Transformers Universe MUX
The Mayhem Attack Squad is a team of Decepticons.

The Mayhem Attack Squad is the Decepticon answer to the Wreckers. The team's lineup is ever-changing, and they recruit the most bloodthirsty and deadly Decepticons to swell their ranks when old members die (or desert).

The team's current members have included:

Current MUX lineup

Mayhem Attack Squad's leader, Bludgeon

Mayhem Attack Squad's former leader, Venom

Former members


MUX continuity

While the Earth-based Insecticons slumbered, Venom's team was active on Cybertron, as an independent force that occasionally performed missions for Shockwave on an individual basis as part of the Decepticon Mayhem Attack Squad, counterpart to the Autobot Wreckers.

In 2018, Bludgeon formed a new Mayhem Attack Squad.

When Helex broke off from the Decepticon Empire after Megatron's disappearance, Bludgeon began a series of strikes against the wayward polity.

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