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The name Bludd refers to more than one character. For a list of the other versions, see Bludd (disambiguation).
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Major Bludd
Personal information
Real Name

Sebastian Bludd


Sydney, Australia


May 8, 1954


Ian Sterling

Military information
Service branch

Cobra Command

Primary MOS

Weapons and Tactics

Secondary MOS

Military Instructor


8 - High Command


any military weapon in current use, anything usable as an improvised weapon

Organizational information



Python Patrol, Sonic Fighters

When you're feeling low and woozy

Slap a fresh clip in your Uzi!
Assume the proper firing stance
And make the suckers jump up and dance!

MAJOR BLUDD received initial military training in the Australian Special Air Service Regiment. He later joined the French Foreign Legion. He's worked as a military adviser in a number of countries and is wanted for crimes in Libya and Zimbabwe. He is proficient with every form of infantry weapon in current use. Bludd has a tactical mind like a steel trap. He is a qualified expert in all NATO and Warsaw Pact small arms. He also writes poetry... very badly:

A mercenary's job is a heartless one

I'm a soldier for hire, like a pawn-shop gun
My ruthless tactics keep you on your toes
'Cause I fight 'em all, whether friends or foes!


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

"All my life I've wanted to walk down the street with two million dollars in a Gucci bag. Now hand it over!" -- Major Bludd

Bludd in the Australian Special Air Service

(Comics history from Bludd's article on JMM's GI Joe Comics Homepage)

Sebastian Bludd is one of the most infamous mercenaries in the world. He has worked as a terrorist, assassin and soldier-for-hire. Throughout most of his career, his only loyalty has been to money, and he has been known to turn on his employers if he finds a better opportunity. Bludd's expertise (and rank of Major) comes from his initial military training from the Australian Special Air Service. He later joined the French Foreign Legion, and finally became a freelance military advisor. He soon discovered that there was more money to be made in using his skills in the service of criminals, terrorists and revolutionaries, and his life as a mercenary began. Over the years, Bludd has also been known for writing poetry...bad poetry. (Though the Baroness once described his poetry as "quite beautiful".) He is possibly the only poet ever to use the word "Uzi".

Bludd in the French Foreign Legion

By 1983, Bludd was wanted for crimes in Zimbabwe and Libya. That same year, Major Bludd was hired by Cobra Commander to join his organization. The Commander kept his true agenda a secret: he had hired Bludd to kill Destro, fearing he could and would usurp his command.

Shortly afterward, Bludd participated in a battle against the G.I. Joe team in Washington, DC. He manned the turret of the HISS tank that was being driven by the Baroness. In the midst of the battle, Cobra Commander ordered Bludd to kill Destro. The Major took aim at Destro, but the Baroness realized what he was about to do and swerved, ruining Bludd's shot. The out-of-control tank crashed, and Bludd ran from the burning wreck, leaving the Baroness trapped inside as it exploded. The Baroness survived, but was badly burned by the blast. In the aftermath of the battle, Bludd made his escape, realizing Destro knew he had tried to kill him. Cobra Commander insisted that Bludd acted alone to keep the Baroness for himself.

Bludd leaves the Baroness to die

Bludd, meanwhile, made his way to a bus terminal where he hijacked a bus filled with passengers, including another fleeing Cobra agent, Scar-face. The Joes Stalker and Grand Slam caught up with the bus on motorcycle, as Bludd fired upon them. Bludd was taken by surprise when Grand Slam climbed atop the bus and smashed through the windshield, swinging inside. Bludd was momentarily distracted when he recognized Scar-face on the bus, allowing Grand Slam to subdue him. Once in custody, Bludd was taken to the hospital to be treated for his injuries. There, he learned the Baroness had survived the explosion the night before. He attempted to escape but was stopped by a patient -- Hawk. The Joes' leader had been shot during the battle and was being treated there. He had refused to give up his sidearm, and was able to recapture Bludd.

The Major was later brought to Joe headquarters along with Scar-face and an unconscious Baroness. While they were in custody, Cobra staged a massive attack on the Joes' base. During the confusion of the battle, Bludd knocked out Doc while still handcuffed to the bars. Taking the keys from the Joes' medic, Bludd unlocked his own cuffs, and planned to escape with the Baroness in a Cobra FANG helicopter that had landed on the roof. It's pilot set explosives to destroy the fortress perched atop the Pit. He also decided to leave Scar-face in his cell, but Bludd was soon stopped in his tracks, held at gunpoint by General Flagg. Scar-face then kicked the pistol from Flagg's hands, allowing Bludd to pick up the gun and fire on Flagg, killing him. Despite Scar-face's help, Bludd still left him behind and took off with the Baroness (though he promised to write a poem about him). Scar-face was later killed by the explosion that destroyed the fortress.

Eventually, Major Bludd made his way to Switzerland with the Baroness. He brought her to the Bern Institute of Reconstructive Surgery, where Dr. Hundtkinder restored her badly burnt face. While the Baroness recovered, Bludd made a phone call to Cobra Commander and demanded a ransom for the Baroness, threatening to tell Destro that he had been hired to kill him. The Commander was enraged, but had little choice but to pay him. The Commander made his way to Switzerland, allowing Destro to still believe the Baroness was dead. Once the Commander arrived, the Joes appeared, having been keeping Bludd under surveillance. In the fight that followed, Bludd and the Baroness escaped with the Commander's bodyguard, Storm Shadow. The Commander was captured by the Joes.

Bludd and the Baroness returned to Springfield, where Destro was ready to kill Bludd for the attempt on his life. Fortunately for Bludd, Destro was taken aback by learning the Baroness was alive. Using the Commander's treachery and his feelings for the Baroness to manipulate Destro, she and Bludd planned to take control of Cobra in the Commander's absence. Their only stumbling block was Storm Shadow, who freed the Commander from the Joes. After the Commander returned to Springfield, Bludd was thrown into a jail cell for his treachery. The Baroness soon offered Bludd his freedom, in exchange for his help in planning the assassination of Cobra Commander. They sought out a boy named Billy, working in Springfield's anti-Cobra underground resistance. The brutal Bludd turned Billy into an assassin and provided him with the weapon to kill the Commander. The stage was set, and at a Cobra rally, Billy approached the Commander as a Cobra youth, holding a bouquet of flowers. The Commander was about to be gunned down when Destro stopped the boy from firing. His explanation was more surprising than his actions. He had recognized the boy -- he was Cobra Commander's son. In the inquest that followed, Bludd was pleased that the boy refused to give up his accomplices. After the inquest, Major Bludd eventually stopped working for Cobra altogether since the Commander knew he could no longer trust him. He contined his career as a mercenary, and was not seen by Cobra or G.I. Joe for years.

After the apparent deaths of Destro and the Commander, Bludd was hired by Serpentor to pose as Destro in order to infiltrate his castle in Scotland and steal his copy of the plans to Cobra's Terror-Drome launch bases. The real Destro arrived home to discover the imposter, and with the Joes' help, he overcame his castle's defenses and beat Bludd in a fistfight. It's not known what Destro decided to do with Major Bludd, but the mercenary returned to his career some time after his defeat in Scotland. He had no contact with Cobra for the next several years.

Major Bludd resurfaced in the Eastern European country of Borovia amidst the chaos that followed the collapse of the Soviet Union. Snake-Eyes had been sent into the nation to rescue George Strawhacker, a member of the state department who was being held in a Borovian gulag. General Thurston Crowther, head of the committee of generals known as the Jugglers, sent Snake-Eyes on that mission, but he also secretly hired Major Bludd to kill Snake-Eyes. Strawhacker had been leaking false information to the Soviets, and if he returned to the United States, the false information would have been suspect. At the same time, Snake-Eyes' rescue attempt was staged so it would appear someone had tried to rescue Strawhacker. As he arrived in the midst of rioting Borovians, Bludd assured Metz, the man who hoped to be leader of the new Borovia, that his mission was for the good of the people of his country. When Strawhacker was killed anyway, Bludd opted not to kill Snake-Eyes, since Strawhacker's death made it unnecessary. He then sold out Metz by telling the people his plans. Bludd's actions could be perceived as honorable, but Snake-Eyes was becoming a hero to the Borovians and if Bludd killed him, he probably wouldn't have made it out of the country alive.

Years after the incident in Borovia, Cobra Commander called upon Bludd to work for Cobra, but Cobra forces in Europe fell to a unified attack by regular military forces soon afterward. In the wake of this conflict, most of Cobra's "high command" disappeared. Bludd himself was captured and thrown into prison at Fort Leavenworth for two years until he escaped during a prison riot he himself incited. G.I. Joe, meanwhile, was disbanded, as well.

MUX History:

Bludd 5b1.png

In 1997, Bludd was hired again to work for Cobra, and put in charge of Cobra's ground forces. Due to the effects of the GI Joe: Eternal Youth TP, Bludd appears to be in his mid-forties.

In 2001, Bludd was working for the former KGB agent, Colonel Nikita. Duke, working for a secret government agency, tracked Bludd down on orders to arrest him for various crimes including the murder of General Flagg. After Bludd sold weapons to a group of men in Italy, Duke arrived to arrest him. After a long chase, Bludd escaped by diving into the water from a high cliff. Duke didn't expect anyone could survive the fall, but Bludd managed to.

Over Kill Mk 4, a.k.a. 'Angela'

Bludd was in command at Cobra's Colombia base for the last year or so it existed. He spent much of his time trying to figure out what makes Over Kill tick, and how to keep the android and his army of BATs and Vectors from storming off and forming their own army with Cobra equipment. He also took a side job from the Crimson Twins to hunt down an enemy of Extensive Enterprises.

Major Bludd stayed on the sidelines during the brief almost-Cobra Civil War. Just before the not-war failed to break out, he made a very lucrative deal with Destro and as a result became the commander of Over Kill and his BAT and Vector forces again for a time. Eventually Over Kill, now known as 'X', broke with Cobra and Bludd's BAT contract expired. Following X's flight, Bludd left for a few weeks of R&R (and business) in Wales.


During 2010 Bludd led an assault on Andersen Air Force Base on Guam, organised a snowplow convoy to free a suburban Philadelphia highway from snow during Baroness' positive PR campaign, retrieved a forgotten Cobra citizen from the ruins of the Colombia base, and conducted operations with his private military company in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. On returning to Cobra Island, he participated in raids on the Panama Canal and the Joes' PIT base in Fort Hood.

Bludd left Cobra Island for a few weeks to find and capture his alternate self in the Shattered Glass universe. He was unable to complete this mission.

He returned to Cobra Island in time to help Baroness deal with some troublesome events within Cobra. He took a side trip to New York to perform an assassination before he and the Baroness disappeared from Cobra Island for a couple of months.

Cobra Consulate

On his return in April of 2011, he investigated a warehouse where artifacts of Over Kill's history were stored. He, Interrogator, and Baroness broke into the closed and sealed Cobra Consulate in April of 2011. The Joes attacked them and forced the Cobras to retreat into the Consulate building, where they holed up for a few days before the Joes stormed the building.

After recovering from his injuries, Bludd went back to the Shattered Glass universe and tried once again to capture his alternate self. Ebony, the Shattered Glass alternate of Scarlett, attempted to take Lt Bludd's wife Katherine prisoner, and Major Bludd went to her defence. Ultimately he and his alternate were struck down and captured by Ebony and were held at Burpleson Air Force Base (SG) for a time. Artemis' alternate unwittingly helped set up a diversion at the base, enabling Major Bludd to escape with the Baroness' aid. Lt Bludd was left behind and remained a prisoner for some time after the escape.

Lt Bludd

Bludd headed up the Al-Alawi invasion in mid-2011 and orchestrated and led the assault that captured Crown City for Cobra. Al-Alawi has since been signed over to Cobra and re-named the People's Republic of Cobra Unity.

After the world was flooded in late 2011, Baron Ironblood put Bludd in charge of orchestrating the assault against the Decepticons, with literally the world at stake. Bludd was part of the attack that defeated the Decepticons' flood operations, and was afterward assigned to Africa to lead Cobra's reconstruction efforts there.

In 2012 Duke spent several months infiltrating Major Bludd's African contingent, hoping for a chance to apprehend and arrest the wanted mercenary. However, when he finally made his move, Bludd escaped, and Duke was badly beaten by Vipers before managing to extricate himself and flee the scene. Bludd himself returned to Cobra Unity.

In 2013, Cobra Commander sent Major Bludd to Syria to offer Cobra's support to the beleaguered kingdom. In April, senior Syrian military commander Lt. General Ali Abdullah Ayyoub met with Bludd to discuss coordinating Cobra/Syrian efforts in retaking the southern Syrian town of Dael. On 27 June, Bludd led a devastating assault on the town, successfully reclaiming it for the government.

On May 24th, Bludd, along with several other Cobra, G.I. Joe, and Transformer individuals disappeared from all over the world, awaking in the past. However, after helping to fix a problem threatening to alter the timeline, he was returned to the present.


In late July, Bludd went to Zimbabwe, partly as a representative of Cobra, and partly because of his previous connections to Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe. Mugabe was re-elected with a decided lack of violence, but Bludd stayed on in Harare for a time. He was out of contact with Cobra for a few weeks, but the Quintessons' interference with global communications may have been at least partly to blame for that.


Major Bludd was later captured by bounty hunters and imprisoned. He eventually managed to escape.

In December of 2015 Sly Rax recruited Major Bludd into working with VENOM. Bludd agreed to work with them.

In 2016 Bludd was kidnapped by Dealiticus for psychological experimentation. He was eventually released unharmed, but not until after forming a strange friendship with fellow captive Kimber Benton. Soon after he helped VENOM agent Sly Rax escape after Rax infiltrated the Pine Gap facility in Australia.

In the fall of 2016 Bludd was involved with Miles Mayhem's ruby crystal mining efforts in Australia. He parted ways with VENOM after MASK disrupted operations at the mine. He was in New York City during the attack on that city by Dreadnoks and motorcycle gangs. After that, he travelled to Los Angeles to protect Kimber. While there, he saved Synergy from the burning Starlight Studios, and then offered to travel the world re-collecting the disparate Holograms.

Incinerator 8299

Raya was in Mexico visiting her extended family during Cobra's takeover of several US cities. Major Bludd found her there in 2017 and convinced her that he was an ally. After that, she insisted on going back with him to LA to help protect Kimber, Taria, Anne, and the Starlight Girls. Bludd and Raya smuggled back themselves into Los Angeles disguised as Vipers, only to run into Incinerator 8299, who wanted to show them her latest foray into pyromania. This drew the attention of Rock One, who raced in and disabled a BAT. This gave Bludd and Raya a chance to escape while 8299 ran for help against Rock One. Bludd and Raya didn't stay around to introduce themselves to Rock One, instead heading straight towards Starlight Mansion.

When Incinerator 8299 showed up at the mansion a few weeks later, Bludd tried to lead her away but was instead forced to fight and kill her. When her absence was noticed in 2018, Cobra sent Zarana to investigate the mansion's grounds. Bludd was captured by Zarana and brought to Rancho Corba Acres, where Typhoid tended to his wounds before he was sent on to another facility where he would be interrogated.

Kimber Benton

In June of 2018, Bludd chose to reveal his identity to Interrogator, who was willing to help him. The two met up again in Switzerland in July and discussed their predicaments and plans. In late July, Bludd returned to Starlight Mansion to catch up with Kimber and her family.

As of August 2018, Bludd has been formally brought back into Cobra. He has spent the last three years working to build small military bases for Cobra in Cote d'Ivoire and Grenoble, France.

In October of 2021, Major Bludd arrived at Cobra Island to formally report on his progress on his assignment. He attended meetings in Trans-Carpathia in October and November to discuss utilisation of the MASS Device and met with the Baroness, then returned to his base in Grenoble.

Recent Activity

Major Bludd

In January 2022 Major Bludd led an assault on the Joes' Pit III base and one on Cape Canaveral, and participated in the attempted defense of Broca Beach.

Major Bludd was in attendance at Jem's West Coast Tour's opening concert on 2 May.


OOC Notes

Bludd has been made an honorary Vector-BAT. =) On the MUX, his birthday is May 8th.



  • March 3 - "Once Upon a Joe in the West" - An explosion in Cape Canaveral sends Cobra and G.I. Joe into the past - Parts 1.5, 2, and 3
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  • 17 July - A Narrow Escape - Major Bludd goes to Rotterdam, The Netherlands in pursuit of his quarry. Little does he know he has a welcoming party...
  • 19 July - The Hunt - With the help of another Cobra operative, Major Bludd is able to continue to follow his target in Rotterdam.
  • 20 July - Delivery - Major Bludd delivers Vanderpool to the Twins and learns a curious detail about him.
  • 24 July - "The Button" - After returning to base with the gold BATs from Luminous' fortress, Over Kill decides he's going to keep the androids after all.


  • August 5 - "The Reveal" Major Bludd reluctantly tells Heather Pennington about Eli Vanderpool's identity.
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  • 24 March - Desert Meeting - Megatron calls a meeting in the Australian Outback to discuss the mindswapping problem.
  • 24 March - Too Human - Major Bludd hands the mindswapped Vector Four over to the medical staff at Colombia base for care.


  • April 20 - A Very Large Wrench - When Over Kill turns up damaged in the desert, Major Bludd sees it as a perfect opportunity to end his troubles with the android ... permanently. Unfortunately for him, he's not the only one coming to the show...



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  • March 8 - Bludd v Buzzer - Bludd makes his displeasure known when Buzzer puts voice to the thoughts of the Cobra rumour mill.


  • 2 April - Deanna's Distress Call - Something is lurking under the ruins of the Colombia Base. Bludd is sent to find out what.
  • 14 April - Welcome to Juarez - Major Bludd and his Cerberus PMC personnel arrive in Ciudad Juarez to a 'warm' welcome.


  • 7 May - "My Completely Weird Family" - Major Bludd is treated to a birthday dinner by Wiretap, Stark, and his local contingent of Cerberus troops.
  • 20 May- Red in El Paso - Scarlett has heard of Cobra Operatives operating in Mexico and El Paso. She goes to investigate, and finds proof.
  • 23 May - Ana Arrests Bastian- Baroness has heard through her F.B.I. informants that Bludd was almost arrested, and her Mexican contacts tell her where he is... She decides to vsit him, under cover.








  • January 20 - "Saving Vector Six" - Baroness and Major Bludd return from their mysterious absence, just in time for Bludd to discover the unfortunate result of Ra's last outing. Can Vector Six be saved?



  • April 6 - A Trip to the Over Kill Museum - Cobra sends a team of operatives to investigate the warehouse the Queen of Spades told Interrogator about.
  • April 7 - Training Day - The visiting Baron Ironblood accompanies Major Bludd as Bludd submits an unlucky group of troopers to his Foreign Legion-inspired training session.
  • April 7 - Ending Seneca - Baroness makes certain to put a quick end to the Seneca server recovered from Russia.
  • April 8 - Battle at the Consulate - A few Cobra operatives attempt to infiltrate the Cobra Consulate Building, closed by order of President Dunham.
  • April 9 - "Supply Run" - The Cobra agents holed up in the Consulate building gather supplies as they ponder their next move.
  • April 12 - Escape from the Consulate - GI Joe forces storm the Consulate, forcing the Cobra agents inside to attempt to flee.
  • April 25 - Showdown on Oak Lane - Major Bludd and Lt Bludd join forces to prevent Ebony from capturing the Lieutenant's wife, Katherine.
  • April 26 - Just A Few Questions - Ebony stops by Major Bludd's cell to interrogate him.


  • May 1 - "Escape from Burpleson" - Major Bludd catches a break and escapes from Burpleson, with the aid of the Baroness. Snoop likewise finds herself free.
  • May 2 - "Recovery" - Major Bludd receives a couple of visitors as he recuperates in Medical after his ordeal on the other side of the portal.




  • September 22 - Improving the Odds - Baroness and Major Bludd discuss the upcoming assault on the Decepticons' polar melting machine.
  • September 24 - Autobot Liaison
  • September 27 - Strange Bedfellows - Major Bludd is contacted by a representative of the G.I. Joe force, who offers a temporary alliance with Cobra.



Antarctic Recon - Scarlett takes Major Bludd on a recon mission.

  • 23 November - Arctic Assault - The combined air and naval forces of GI Joe, Cobra, and the Autobots stage their assault on the Decepticons' Arctic heating apparatus.


  • 5 December - Medicated - While a Joe greenshirt visits the Kingsnake, Baroness enacts a subtle plan to get Major Bludd to submit to medical treatment for the illness he stubbornly refuses to acknowledge.
  • 8 December - Antarctic Assault - The final showdown in Antarctica: the combined force of Joes, Cobras, and Autobots makes their strike on the Decepticon installation responsible for the melting of the southern icecaps.


  • February 6 - Reporting for Duty - Tele-Viper 911 reports for her latest duty assignment, the humanitarian mission to Africa, and learns a secret!
  • February 23 - Palm Wine Evening - A few of the Cobra officers find themselves in a quiet bush camp off the beaten track in Sierra Leone with a few hours to kill and a jug of palm wine.
  • 27 February - "Liberia Landing" - A flight of Anaconda transport helicopters makes its way from Sierra Leone to the next stop on Cobra's Africa Tour: Liberia.
  • May 17 - Dust-Up - Duke drops from cover to take a shot at Major Bludd.




  • 18 December - Job Offer - Sly Rax finds Major Bludd in the desert town of Coober Pedy and presents hiim with a job offer.








January 09

Jan 31 - Circuit-Breaker and Luminous

To: Cobra Command
From: Major Bludd

Subject: Luminous and Over Kill's BATs

Well, well. Interesting turn of events here in Brasilia. I'd completed my external recon of this Luminous's fortress, and had concluded it was time to send in Shadow Viper infiltrators to get an internal look-see. So far MicroChip and Over Kill have been unsuccessful in devising a means to disrupt Luminous's control of the BATs she'd stolen from us, and in the meantime I've gotten mighty curious about what's going on inside her little temple.
However, before I could brief and deploy the Shadow Vipers, a couple of them reported that something was up in the Luminous-controlled portion of the city. Apparently something was attacking some of the Transformer-controlled BATs in the area, and from the description, it has to be that Seppo, Circuit-Breaker. According to the field report, Circuit-Breaker decimated at least three of the BATs easily, which apparently brought Luminous out of her little hidey-hole. What transpired a blue to end all blues, with power blackouts around the city, and a light show bright enough for me to see from our hidden base.
Circuit-Breaker was eventually driven off, but not before doing some serious damage to a robot that I've heard can take out several of her kind without breaking a sweat. I don't know what Circuit-Breaker was doing in the area, and I know that our dealings with her have been less than productive in the past. Still, if she's going to be taking it on herself to be attacking Luminous on her own, I can't help but think there may be a cost-effective way to use this to our advantage.
I'm sending the Shadow Vipers in to reconnoiter the fortress interior. I recommend someone follow up on the Circuit-Breaker's involvement.
-- Major Bludd, Cobra Infantry CO

May 15 - Brasilia

Armada, I want the abandoned warehouse destroyed immediately. We must make certain nothing is left behind for the Joes to find.

I'll be arranging to deploy two squads of Shadow Vipers, one to keep tabs on any Joe activity in Brasilia and the other to watch Luminous' fortress. The Shadow Vipers will be under strict orders to observe from a distance and -not- to engage any targets. I want all evidence of our former presence obliterated from the landscape, and no additional evidence created. This is top priority: as far as the outside world is to know, Cobra has no interest whatsoever in Brasilia.

Baroness, I'd like any and all information you have regarding Circuit-Breaker. If she's so desperate to kill Transformers, it may be possible to strike a deal with her that will be mutually beneficial.

May 17 - Report from the field: Brasilia

To: Cobra Command

***encoded transmission begins***

Major Bludd reporting:

I've set up a temporary field camp at the edge of the jungle near Brasilia, in order to have a launching point for the Shadow Vipers, if I should ever receive them. I've also stationed a squad of Vipers here for security and to run them through a few jungle exercises while I'm awaiting word on the Shadow Vipers situation.

Once the field camp was set up, I made radio contact with Over Kill. He seemed oddly cooperative and gave me his coordinates, adding that he'd seen Joe agents in the vicinity recently. The lads and I prepared to move out, on the chance the cyborg might just lead us to the Joes' encampment.

Over Kill reported that the Joe known as Lifeline was leading him to the Joe encampment. I thought this too good to be literally true, but took the Vipers out into the jungle to meet him. In the end it turned out my instincts were correct: the Joe had never had any intention of actually taking Over Kill to his base. But the lads and I found them and General Hawk to boot! Any doubts I may have had as to whether the Joes have any interest in this area have been removed. We attempted to take them down, but they escaped into the jungle. After a prolonged search, we were forced to give up the hunt and return to our field encampment.

Unfortunately, while we were hunting for the Joes in the jungle, Over Kill went missing again.

Until we find the true location of the Joes' base in this area, we will be adopting "hard routine". In accordance with this, the base tents will be broken down and buried, and there will be no smoking or cooking until further notice. We will act as if we are already behind enemy lines.

Note to medical staff: Benjamin Baird, Viper #326, has reported symptoms which may be signs of malaria. He'll be coming in for an evaluation. In the event that he has not contracted the disease, please see to it that his dose of quinine is correct before returning him to active duty.

May 18 - Incoming Transmission

*** Incoming burst transmission *** 
***    Text message received    ***
*** System time 180507:0220hrs  ***



Found Nightgaunt and Over Kill. Over Kill retrieved. Needs some work. Sq 1416 off-duty pending medical treatment. Self same. Further details in full report. ETA Colombia 4 hrs. Out.

***     Transmission ends     ***

May 18 - Over Kill recaptured

To: Cobra Command

18 May 2007 - 2300 hrs

While searching the jungle yesterday, Viper Squad 1416 and I came upon Over Kill and Nightgaunt. Over Kill refused to come back to base with us, and so we used force to capture him. With Nightgaunt's help, my Vipers and I put the cyborg down. His remains were brought back to the Colombia base and are in the medical ward. Over Kill is on life support currently, but is still fairly responsive. I have managed to keep him calm and prevent him from attempting to leave base again, though in his condition I'm not certain how he'd achieve that. Nevertheless, I am not Over Kill's nursemaid, and I expect Brainstorm to step up and take on the task of seeing to the cyborg's repairs/refittings/ reprogrammings. His specialised knowledge will be needed here.

Viper squad 1416 is off-duty until further notice. I will likewise be unable to perform combat-oriented duties at this time. The Colombia medical staff will make details of our injuries available to members of the CoC who have a need to know.

-Major Bludd

May 24 - Activity Report

Activity Report - 23rd May, 2007

Major Bludd reporting:

Last night I returned to Brasilia with a squad of Vipers because one of our operatives, a strange young man known as 'Quagmire', had gained the interest of General Hawk and met with him in an abandoned warehouse in the city. (This is not to be confused with the warehouse Cobra was formerly using as a base, as that has been destroyed.) I was forced to bring Over Kill along. To leave him on his own would, I felt, be to assure that when we returned, he would be missing again. Over Kill was still in a poor state at this time. His injuries were most severe from his capture last week and he had not yet fully healed.

We arrived on-site and surrounded the building. Unfortunately, Hawk was not alone. At least two other Joe operatives were in the vicinity. We were unable to capture Hawk or any other of the Joe operatives. Additionally, Over Kill was carrying a flamethrower in lieu of his non-functioning weapons systems and took a round directly to the fuel tank. The resultant blast smashed him through the wall and into a neighboring building. He was not entirely destroyed and was later recovered.

I regret to report fifty percent casualties to Viper Squad 1416. Among the dead are Viper #17, Thomas Brentwood, Charlie Fireteam leader, and Viper #111, Joseph Burland. Full details are available in the casualty report. I will pull replacement personnel from the general pool at Colombia and reassemble this section.

June 27 - Luminous Citadel Assault

Audio Report - 27 June 2007

Major Bludd reporting:

Early Tuesday morning, Mistress Armada, on station outside Luminous' Citadel in the Parque de Nacional in Brasilia, reported to me that Luminous had left the premises and that only her mob of BATs remained on guard around the building. Backbreaker and I flew to the site with a Thunderhead tank and a Maggot mobile gun emplacement while Armada and the Vipers prepared to move on the Citadel.

When we arrived, Backbreaker and I moved in on the Citadel directly, hoping to draw the attention of the BATs whilst Armada and the Vipers moved in on the building. Backbreaker's Maggot did some structural damage to the Citadel, allowing the foot soldiers access to its interior. We made relatively short work of the BATs and gained entrance to the Citadel. Just before I entered the building, I received a radio transmission from the Autobot Blaster, who offered us Transformer support, should we like it. As I could see a brilliant light in the night sky that could only be the mistress of the fortress coming home, I readily accepted his offer.

Once inside, we discovered what Luminous has been doing with the humans she leads into her fortress. Along the walls, in little indentations seemingly built expressly for the purpose, men and women were held captive, naked and plugged into all manner of tubes and wires. The sight rattled the men somewhat -- I understand there was a rumour that something quite like this was going on inside the place, and the visual confirmation was unnerving, to say the least. It would take, as Stark pointed out to me, a long time for Cobra scientists and technical staff to discover the purpose of this perverse captivity. As we were on a military mission, we had no such personnel available. It wouldn't have mattered much. Not long after we entered the fortress, Luminous herself returned. Her name is well-given. I thought I might go blind looking at her, such was her radiance, but I found myself unable to look away. I've never in my life seen anything both so indescribably beautiful and so certainly deadly.

Fortunately for us, the Autobots arrived at that moment, drawing Luminous' attention, luring her back outside the Citadel, and enabling our escape. Unfortunately, due to the matter of scale, and the fact Luminous was not as far from home as I'd hoped she'd be, we came out of the encounter with little to show for our trouble, save a few minor wounds and the lingering memory of the horror inside the Citadel. We're also now short one Thunderhead and one Maggot, as the BATs and the Citadel's defences essentially reduced them to scrap metal. I'm pleased to report no fatalities among the casualties.

I commend Corporal Stark for his cool-headedness and leadership throughout this mission and hereby promote him to the rank of Sergeant. He will remain section commander of Viper Squad 1416.

I recommend continued observation of Luminous' Citadel. I am very concerned with her plans for the people imprisoned within. While we do not know how she is utilising them or what her plans are, my instincts tell me she may well prove to have a technological leap we can benefit from -- or be threatened by.

Bludd out.

12 October: Altercation Report

12 October 2007: Major Bludd reporting.

On the evening of Tuesday, 9 October, I oversaw the transfer of Over Kill into his new android body from the temporary synthoid body he'd been inhabiting. The previous Over Kill unit, known as Angela, in her own synthoid body, had been introducing delays into the repair process and preparation for the transfer. I confronted her about this and she admitted the project was ready. Angela was in the lab armed with an assault rifle and an automatic pistol, both unnecessary to her for the job at hand and quite illegal for a traitor to have. I relieved her of the weapons, but not without argument and struggle.

Once the transfer was completed, I was preparing to put her back into the brig when sha attempted to assault me. I judged her to be quite unbalanced and a danger to herself and others in her vicinity. Since she seemed so eager to fight with me, I offered her a hand-to-hand match in the training room in the basement of the Rec Center building. She readily agreed.

During the course of the fight, Over Kill leapt into the fray. Angela knew exactly how to disable him. In order to save him from serious damage and put an end to Angela's madness, I was forced to terminate her.

It is my recommendation that she be allowed to expire, and that her body not be kept for any research or experimentation whatsoever. Angela was unstable at the best of times and was a danger to this organisation and the men and women who work on this base. She is, in my opinion, utterly unrepentant and unreformable.

Over Kill's repairs have been completed and I believe he is fit for duty. My own injuries will take longer to heal. I refer Command to the medical division for details of my condition.

23 October

Major Bludd reporting.

Tuesday night, Tele-Viper 31, out on a repair was reported missing. Tele-Viper 742, accompanied by a squad of Artemis' Range-Vipers, went out to search for him. They came under fire and I went to support them with Viper Squad 1416. We discovered a small group of men had 742 pinned down, and we dispatched them. Their origins are a mystery, but they were dangerously close to the perimeter of our base. I'm implementing an updated patrol schedule which will increase the frequency and range of our patrols, effective immediately. Evans, Tele-Viper 31, was interrogated by the enemy soldiers, and is currently recovering in Medical. He is to be commended on his courage and strength in resisting the enemy's brutal interrogation techniques.


May 5 - Nathaniel Essex (Pathogen)

To: Cobra Command

Nathaniel Essex has been tentatively added to the roster as a medical technician and NBC specialist. He is using his former GI Joe code name of Pathogen. As a former Joe agent, he is on the shortest of leashes and his privileges on this base are curtailed from that of a standard new recruit. He has been assigned individual quarters in the enlisted barracks and surveillance has been installed. I am suspicious of him on a few matters, so I will be watching him very closely. If and when he proves himself loyal to Cobra, he will be brought on board fully.

I find Essex to be irreverent and disrespectful in person, but have not yet found reason to criticise him on his work. It will likely be a short but difficult struggle for him to fit in here: either he will adjust and be accepted, or he won't and I'll hand him off to one of the Vectors to play with.

As for Essex's motives for joining Cobra, I'm not convinced he is our kind of man. I had hoped to turn him with the help of Mindbender's gadgets, but the mindswap phenomenon sent us into sufficient disarray that that was not possible. He seems to be distraught by the idea that one of his fellows would so seriously injure another person (referring to Artemis' situation), and on that ground decided to leave the service of GI Joe. When he first arrived he swore he would not be used for harm, but has since decided that he might indeed like to flex his muscles in an unconventional weaponry direction. If he is true to his word (and I'm far from convinced he's stable, much less honest), we may have on our hands a fine addition to our team. If not, I shall deal with him.

29 October - Exchange Made

To: Command

27 October 2008

Major Bludd reporting.

Monday evening, Starlight Studios called and offered us the holographic technology. I went out to retrieve it myself. One Rio Pacheco turned over a number of the holographic projectors, informing me that in order to utilise them Cobra will need a graphical software program designed for them. He offered to sell us such a program should his lady friends be returned to him unharmed. Technical is working over the equipment now in order to determine its authenticity. Should it turn out to be the real thing, the ladies will be released. If it is not, we will resort to using the Brainwave Scanner to obtain the information we need to produce our own equipment.

The timing of the call is curious, because Typhoid was just about to put Kimber into the Brainwave Scanner when the call came in. Having no explanation for this, I will for now chalk it up to coincidence.


Oct 12: Destro recovered

To: Command

I went out tonight to retrieve Destro from the scene of what appeared to be a Decepticon attack on the CNN building in Atlanta, GA. His Dominator had been disabled and partly buried under rubble from the damaged building. An Autobot did the heavy work of unearthing the vehicle (and in the process discovering two dead Iron Grenadiers). I collected Destro and returned him to the Island, where I admitted him to Medical. He was alive but unconscious when I admitted him.
For details on his condition, please contact Medical.

-- Maj. S. Bludd

Oct 30: Possible BATnet tampering

To: Command

Re: BATnet hacker

Major Bludd reporting.

I've been made aware of an anomaly within Over Kill's directives that appears to have started just after I made contact with 'Rose', the hacker responsible for infiltrating the BATnet. I have teams of Techno- and Tele-Vipers working around the clock to discover the exact nature of the anomaly.

I will make further reports as more information becomes available to me.

Nov 12: Geo-Recon Satellite

To: Command

Re: Geo-Recon Satellite

Major Bludd reporting.

Over Kill and I took a pair of Vectors to Cape Canaveral to attempt to seize a satellite that was being made ready for launch. While the local security was lax, we encountered the Joe agent Scarlett at the scene. There was some kind of problem with Over Kill: he became unresponsive soon after we arrived. I recommend he be given a thorough maintenance by Technical - perhaps the recent BATnet troubles have contributed to this error.

I engaged Scarlett while the Vectors set about taking possession of the satellite. Unfortunately I was unable to hold her off and was forced to flee the scene without the satellite.

I am informed the knife wound Scarlett gave me will keep me off active duty for at least a few days. Medical has the details on my injuries.

Nov 24: Incident in Comm-Tower

To: Command

Re: Incident in Comm-tower

Major Bludd reporting.

Tuesday evening I responded to a commotion over the primary comm channel. Tele-Viper 742 reported the death of another Tele-Viper, number 528, in the comm tower. Medical will doubtless have a report on the physical details. I observed no one leaving the scene and no one apparently saw who committed the murder. A red handprint was left on the wall near the Tele-Viper's station. I have ordered the print identified and an investigation is underway. No one else was harmed; no other injuries or incidents related to this one have been reported.

December 11: Strike on US shipping succesful

Crush Depth and I took a Moray out to take a potshot at a cargo ship at the Bay of Tampa on the 11th of December. On the Baroness' orders, no fatal casualties were inflicted. We took great care to destroy only the cargo crates the ship was carrying. Tele-Viper 742 was able to disrupt Coast Guard communications long enough for us to complete our mission. We were attacked by a helicopter on our return to Cobra Island, but we managed to destroy it with little difficulty.

December 27 : Transformer available for R&D testing

To: Command

From: Major Bludd

Re: Unknown Transformer available to R&D for exploration

An unknown Transformer, with whom I have spoken before, has agreed to come to Cobra Island and be examined in exchange for some supplies. I have left him in the hands of the R&D department. He is called Turborat and appears to have no allegiances to either the Autobots or the Decepticons. I have been cordial in all my dealings with him, and I encourage R&D staff to treat him as a guest, inasmuch as he's not to be permitted to leave until they're satisfied with the results of their testing.


Jan 20 - Troop Movement Orders

To: Command, leaders of groups mentioned below, Over Kill

Re: Troop Movement

The following units will gather on the airfield tonight at 22:00 hours for immediate deployment to our base in Springfield, Queensland, Australia:

Shadow-Viper Section 3
Asp Company of 3rd Armoured Division
Flak-Viper Squads 313 and 870
Frag-Viper Squads 101 and 74
1st and 3rd Viper platoons, Mamba Company
114th Air Assault Squadron

One platoon worth of Battle Android Troopers will also be deployed to Springfield at this time. Over Kill, I leave the nature of the BAT deployment to you: utilise Vector transport if you desire. Otherwise an Anaconda will be available to move the androids.

-Maj S. Bludd

Jan 25 - Andersen AAR

To: Command
Re: Andersen AFB

(Text only)

Major Bludd reporting. The assault on Andersen Air Force Base was a total success. My force took the Americans by surprise and inflicted maximum damage. The base will be unusable for some time, given we destroyed the runways, demolished the hangars and aircraft, and killed most of the base personnel. All Cobra troops who took part in the assault are to be commended, and I have offered them the weekend at Springfield as a holiday. Any who took advantage of this offer should be returning to Cobra Island Monday.

I myself will be remaining in Springfield until Thursday, barring any emergency that requires my presence on the Island.

Bludd out.

Feb 11 - After Action Report

To: Command

Major Bludd reporting. Last night I took a group of HISS tanks out to the Pennsylvania Turnpike, in keeping with the ongoing theme of aiding the American people. We bolted snowplows on the tanks and cleaned up the road, allowing the state government to reopen it. While there, we rescued a few stranded cars and an Autobot, who for some reason was stuck in a ditch and could not or would not transform into its robot mode. A Decepticon car arrived on the scene but did little more than taunt the Autobot.

Following this operation, I took Vector Six west to the American southwest to investigate Over Kill's report of a dark-haired Scarlett. This woman calls herself Ebony and claims to be from another universe. Ordinarily I would not repeat such things in a serious report, but I have seen odder occurrences in my time. There is a curious, mirrorlike window hanging in mid-air above the desert floor in this location (coordinates attached). This is purportedly the portal through which this Ebony arrived.

Shortly after I arrived, a pair of Joes came careening through in an old sedan, apparently attempting to run Ebony over. A fight broke out immediately thereafter. Ebony is a strong and skilled fighter, though she eventually fled the scene via the aforementioned portal, having come under the attack of several Joes. She's also apparently quite violent and ruthless, far more than I've come to expect, even from the Joes.

Ebony said some very odd things before the fight began. She believes Cobra to be a peaceful organisation. "Full of *expletive deleted* hippies", I believe were her words. Perhaps our scientists would be interested in studying this portal further, to decide whether or not this idea of a parallel universe is fact or fiction. The Joes appear to have the location guarded, however.

Feb 14 - Over Kill incident

To: Command
Re: Over Kill

Thursday night Over Kill attempted to take his BATs and Vectors out of Cobra's hands again. As usual, talking did nothing effective and I was forced to go down there and stop him from taking Cobra property.

He attempted to end me with a portable missile, but I escaped serious injury and pursued him. Wiretap's influence was invaluable, as she bombarded his networks with white noise, enabling me to corner him. Apparently his own Vectors chose to stay on Cobra's side, and interfered with his attempts to seize control of our AI units.

I chose not to destroy him at this time. He has an angry streak, like his creator, but he seems to realise that despite his power, he can be brought down if he missteps. I recommend reminding him of this whenever he gets uppity, and of course I will take matters into my own hands again if it becomes necessary.

-Maj S Bludd

Feb 15 - Status report on drone

To: Command

On Monday, the missing drone began making vocal transmissions to our communications channels. Techno-Viper #1749 was on hand to direct it to return home. The drone was followed by two Decepticons. (images attached of Shockwave and Scourge) The Decepticons told us we ought to be careful not to let our drone interfere in their affairs; they threatened to destroy it. After making this threat, they left without further incident.

Techno-Viper #1749 is on report for failing to encode the drone with Command authorisations: it did not obey my orders, but waited for the Viper to give it a command. The drone is back in a research bay in Technical, where it belongs.

-Maj S. Bludd

July 28 - Pensacola After Action Report

Thursday evening the Baroness and I led an assault force against the Pensacola Naval Air Station in Florida. Such was the speed and severity of our strike that the US forces were almost completely unable to marshal a response against us. At least eighty percent of the station's buildings, vehicles, and personnel were destroyed or killed during our attack.

GI Joe agent Scarlett attempted to thwart our assault, but I held her at bay long enough for our forces to deal significant damage. Our casualty numbers are very low, I'm pleased to report. Troops have reported to me that Scarlett, though injured, proceeded to hunt them down with an assault rifle after I left the field to tend to my own wounds. Regardless, Cobra clearly won the day.

I have been cleared for active duty following a few days of recuperation from my confrontation with Scarlett, and Strike Team Two has been repopulated and equipped and is ready for action as needed.

--Maj S. Bludd

Nov 12 - Seneca server retrieved

To: Command (Rank 8+ only)

Re: Seneca server retrieval

Major Bludd reporting.

Over Kill and I went to the address in Moscow provided by Interrogator. We had no trouble getting through the checkpoints, thanks to the passwords he provided. The server containing the Seneca program was brought out to us and Over Kill verified the program's presence. The entire mission went off without incident. The server is now locked down in Technical, awaiting the technicians appointed by the Baroness to check it over. I exercised the tightest of security with regard to this server: no one is to touch it without express permission from the Baroness or Cobra Commander himself. It remains disconnected from power and networks until such time as authorised personnel are dispatched to work on it.


Mar 22 - Report on Over Kill

Tuesday, 22 March, 2011

To: Command Staff (rank 8+ only)

Re: Over Kill

Megatron kindly dropped off what little remained of our Over Kill unit Tuesday night. In a development which should surprise no one at this juncture, Over Kill challenged Megatron to a fight in the chat room, not knowing at the time that it was indeed Megatron he was talking to. In true Over Kill fashion -- bull-headed and irresponsible -- the android went to meet his fate, delivering himself to be destroyed, willingly and knowingly.

The unit appears to have enough remaining power to communicate, though I don't know how in heaven's name that occurred. Probably Megatron opted not to expend more of his energy than was necessary to put Over Kill out of commission. At any rate, what remains is in Technical, where the techos are doing whatever they usually do when an Over Kill unit manages to get itself pointlessly destroyed.

It is not my place to dictate Cobra research policy, but I will state for the record that it is my considered opinion that the Over Kill project is a monumental waste of Cobra's time, money, and manpower. Having worked with various units over the last few years, I can report that they are overwhelmingly stubborn, insubordinate, headstrong, and bloodthirsty. Were Over Kill a human troop, I would banish him to the farthest, most inhospitable base Cobra operates and assign him cleaning duty for the rest of his service. I might even allow him a mop and a bucket with which to do his job. Surely, with all of the power and influence within Cobra, a better solution to controlling the Battle Android Troopers can be found.

--Maj. S. Bludd

Mar 24 - Over Kill, Vectors deactivated

Thursday, 24 March 2011

To: Command Staff (rank 8+ only)

Re: Over Kill, Vectors

Due to Over Kill's insubordinate and disrespectful words to Destro and myself over official channels last night, I had him shut down. Shortly afterward I received a report from the Tele-Vipers in charge of monitoring the chatroom which indicated the Vectors were considering fleeing the Island. I shut them down as well. They will remain deactivated until such time as Over Kill is repaired and needed for an operation.

--Maj. S. Bludd

Apr 13 - After Action Report - Consulate

To: Command (Rank 8+)

On Friday, 8 April, a small team consisting of the Baroness, Interrogator, and myself attempted to infiltrate the closed Cobra Consulate building in Manhattan. Though we saw no evidence that we had set off any alarms the Americans may have put about the place, clearly someone was notified of our presence. A team of GI Joe agents arrived just after we had entered the building and we engaged them to try to drive them off. We were forced to retreat into the building itself, where we barricaded ourselves for two days.

All three of us had suffered injuries. We made do with field medicine until our reinforcements arrived. We had planned to investigate the Consulate's servers to determine if anyone had tampered with them, but were interrupted by the arrival of another group of Joes. The Baroness was struck by a sniper. In addition to her previous injuries, this put her in quite a fragile state. A Viper team took her to the roof to await evac while Interrogator and I held off the Joes.

Night Raven air cover cleared the area so we could leave via the Raven drones, and a cargo plane dropped several dozen BATs into the courtyard to keep the Joes busy while we escaped. I have not at this time received a report of the damage the androids inflicted at the site.

Interrogator and Baroness are seriously wounded. Both are in Medical receiving treatment. My injuries were comparatively light and I have been treated. I am currently restricted from active duty, probably until the end of the week. Medical will have full details.

Apr 06 - Alert Status

To: All Cobra forces on Cobra Island

The alert status on Cobra Island is hereby downgraded from Critical to Substantial. An attack on the Island is no longer considered to be imminent. Defence forces are to reduce accordingly. The travel ban is lifted, but essential personnel will stay in close contact with the Island and return immediately if so ordered.

Operatives in the field will stay in place and await further orders.

--Maj S. Bludd, Cobra Military Advisor

Apr 06 - Over Kill information

To: Command

Interrogator and I took a small team of Techno-Vipers and Battle Android Troopers to Santiago, Chile to investigate a warehouse the Queen of Spades told Interrogator about. The instructions she gave Interrogator were easy to follow and provided us easy access to the warehouse's contents: a bank of servers and a locker full of computer chips, test tubes of bone fragments, and a Vector's black box. The black box reportedly belonged to the current Over Kill when he was residing in a Vector body, while he was in Queen's possession. The chips pertain to old Over Kill units. The bone fragments will have to be examined to be properly identified, but Over Kill has told me they were taken from the burial site of the version two Over Kill unit and are part of the remains of Techno-Viper Stephen Andersen.

We also recovered a series of files from the servers. All the samples and files collected have been locked up in Technical, accessible only to Command members.

The mission was too easy, and I have my suspicions, as always, about anything provided by the Queen of Spades. I recommend authorised personnel take extreme care in examining this information.

--Maj S. Bludd

Apr 13 - After Action Report: Consulate

To: Command (Rank 8+)

On Friday, 8 April, a small team consisting of the Baroness, Interrogator, and myself attempted to infiltrate the closed Cobra Consulate building in Manhattan. Though we saw no evidence that we had set off any alarms the Americans may have put about the place, clearly someone was notified of our presence. A team of GI Joe agents arrived just after we had entered the building and we engaged them to try to drive them off. We were forced to retreat into the building itself, where we barricaded ourselves for three days.

All three of us had suffered injuries. We made do with field medicine until our reinforcements arrived. We had planned to investigate the Consulate's servers to determine if anyone had tampered with them, but were interrupted by the arrival of another group of Joes. The Baroness was struck by a sniper. In addition to her previous injuries, this put her in quite a fragile state. A Viper team took her to the roof to await evac while Interrogator and I held off the Joes.

Night Raven air cover cleared the area so we could leave via the Raven drones, and a cargo plane dropped several dozen BATs into the courtyard to keep the Joes busy while we escaped. I have not at this time received a report of the damage the androids inflicted at the site.

Interrogator and Baroness are seriously wounded. Both are in Medical receiving treatment. My injuries were comparatively light and I have been treated. I am currently restricted from active duty, probably until the end of the week. Medical will have full details.

-- Maj S. Bludd

July 22: Al-Alawi Situation Report


Re: Al-Alawi TerrorDrome project

The construction of the Terror Dromes is proceeding on schedule. I personally reviewed the timetable early this morning and made some adjustments to the technical and construction personnel to compensate for a lack of speed and dedication to the task. The base structure is complete and communications are active. The Drome should be fully habitable within another 9 hours.

In the meantime we continue our patrols around the building site. Artemis is searching for the Crown Prince of Al-Alawi in order to secure a peace accord with Cobra before the expected arrival of the G. I. Joe team. Thus far there has been no sign of them. Local opposition has been sporadic but weak and inexperienced. Reports from the front lines indicate only two Patriot emplacements remain, those near the Iraqi border, in the extreme northwest.

Once the Terror Drome has been established we will move on to the next phase of the operation.

-- Maj. S. Bludd

2 August - Assault on Al-Alawi base


Re:GI Joe assault on Al-Alawi base

On 1 August, as I was finalising plans for the attack on Crown City, a force of GI Joe operatives assaulted our staging base. Our air forces held off those of the enemy, but our radio transmitter was severely damaged, disabling our jamming of local frequencies.
GI Joe tanks and AWE Strikers moved in on our base and were chased off or destroyed by our HISS troops. The base is secure. It suffered minimal damage in the battle, and casualties were light. High Command members on site were wounded in the battle and are recovering under medical care.

-Maj S. Bludd

2 August - Crown City Taken

To: Command

Re: Crown City

On 2 August I led the planned assault on Crown City. There was minimal resistance from local military. Our forces stormed straight through to the palace and claimed it within short order. Casualty numbers have not been completely tallied but preliminary information indicates they are low. The palace is being converted for use as our primary headquarters. Troops, support staff and vehicles are being moved in from our previous base near the Terror Drome. More Terror Drome building supplies and engineering staff are scheduled to be brought to Crown City in the coming week.

-Maj S. Bludd

26 September - Autobot Liaison

To: Command Re: Autobot Liaison

With the Commander's permission, I allowed the Autobot called 'Crosscut' to land outside Crown City in order that I might speak with him about the flooding crisis. I gave him the data Crash Dive and his team obtained about the Decepticon device under the Arctic Sea and explained that though I have an assault operation planned, its chances of success are minimal due to the severe difference in firepower between our forces and those of the Decepticons. Crosscut pledged ordnance and troops to our operation, pending Optimus Prime's approval. With the Autobots' support, we have a fighting chance at destroying the Decepticon's machine and stopping the flooding.

I will remain in close contact with the Autobots in the coming days to coordinate troop movement and make timely tactical decisions.

- Maj S. Bludd

26 September - Alert Status

To: All Forces

Based on the information provided by Crash Dive's team, I am preparing an assault on the heating apparatus the Decepticons are using to melt the polar ice caps. I will require every soldier and vehicle available, so as of now everyone is on standby alert status.

--Maj. S. Bludd, Cobra Military Advisor

24 October - Temporary Alliance with GI Joe

To: Command

I have secured a temporary alliance with the GI Joe force. I have spoken with both Scarlett and Admiral Keel-Haul and been promised their assistance in the upcoming assault on the Decepticons' Arctic Sea machinery. Keel-Haul has given us permission to land our aircraft on the USS Flagg, and I intend to use it as a staging area for the operation. GI Joe SHARCs and other US aircraft will be available in this joint effort.

- Maj. S. Bludd

24 November - Arctic Assault AAR

To: Command

Re: Arctic Assault

The assault in the Arctic Ocean was successful in destroying the Decepticons' heating machine. All three factions worked surprisingly well together. We lost a few Rattlers, though their pilots were recovered by the USS Flagg's search and rescue teams, and the Kingsnake suffered moderate damage. We are headed to the Antarctic to deploy land, air, and sea teams for the attack on the second heating device, where the Autobots' Ark spaceship will join us. I anticipate heavier resistance there, as the Decepticons are now aware of our intent.

--Maj S. Bludd, Cobra Military Adviser


29 January - Decepticon Activity Near CU

To: Command

On Friday 27 January, a Decepticon jet identified as Coldsnap came within ten miles of the border of Cobra Unity. Our defenses detected him and fired on him, chasing him off before he could violate our airspace.

-- Maj S. Bludd

17 May - Action in Cote D'Ivoire

To: Command
Re: GI Joe activity in Cote D'Ivoire

GI Joe agent "Duke" has apparently been hiding in plain sight in our African operations for some time. Today he made his presence known by assaulting me in the middle of a work detail. The Vipers and some of the locals on hand took him to task but he somehow evaded capture. I am back in Cobra Unity receiving medical attention. Before I left I gave orders that Duke be found and brought in.

- Maj. S. Bludd, Cobra Military Advisor

31 July - Recon Report: Africa Command

To: Command (Rank 8+ only)

Re: US Africa Command Recon

On Monday, 30 July, my team finished basic setup outside the US Africa Command base in Germany. Agent Angel and I went out to do a preliminary reconnaissance. We confirmed the presence of GI Joe agent Scarlett on the base, and though he was not actually seen, I have strong suspicions that General Abernathy is also on base. The recon team will continue to observe and gather data on the strength of the forces at this location in preparation for future action.

--Maj. S. Bludd


Apr 02 - Conference with Ayyoub

To: Command

Re: Syria

Yesterday I met with Lieutenant General Ali Abdullah Ayyoub of Syria. He told me of the recent capture of the town of Dael, which holds a strategically critical position on the main road leading between Damascus and Daraa.

The intelligence given me by Lt General Ayyoub leads me to believe that an infusion of Cobra equipment, used primarily to secure the town once the Syrians have re-taken it. Ayyoub was clear that his forces have the power to drive off the rebels: they need our help to hold the place once it's theirs.

I will draw up and submit a detailled assault plan for the town of Dael by week's end.

-- Maj. S. Bludd

May 08 - Assault Plan: Izraa

To: Command

Re: Syria

I'll be striking the town of Izraa at the end of the week. Syrian forces will move in from either end of town and begin clearing out the insurgents. Cobra forces will come in behind them and mop up the civilians. Lieutenant General Ayyoub has given his approval for us to collect the villagers and ship them off to a yet-to-be-determined location, possibly Damascus, for use in a labour camp or the like, according to the President's wishes. We will use Izraa as a very temporary staging area from which to launch our assault on Dael itself.

Maj. S. Bludd, Cobra Military Advisor

Jun 30 - Success in Dael

To: Command

Re: Dael

On Thursday 27 Jun I led a combined force of Syrian government and Cobra troops in an assault on the town of Dael. The operation was a total success. We met with some resistance, but the bombing and rocket attacks we launched before the ground troops arrived quelled much of that. Techno-Vipers report to me that the road is ready to be used by the Syrians; I've sent a message to Lt Gen Ayyoub to that effect. At best estimate, we captured nearly two hundred civilians, about a quarter of them uninjured and able-bodied enough to aid in the clearing and rebuilding of the road. The remainder were sent to Damascus on Thursday, which is where the rest will be headed later today.

We have confirmed the presence of GI Joe troops in Dael. General Hawk was sighted and VENOM agent Rax engaged him in combat but was unable to properly subdue him. An intense search of the town after the battle has not produced him. I myself encountered Ace, whom I met as he was attempting to flee the battle scene on foot after leaving his damaged Skystriker. We have the Skystriker as well; it appears to be of a new and upgraded design. I'll ship it back to Cobra Unity this week so the techos can look it over. While I was dealing with Ace, I took the liberty to film him and his uniform, decorated with American flags, with the camera in my handheld computer. Battlefield cameras produced little in the way of solid evidence of the presence of US troops, given that many of them were damaged in the battle, but my footage provides proof that the US was involved in the battle, to the contrary of their official statements on the matter.

There was an unidentified Cobra Night Raven on-scene during the battle. Air Forces tells me the identity codes the plane was giving out are Cobra's, but they're very old. I later saw the plane transform into a robot; it's apparently a Decepticon who's a Cobra fan. It supported our troops during the battle and helped to counter the Joes' air power. The identity codes are on file for Air Forces or Intelligence personnel to study. Starscream, Scourge, and Valour turned up at the tail end of the battle to retrieve the Night Raven robot and left without doing more than badmouth Cobra.

--Maj S. Bludd

(Attached are two short video clips taken from Bludd's handheld: one shows a bloodied Ace before Bludd began beating on him in earnest so he's still recognisable, and the American flag on his shoulder. The second shows the Night Raven robot in the distance, surrounded by Starscream, Scourge, and Valour. The clip shows Starscream turning toward the camera and declaring, "I will see to it that your precious 'Unity of Cobra' /country/ is destroyed before I ever see the Decepticons allied with your germs again.")

Jul 02 - Security Report

To: Command

On Tuesday afternoon, one of the prisoners providing labour at the road reconstruction site in Dael got loose from the Vipers who were loading him onto the truck to return to Damascus. This prisoner struggled with the Vipers, then charged me. In the struggle, he knocked over a container of leftover hot road tar, which splashed onto my leg. He was re-apprehended and is currently handcuffed to the post of a paddock I had specially erected immediately after this incident. I will deal with him myself.

As for the sorry members of Viper section 306, they have each received a reprimand in their records and are on a rotating schedule of KP and extra PT for a period whose length I will determine later. Their platoon, Platoon Baker Delta, will be assisting the Techno-Vipers in cleaning and maintenance of the road-building equipment and any other equipment that needs work. This work is to be done only during the hours of 11am and 4 pm. Platoon Baker Delta is on half water rations until further notice, and 306 is expected to fulfill /all/ the responsibilities laid out for them.

--Maj S. Bludd, Cobra Military Advisor

Jul 02 - Decepticon Visitor

To: Command

Tuesday evening, the Decepticon known as Nightlash requested permission to land at our Daraa camp. Wild Weasel escorted it in. It asked for a personal alliance with Cobra and stated it is not in the good graces of its command structure. I opted to send it away. I cannot see any reason to foster any kind of relationship with any Cybertronian entity. Starscream made it very clear the Decepticons want to see Cobra Unity destroyed, and the United States will use any evidence of an alliance to villify Cobra. A second Decepticon, a far smaller one, was seen in the drone of Nightlash's vehicle mode, which it maintained for most of its visit. It seemed surprised to see the second robot, though that could easily have been feigned, and threatened it with harm if it did not forget what it had seen and heard of the conversation it had had with Cobra operatives in Daraa camp. The second robot seemed to agree to this and the two left without incident.

--Maj S. Bludd, Cobra Military Advisor

Jul 03 - Standing Orders

To: All Units

There is to be no contact with any Decepticon by Cobra agents. Do not initiate contact with Decepticons. If a Decepticon contacts you over official channels, do not respond. Any Decepticon that approaches Cobra airspace or territory is to be warned off, and considered hostile if it does not leave our territory.

Jul 18 - Daraa Relocation

To: Command, All Syrian-based Units

Effective immediately the forces stationed at Daraa Camp in Syria will relocate to the town of Dael. Most of the reconstruction is complete and there are sufficient buildings to house our troops and care for their needs. A skeleton crew will be left at Daraa, including the GRAD rocket-launching vehicles. All other troops and equipment will supplement the occupying Syrian government forces in Dael.

-- Maj. S. Bludd, Cobra Military Advisor

Jul 26 - Temporary Truce with GI Joe

To: All Units

In light of the Quintesson invasion, Cobra and GI Joe will be operating under a temporary truce until further notice.


28 April - Rapid Response Team

To: Command
Re: Operation Popsicle, Phase Five

A team of six operatives has been deployed to Frusenland with the task of diverting Oktober Guard or GI Joe forces that appear in-country. I'll be coordination with them from Cobra Unity until further notice or change in orders.

--Maj S Bludd, Cobra Military Advisor


Jan 30 - Grenoble detachment available

Artemis, I have made available a detachment of troops from the Grenoble base for your use in tracking down Headman in western Europe. Contact Sergeant Roche at your convenience.

Maj S Bludd, Cobra Conventional Warfare Commander

Feb 02 - AAR and new orders follow-up

Sunday, 30 January, I led the assault on the Joes' Pit III base in the Escalante Desert in Utah. The infiltration team gained entry via the MASS device and retrieved much of the target data from the base's computers. Specific details should be available from Storm Shadow or his next-in-command. The conventional team, I regret to report, had less success. We managed to damage or destroy some of the external defences but Hawk's Kodiak vehicle proved more than a match for our HISSes and Scion's Neo-Vipers. I wish to commend Scion on his courage on the field and his perseverance and strength: I witnessed the Kodiak run him down and not only did he stand his ground before being struck, but he regained his feet with alacrity.

In the end we cost the Joes some hardware and collected useful data from their computer systems. I wish to personally examine the complete Kodiak schematics we obtained in order to discover a weakness.

Regarding future operations outlined by Cobra Commander, I will await word from the Baroness that she has placed the required transmitter, and troops will again deploy both conventionally and via MASS device, as we did this weekend. I will also immediately begin drawing up plans for operations to retrieve the components Cypher has requested for the communications system.

--Maj S Bludd, Cobra Conventional Warfare Commander

25 March - Relay Star Satellite

To: Command (Rank 8+)

Re: Relay Star satellite

On Tuesday, 22 March, I accompanied Cobra Commander on an operation designed to distract and damage the defenses outside the silo at Cape Canaveral where the Baroness had determined the Relay Star satellite was being kept. My armour contingent created chaos in the general area whilst the Commander and I held off Joe operative Flint and an F-35 attack jet which arrived on the premises. Storm Shadow engaged Flint in hand-to-hand combat on the arrival of the jet.

The operation was successful, providing our operatives inside the silo to tag the satellite with the device that allowed it to be transported out.

--Maj S. Bludd, Cobra Conventional Warfare Commander

Personal Journal


Vanderpool Entries: July 2007


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Pertaining to the Killing Jar TP:

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Pertaining to the I Am A Rock TP:

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6, 7 November, 2021 - Reflections on a concert on Cybertron and the destruction of Ultrix, as well as a mention of a meeting with Cobra Commander.


9 March 2022 - Reflections on the destruction of Broca Beach.


Older entries here:



Major Bludd was temped by bzero until April of 2007. He is now played by one of our esteemed admin.

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  • Major Bludd's working name was "Major Chill."
  • Major Bludd's "robotic" arm is actually a heavily armored glove, to protect him from the blast generated by his rocket-firing gun.
  • Scarlett seems to amuse herself by coming up with new insulting names to call Major Bludd, such as One-Eyed Willie, Cyclops, Ol' One Eye, and The Mad Poet
  • Major Bludd v2 has a Sonic Disruptor and a jet pack =)
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