Flat burglary if ever was committed.

MATISSE is thief extraordinaire. There is nothing that she cannot steal with the right planning and preparation. She accomplished this with the aid of her two ener-swords, which she has modified to include varied gadgetry, such as wrenches, wire cutters, and a special interface jack that allows her to interface with Cybertronian computer systems directly. She considers theft an art and herself the greatest at this art. Although she can be pretentious, she is highly professional and therefore respected by her fellow Decepticons. In her helicopter mode, she can reach speeds of 300 mph and use her stealth to go virtually unnoticed. She also has missiles to defend herself if she is seen. Her greatest weakness in both modes is that she was not designed to be a fighter and so she avoids combat at all costs.


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Matisse was last seen: Tue Feb 19 2002



Matisse was played by her creator.

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