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METALHAWK is a great scientist and swordsman. He once worked as an astrophysicist at the observatory on Nova Point. Like all great Autobot leaders, he is a warm, noble being with a great love of life, liberty and all of that, and like all those other great leaders, he also got lost when he left to Cyberton to seek energon sources during the Stone Age.

Metalhawk transforms into a jet so fast that it could travel from Cybertron to its moons and back in only fifteen minutes. In robot mode, he has remarkable short-range leaping abilities, and is armed with the mighty Titanium Saber. His ultimate attack technique is the "Shining Arrow", in which he leaps into the air and charges his body with energy which he then rains down on his opponents in a giant bolt of light.



Metalhawk, by M. Barker

Metalhawk was a great scientist and swordsman. An admirer of Starscream before the war, Metalhawk was nonetheless one of the few Seekers to side with the Autobots when the war broke out.

Four million years ago, Metalhawk was put in charge of the Ark project, assisting Grapple, Huffer and Wheeljack with its construction. Shortly before its launch, Metalhawk set out to find fuel sources to use by the Ark. However, while exploring Tyxlara, Metalhawk hit a storm and crashed, damaging both his FTL drive and his long-range radio. Metalhawk wound up stranded on Tyxlara until rescued by Wheeljack in 2016.


Metalhawk, space jet mode

MUX History

In 2017, Metalhawk and Starscream fought in the Tower of Justice. Metalhawk was defeated and forced to retreat.



Metalhawk boxart

Metalhawk box art


Shattered Glass


Shattered Glass Metalhawk, prior to his death

Metalhawk was the leader of a group of Autobot refugees that fled Cybertron after Emperor Prime started his war across the planet. Like all great Autobot leaders, he was cold and immoral with a great hatred of life, liberty and all of that, and like all those other great leaders, he also got his crew stranded when they fled the rest of the Autobots during the Great War. In robot mode, Metalhawk was a bit of a klutz, and was secretly known as one of the weakest fighters on Paradron. Although he carried a Titanium Saber, he knew little how to use it besides the fact that the pointy end went in the other mech. In jet mode he was fast and space-capable, but his limited cargo space led him to pilot larger shuttles when he needed to transport passengers.

Shattered Glass History

Emperor Prime tapped astrophysicist Metalhawk to work on the Ark invasion of Earth, promoting him to his Elite Guard as a show of trust. Instead, Hawk used the first opportunity to steal a shuttle and help refugees escape to Paradron, which he'd discovered and concluded would be a place where they'd never be found. Obviously he was wrong. When they were found, Hawk's friend Sandstorm begged Optimus Prime to kill Hawk instead of him. Prime complied, along with every other friend Sandstorm had on Paradron.


Shattered Glass Metalhawk, space jet mode


Metalhawk is not a Pretender in either universe. Before the war he had a long long long long-standing ironclad friendship with Ironhide, Kup, and Prime.


Metalhawk is played by Bzero, but available for application.

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