Transformers Universe MUX

Log Title: Meeting with Goth

Characters: Crosscut, Goth

Location: Acropolis - North Altihex

Date: December 09, 2021

TP: Peace In Our Time TP

Summary: Crosscut makes his sales pitch.

As logged by Crosscut - Thursday, December 09, 2021, 7:56 PM

Acropolis - North Altihex

The seat of knowledge and understanding of Altihex, the Acropolis is dominated by the laboratory and science facilities that have all recently been repaired and reopened. The three main facilities are each joined by a slightly larger than life statue and commemorative plaque bearing one of the three Mini-Cons who kept the facilities functional, and were grievously wounded during their defense, with the facilities bearing their namesake in their honors. The monolithic structures are all polished so they gleam like a beacon in the desert, catching light no matter the time of day to radiate and announce to those in the desert that an oasis indeed exists here, and each are marked by their area of study, be it Deep Space Research, Medical Research, or the private facilities which are frequently loaned out to outside research groups to perform work of varying types. North of the labs resides Altihex’s spaceport, while south can be found the main square and city gates.

(Radio) Crosscut transmits, "Hello? Am I reaching the Destron known as Goth?" to Goth.

(Radio) Goth sends Crosscut a radio transmission, 'Destron? First I've been addressed as such, but yes, this is Goth.'
(Radio) Goth sends Crosscut a radio transmission, 'Whom may this be? voice sounds familiar.'

(Radio) Crosscut transmits, "I am Ambassador Crosscut of the Autobots. I'd like to speak with you, if you have a moment." to Goth.
(Radio) Goth sends Crosscut a radio transmission, 'I see... Where would you like to meet? I am availiable.'
(Radio) Crosscut transmits, "I am in Altihex. Are you as well?" to Goth.
(Radio) Goth sends Crosscut a radio transmission, 'I am, not far'
(Radio) Goth sends Crosscut a radio transmission, 'I am in my lab'
(Radio) Crosscut transmits, "May I join you, or would you like to meet me in a more public location?" to Goth.
(Radio) Goth sends Crosscut a radio transmission, ' ...Yes you can come in.'
(Radio) Crosscut transmits, "Thank you. Can you send me the address of which lab?" to Goth.

(Radio) Goth sends Crosscut a radio transmission, 'Si >>-the data is transfered-<< just press the button on the com to let me know its you.'

(Radio) Crosscut transmits, "Excellent! On my way." to Goth.

Goth's Lab - Acropolis - North Altihex

Once passed the metal doors, it leads into a large metallic room with dim lighting, and a large computer that looks to have been hand build from mainly Cybertronian technology. Other lab equipment is scattered and set up through the room, matching the computer in being a mainly that of Cybertronian tech, In front of it is a rather comfortable chair, clearly meant to hold a bot much larger than Goth's beast-alt.
Upon the large metal desk in which the computer and it's systems sit, is a damaged digital photo of a quartet of Beast-former bots, all in their robot modes together... A much more modern digital Photo of Goth with a sand colored mech, with red optics, Datapads, half-finished drones, a stack of radios, and other half-finished projects litter the table.
A trained optic (Or eye) may notice a growing selection of Alien tech and tools scattered about the lab and table, A cooler with a lock on it... There's also a medical slab, clearly not for resting in, off in one of the open spaces of the room with a small table.
Looking up at the ceiling, once one got past the dim lighting, would reveal sturdy, metal rafters, clearly meant to support a heavy weight hanging off them, as well as support for the ceiling.
However, off to the corner a nest of pillows from varying alien cultures, is noticeable:
        * One is bright, candy red with a golden rose pattern on it.


Goth has.. well, he's cleaned up his lab, hidden his datapads, and thrown some covers over the frames he's been working on, not the best, but it was something, there where still stains and tools and parts scattered about, but it wasn't as.. shady, as his spark experiments. He's also gone a bit FAR in putting covers on all the ports of his computer, and turned on the lock screen, no way he's letting bots OR CONS steal any of his data.

After a little time has passed, Crosscut signals from without that he's arrived at Goth's lab. The sensor shows his defensive weapons are off-line and stored. After pushing the button, Crosscut waits patiently to be admitted, looking around curiously at the outside of Goth's domicile. He doesn't appear very threatening.

After a moment the lab doors slide open with Goth standing there on his hind legs and looks to the other bot, and nods. "Good eve.." he'd huff and step aside to allow him in.

"I expected you to be asking for my mate, so, I must say I am a but... curiuse, as to why you are asking for me specifically." he'd hem.

Crosscut chuckles and looks up at Goth. "I assume you mean Khamsin? While I'm aware he probably has more sway with Altihex leadership than you do, you are the one who worked with the Autobots to stop the Dweller, and therefore I thought it best to approach you directly. If any Destron is likely to hear me out, I thought it might be you."

Goth quirks a ridge. "Deathsaurus is willing to listen to others, just need to ask politely and when he's... not in one of his moods." Goth sighs as he moves to get some of the tea he'd heated up on one of his beaker burners and brings it over.

"Though I do question.. what this is about.." he says a bit wry.

Crosscut chuckles. "And I will try that - maybe when I have Road Rage with me. But today I'm here to talk about Altihex. Presumably you left the Decepticons for a reason - but that's not my business. What is my business is maintaining the peace, and the Decepticons have already attacked Altihex once."

Goth's ears fall back. "Need not remind me, Its thanks to /that/ little mess I had to be repaired by Bulwark." Goth chuffs in irritation as he sits in his nearby pillow nest and listens. "And I was kicked out because I dare question megatron being a moron." Goth says dryly.

"Never did agree that there was strength and loyalty in unity with those called friends and are well treated." the bat says as he rolls his optics.

Crosscut nods. "Exactly," he agrees. "And when Altihex was attacked, we Autobots tried to help as best with could, but with no organized communication, our assistance was haphazard at best. Obviously, you survived, and have even thrived - but next time might not go so well. So, I'm here to discuss a defense alliance between the Autobots and Altihex."

Goth raises a ridge, listing. "What about Deathsaurus and his Destrons? They too have a defense alliance with us, and would such be an... issue?" He asks with a hm. "...I suspect this maybe something we may need Deathsaurus here for." Goth muses as he thinks about this.

"Doing such would also bring the decepticons right back to our door, or well, those that Starscream cannot control."

Crosscut nods again. "It's a delicate situation, which is why I wanted to discuss it with you first, as someone who uniquely understands both Altihex and the Destrons' positions. If the Destrons are still under contract to the Decepticons, that might be a problem, but if they break with Starscream, they might find a home in our alliance."

Goth knits his fingers together and smirks, trying to hold back a chuckle at something going on in his inner comm channel. "As Deathsaurus often says, his contract was with /Megatron/ not Starscream, so, I think we're safe in that department." Goth hems in thought.

"...You will need to talk about this with him, his wife, and I all together about this.. This place /is/ under his protection, despite our own independence." Goth hms, feeling slightly.. out of step, and that this should be Khamsin doing this talk.. yet..

His ears fall back at the lonely thought as he looks back. "You'll need a draft of this defense alliance, and what you may need of us, and what we are to do in turn.. agree upon terms and the like."

Crosscut nods slowly. His face is masked but he sounds pleased. "Very well. I'll work up a draft and consult with Emperor Deathsaurus and Empress Esmeral. Thank you for your time, Goth. And thank you for your efforts against the Dweller. Cybertron, and possibly the galaxy, owe you a great deal of gratitude."

"It can be done, you merely just have to ensure the wording is.. /particular/, in that the Destrons nor Altihex are direct /allies/ of the autobots, but merely in the defense of the city should Megatron, rouge Decepticons, and outside forces attempt to attack the city, regardless of alliances." Goth says with a gesture of his claw.

"However I'm sure your well versed enough in politics to know how to word things safely enough." He nods, leaning on his pillows with his mug... He then glances to his Space Bridge project. "...Yes.. Well.. Least someone remembers." he'd huff.

Crosscut nods quickly. "Yes, of course. This would be a Treaty Organization only - not a full alliance. Just mutual defense if someone attacks one of us. If we stand together against the Decepticons, they'll no longer feel that can simply pick off the 'weak' unaligned states because they lack strong militaries. Of course, the Autobots will ALWAYS defend Altihex if it's attacked, but a Treaty Organization would allow us to better coordinate for a more rapid response."

"Good, good." Goth nods in relief. "Just ensure you talk to Deathsaurus about such, considering everything if someplace like Iacon is attacked they shouldn't be expected to come to the defense of /that/." Goth scoffs. "They are still /destrons/ separate from Decepticons, more mercenaries and pirates then anything, despite my ability to act independently regardless of possible allegiances." Goth states as he taps his mug rim with the razor edge of his claw.

Goth sighs. "But that is for Des and you to talk about, my worry is Altihex." Goth nods.

"Agreed. Thank you for your input, Goth," Crosscut says sincerely. "I won't take any more of your time, and I won't make any decisions concerning Altihex without consulting Minimodus, Khamsin, and you. This is still in the ideas phase. It will have a long way to go before ratification." Crosscut does a passable imitation of a Eukarian bow (for a standard-former) and returns to the door to be let out.