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Micro Transformers are Transformers with small and extremely fuel-efficient bodies. Some were created that way, others were created as ordinary Transformers (or guzzlers, as Micro Transformers sometimes call normal-sized Transformers) and rebuilt into Micro Transformers. Transforming into (usually) normal-sized cars, planes, and other vehicles, they are roughly human-sized in robot mode.

Some Micro Transformers are also Combiners. One kind are the Micro Transformer Combiners, who can each form either the front or back half of a combined vehicle. They are not constrained to joining only with their Combiner partner; they can join with any other as well as to the back of any Micro Trailer.


Japanese Generation 1 cartoon continuity

"Micro" Cybertronians fall into three separate classifications: Micro Transformers (マイクロトランスフォーマー Micro Transformer), small but otherwise normal Transformers; Micro Transformer Sixteams, who can combine in groups of six into larger robots; and Microns (マイクロン Micron), who convert into weapons and equipment for larger Transformers to wield.

The story of these tiny Transformers began during the four-million-year period that followed Optimus Prime and Megatron's departure from Cybertron. A large number of the planet's non-transforming Autobot "Cyberdroid" population, unable to contribute to the war effort in any meaningful way due to their diminutive height and lack of conversion capabilities, decided instead to leave their homeworld and search for Optimus and the lost Matrix of Leadership. Most of their number were placed in hibernation capsules for the long space voyage, but this did not protect them from what was to come: partway into their journey, the Cyberdroids' ship was stuck by a dimensional shockwave, which catapulted them across the galaxy to the planet Earth in the early 1980s. The shockwave mutated and evolved their tiny bodies, granting them the ability to transform, but it also corrupted the minds of several of the crew, turning them into Decepticons. Adopting Earthly vehicular forms to hide on the strange new planet they now found themselves on, the Autobot Micromaster Liner Team and Turbo Team searched Earth for any sign of Optimus Prime, while simultaneously working to awaken the still-hibernating forms of their brethren before the Decepticon Micro Transformer Wing Team could seize the capsules and convert the tiny 'bots within to the side of evil. The Transformers: Micromaster

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Micro Transformers are definitely not Micromasters, because Carrie hates *Masters and they aren't allowed on our MUX. They're just lil dudes, OK? ;)

Foreign names

  • Japanese: Microtransformer (マイクロトランスフォーマー Maikurotoransufōmā)
  • Italian: Microtransformers
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