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The name or term Mainframe refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Mainframe (disambiguation).
Mainframe is an Autobot Action Master.

Code Monkey like Fritos. Code Monkey like Tab and Mountain Dew. Code Monkey very simple man with big warm fuzzy secret heart: Code Monkey like you.

Mainframe is a dork. A computer dork, to be precise. (Both in that he is a computer that is a dork, and a dork about computers.) He'd rather tackle complex mathematical problems than join the inconvenient galactic conflict with the Decepticons. Despite his distaste for combat, he won't shirk his duties when called upon. If anything, he hopes that if he simply must fight, that he'll have the chance to use his considerable brainpower to end things quickly.

Alas, his partner, Push-Button, would rather convert to a piston rifle and blow stuff up than be stuck debugging Mainframe's programs. Naturally, the two don't especially get along.


2005 IDW continuity

Mainframe was one of the survivors of the Kimia Facility massacre.


  • According to his Tech Specs, he is equipped to store 200,000 megabytes of data. At the time his toy was released, this was actually pretty impressive, as most hard drives then could barely hold 1,000 MB. Nowadays, of course, this is not exactly a big deal, since you can get a 4 terabyte (4,000,000 MB) portable USB drive for a little over $100.

Foreign names

  • Japanese: Mainframe (メインフレーム Meinfurēmu)
  • French: Ordinateur (Canada)
  • Italian: Omicron


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