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This article is about the team of meddling do-gooders - for the roving band of stone-cold killers, see Mayhem Attack Squad.
The Mayhem Suppression Squad is a Decepticon subgroup from the Shattered Glass universe.

All sorts of insanity.

The Mayhem Suppression Squad is a squad of heroic Decepticon warriors dedicated to, well, suppressing mayhem. Sometimes they work for the Quintesson Federation, other times they work for Megatron, who is a little concerned by their... enthusiasm.

Come, villain! The Mayhem Suppression Squad has shown you its valor, can you not do more?

Carnivac to Optimus Prime, "Dungeons & Dinobots"

Known Members
Shattered Expectations /Shattered Glass comic MUX



Responding to a raid against innocent civilians, the Mayhem Suppression Squad leaped into action, attacking Jetfire and his goon squad. However, this time the Autobots were prepared, and with his new upgrades Jetfire soundly defeated the Squad's leader, Colonel Deathsaurus, crushing him and nearly destroying him utterly. Deathsaurus's XO Bug Bite managed to drag his leader to safety, but Dirge, Rumble, Thrust, and Thundercracker were captured, their beaten bodies displayed on Cybertron TV for all to see.

Bug Bite assumed command of the Mayhem Suppression Squad, and designed a newer, more powerful experimental body for his former commander Deathsaurus. Bug Bite awaited the day when he can exact revenge for his leader's brutal beating, and hoped to rescue Dirge, Rumble, Thrust, and Thundercracker before they were killed in the Smelting Pool.

Luckily, a daring raid by Scourge freed Dirge, Rumble, Thrust, and Thundercracker. Deathsaurus traveled to Earth on the Nemesis, and was able to finally exact his revenge by defeating and capturing Jetfire in one-to-one combat.

When Bug Bite disappeared in 2011 during Starscream's escape from Skymount, Cyclonus assigned the more trusting Venom as the new Mayhem Suppression Squad leader. Bug Bite has since been located in the Autobots' company, reason enough for Cyclonus to revoke his security clearance and exile him from the Decepticons.

In 2013 Snaptrap was made leader of the Mayhem Suppression Squad as an attempt to solidify the Decepticon/Quintesson alliance.

In 2016, Bug Bite, having returned to the Decepticons' good graces, was put back in charge of the Mayhem Suppression Squad.

In 2018 Snaptrap and the Seacons became privateers, stealing goods from both Autobot and Decepticon factions, and giving to the poor, needy and those hurt by the war.

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