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Mini-Cassettes (also known as Cassette Warriors, Micro-Cassettes, Deployers, Recordicons, Tape-Bots, or simply Cassettes) are Transformers whose alternate mode is an audio cassette. They can fit into the chest compartments of Blaster or Soundwave (while they can fit into either, they stick to the communicator of their own faction).

The technology of the future!

Many of the characters have communication or espionage roles.

In the days of Megatron, Decepticons developed the art of espionage using cassette technology.
Teletraan II


Cartoon canon

The Mini-Cassettes were largely subordinate to Soundwave and Blaster, and very loyal to them. They spent much of their time stored away in their chest waiting to be called out when the situation required it. The mini-cassettes with beast forms were treated like pets and were generally (but not always) limited to growling animal vocalizations.

MUX history

While some Mini-Cassette minions remain always with their commander, others operate almost completely independently. Some Mini-Cassette minions were built by Blaster and Soundwave, while others were pre-existing operatives that were reformatted to work closely with their faction's intelligence leaders.

OOC Trivia

  • The toys of these figures have mini-cassettes in roughly 1:1 scale as altmodes. The main picture in this article features a standard cassette, which is larger.
  • The term Mini-Cassette is used in toy catalogs from 1985 onwards. It was common for cassette to be used elsewhere, such as toy instructions and fiction.
  • The MC-60 and Type IV (Metal) Position printed on some of the mini-cassette actually refer to a type of Sony micro-cassette.
  • On the MUX, all Mini-Cassette minions can speak, although some, like the taciturn Ravage, often choose not to.
  • In recent years, Hasbro has been pushing for different names for this subgroup, presumably because cassettes aren't part of modern day technology anymore. The Soundwave reissue figure for the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con picks up the term "Deployer", after the Beast Machines subgroup, to describe his cassette cohorts. The term is also used for the subtitled Shout! Factory The Headmasters DVD release for the cassettes of both Blaster/Twincast and Soundwave/Soundblaster. The Transformers Hall of Fame bio for Soundwave, meanwhile, refers to his cohorts as Mini-Cons.

Shattered Glass

Shattered Glass Blackcat

In the MUX's version of the Shattered Glass universe, many Mini-Cassette minions have been rebuilt to work with other characters besides Blazter and Sir Soundwave. (This to allow *Master characters to have small sidekicks while avoiding *Master technology.)

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