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Dr. Mindbender
Personal information
Real Name



Springfield, Il




Dr. Binder; The Dentist

Military information
Service branch

Cobra Command (CW)

Primary MOS

Mind Control & Genetic Enginnering

Secondary MOS

Dentistry, Experimental Systems


8 - High Command


Brainwave Scanner

Organizational information



Cobra R&D (CW)

All these people running around will-nilly, having their own opinions, and making up their own minds! It’s hideously chaotic and totally unacceptable!

Dr. Mindbender was at one time an excellent orthodontist and a very kind and honest man. Tinkering with electric brainwave stimulation as a means of relieving dental pain, the good doctor made the tragic mistake of experimenting on himself. He underwent a complete personality change and became hateful, deceitful, and vain. Dr. Mindbender abandoned his practice and devoted all his time to perfecting his digital brain-scrambling into a hand-portable weapon system capable of reducing the most strong-willed individual into a cowering wimp. Dr. Mindbender doesn't think he's deluded -- he feels he used to be. Now that he has seen the light, or the dark, if you will, he feels it is his personal mission to bring the miracle of thought control to each and every one of you.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

There are many rumors about Dr. Mindbender's past, but the most persistent one is that he was once a kind and honest orthodontist experimenting with electric brainwave stimulation as a means of relieving dental pain. Using himself as his own test subject, the doctor performed an experiment that went awry and transformed him into the cruel, vain and amoral Dr. Mindbender. Now free from any sense of right and wrong, Mindbender continued to experiment with mind control and other projects that no reputable or ethical scientist would ever conceive of.

Cobra World

In 1982, Dr. Mindbender discovered an alien craft buried in a dormant volcano in Oregon. Finding an amazing species of giant robot inside, Mindbender removed and repaired them, removing their cores for study and installing controls to pilot them directly or remotely as drones. With powerful mecha at their disposal, Cobra's army seems unstoppable.


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