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Micro Transformer Combiners are pairs of Transformers.

Human sacrifices, Autobots and Decepticons combining together, mass hysteria!

Most Micro Transformers function just like a typical larger-scaled Transformer: one robot mode, one vehicle mode. However, some transform into only half a vehicle, and must combine with a partner to form a complete vehicle mode. These Transformers are known as Micro Transformer Combiners.

Micro Transformer Combiner pairs typically include a front-end member and a back-end member. The connection points between the pairings are wired such that any combiner can join with any other, regardless of what end of the vehicle they form. In addition to the childish innuendos that this inevitably suggests, it also can result in the formation of some extremely bizarre vehicle combinations.


  • Masters don't exist on TFU, so these guys are called "Micro Transformers."
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