The Mamba is a Cobra air vehicle.
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Military information
Service branch

Cobra Army

Designated pilot / driver(s)

Gyro-Viper, Interrogator

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The Mamba is an attack helicopter with the primary role of an attack aircraft, with the capability of engaging targets on the ground, such as enemy infantry and armored vehicles. Due to its heavy armament it is sometimes called a helicopter gunship.

Weapons used on the Mamba include 6 laser-seeking antitank missiles and 6 .50 Cal Machine Guns with 1,000 rounds each.

The Mamba has two main roles: first, to provide direct and accurate close air support for ground troops, and the second, in the anti-tank role to destroy enemy armor concentrations. The Mamba is also used to supplement lighter helicopters in the armed scout role. In combat, the Mamba is projected by Destro to destroy around 17 times its own production cost before it is destroyed.

Designated pilot


Speed (with 2 man crew, fully loaded): 210 MPH

Range (100% load): 450 miles

Armament: 6 laser-seeking antitank missiles and 6 .50 Cal Machine Guns with 1,000 rounds each.


The Mamba was first deployed by Cobra in 1987, piloted by highly-trained Gyro-Vipers.


Cobra Commander's MAMBA

Cobra Commander uses an advanced, constantly updated Mamba for transport, usually piloted by Interrogator.

Interrogator's MAMBA

Interrogator also pilots his own custom Mamba, which contains top-secret enhancements known only to him.


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