Generation 1 character models as unnamed extras in the Armada cartoon, in which generic Misfires ALSO appeared. Of course, his actual appearance fits in with artist Hirofumi Ichikawa's general theme of using the toys as a visual reference rather than the character models used in animation; that is so not Misfire's Headmasters design.
  • In IDW continuity, Misfire is so called because of "a very short story involving a machine gun, a misunderstanding and a dozen dead Decepticons".

Foreign names

  • Japanese: Misfire (ミスファイヤー Misufaiyā)
  • French: Longfeu (Canada, "Fizzled")
  • Italian: Aletto
  • Mandarin: Huǒtàn (China, 火炭, "Charcoal"), Diào suǒ (China, 吊索, "Hanging Cable")


Misfire is played by TransFan.


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