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The Minibots are a subgroup of Transformers. Although many Transformers are "Minibot"-sized, usually only Autobot minibots are identified as such.

Messengers with meaning! Whatever that means.

The Mini Vehicles (also known as Minibots[1], Mini-Autobots, or Minicars) are Transformers of small stature. Size notwithstanding, many had considerable abilities or armaments, the latter usually built-in, as they usually did not carry guns or fit external launchers. Some of them are incredibly strong for their size. They have smaller-than-average robot modes (although not as small as Micromasters), but normal-sized altmodes.

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Completely 'armless
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On the MUX, Minibots have smaller robot modes to conserve energy, but full-sized altmodes. This is accomplished through fixed mass-shifting.


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