Transformers Universe MUX

G.I. Joe A Real American Hero comics continuity

The G.I. Joe comics represent the longest running continuity for a comic based on a toy line property. The original run was started by Marvel Comics in 1982 and ended in 1994. There was a break of about 6 years before the comics rights was picked up again by another company, Devil's Due Publishing. When the new comics were published for the second time, Devil's Due utilized the same continuity that was started by Marvel Comics. After purchasing away the rights to the comics stories by Marvel, Hasbro has also begun their contributions to this continuity. In 2010, IDW Publishing invited Larry Hama to pick up where he left off with G.I. Joe #155, allowing him to tell the continuing story of G.I. Joe the way he wants to.

On the MUX, only the G.I. Joe comics from 1982 and 1994 are strictly canon, although ideas have been borrowed from both the Devil's Due continuity and the IDW continuation.

Transformers Marvel Comics continuity

The Marvel Comics continuity is the series of stories set in or extrapolated from the Transformers comic books published by Marvel Comics. The basis of the story as published in the US consists of:

  • The 80 issues of the original Marvel Comics series.
  • "The Night the Transformers Saved Christmas", a four-page comic published in Woman's Day.
  • The 4-issue G.I. Joe and the Transformers miniseries.
  • The 4-issue Headmasters miniseries.

Though these 88 issues are not without the occasional internal retcon or alternate future, they form a single long and mostly cohesive story. These stories aren't canon on the MUX, although certain characters and ideas have been borrowed from them for the MUX.