Transformers Universe MUX

As of 01/19/2022 (User:TFUMUX), Mebion is
under Decepticon control.
Autobots within the territory are seen as hostiles, Decepticons within the territory are in command, and Unaffiliated Inhabitants are enslaved.
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This article is about Decepticon polity in the Island Towers - for the neutral polity in the drift plains, see Median.

Mebion (メビオン) is a settlement on Cybertron. Rising from the Island Towers in southwest Cybertron, it is an elevated city known for its distilled energon and Mebius combat arena.


e-HOBBY toy bios

Mebion was one of the places that came under Decepticon rule. Magnificus was appointed as its military consul until he was framed and convicted by the command staff out of jealousy. Collector's Edition Magnificus toy bio

Animated cartoon continuity

Mebion produced a type of energon appropriately called Mebian Energon. This drink was served at Maccadam's. The Allspark Almanac II

Beast Wars: Uprising

Mebion is home to the Mebius Arena. Broken Windshields

MUX Continuity

In 2022, the governor-assigned of Mebion requesting Thunderblast's expertise in liquid environs due to the city picking up oddities under-liquid and losing some of their sonar traps. It turned out to be an off-world leviathan, which was ultimately destroyed.