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  • Name: Masked Canadian
  • Faction: Cobra
  • Species: Human
  • Division: Iron Grenadiers
  • Sub-Group: MARS
  • Type: TP-Only
No one Provokes Me With Impunity.

Roderick Toombs, better known as The Masked Canadian, is a Canadian professional fighter and trainer currently signed to MARS. He spent his formative years in the Canadian Forces and working as a mercenary around the world. A friendly man with an easy laugh, he nonetheless has no problem pummeling his teammates during combat exercises, only to buy them a beer afterward. His aggressive attitude allowed him to excel in the disciplines of close-proximity fighting. He is an expert with explosives, small arms, and hand-to-hand combat at a high tactical level. This natural talent helped him win top honors from his Infantry unit and a position as senior drill instructor.

Most recently the Canadian has been hired by the Destro clan. With his extensive experience as a mercenary, he hired to take charge of the Iron Grenadier training program at Castle McCullen. As an offensive tactician, he only selects the best of the best for Iron Grenadier guards, Iron Anvil paratroopers, and Undertow divers. His training methods specialize in Close Quarters Battle Tactics (CQBT) and hybrid martial arts, which incorporate techniques from several different fighting styles as well as submission techniques to secure compliance from the enemy, ideally without inflicting unnecessary damage. He proudly wears his distinct mask during all Iron Grenadier exercises and when going into battle.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Roderick Toombs was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He attended Windsor Park Collegiate. His father worked for CN Rail while they lived in The Pas, Manitoba. After being expelled from junior high and having a falling out with his father, the Canadian hit the road and stayed in youth hostels wherever he could find them.

By the age of 16, he was the youngest boxer in the history of professional boxing and he made his pro debut in Winnipeg. Toombs lost the match in ten seconds. He was an amateur boxer and a wrestler before he started to become a pro boxer. He won the Golden Gloves boxing championship. He was awarded a Black Belt in Judo from American Judo champion, instructor, stuntman, and professional wrestler, Gene LeBell.

In 1972 at age 18 Toombs joined the military, excelling at combat training just as quickly as he did martial arts. When his initial tour was over, he contracted himself out at a mercenary and combat trainer, serving all across the world. Decades later with extensive experience under his belt he began working for MARS.

MUX History:

The Masked Canadian began working for MARS in 2007. He continues to help training peacekeepers for Laird Destro.

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The Masked Canadian is available for temping in the Shattered Glass TP.


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