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Situated in the entertainment district of Valvolux is one of Cybertron's most renowned enterprises: Maccadam's Old Oil House —- the biggest single source of black market fuel on the entire planet. Its main attraction, beyond the excellent service, exceptionally pure oil and general selection of fuel, is that the proprietor makes no distinction between Autobots, Neutralists and Decepticons. If you can pay, you can stay.

Fuelled by the bar's ability to keep the burden of war outside its doors (most of the time), rumours circulate that Maccadam's Old Oil House is no ordinary establishment. Rather, some say it exists out of the normal space and time continuum, possibly even a nexus for multiple dimensions, and its secretive owner Maccadam would be nothing less than one of the thirteen original Transformers. Of course, people tended to gush out a lot under the influence, so little attention is paid to this inevitable falsehood.

Known staff members across continuities included:


Pre-MUX History

Orion Pax and Jazz were regular patrons at Maccadam's before the war. Their drink of choice seems to have been Visco. Transformers: Exodus

After the Great War had broken out, Maccadam turned his bar into the hub of the spy-net of the Autobot resistance. The Wreckers liked to visit Maccadam's Old Oil House on their downtime.

Maccadam's Old Oil House used to be located beneath Sherma Bridge until the Bridge was destroyed by Earthquake. It then reopened in sub-level six.

MUX History

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In 2018, Maccadam was revealed to indeed be one of the original Thirteen. After this revelation, he disappeared, taking his Old Oil House with him.

Later, after the Fallen was defeated, Mac quietly re-opened his oil house in Valvolux.

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