Maccadam is a bar owner on Cybertron.
Maccadam's Old Oil House scene (2)

Maccadam, at work

Maccadam is the manager of Maccadam's Old Oil House. Maccadam is largely unseen by the populace of Cybertron, and he is rumoured to be one of the thirteen original Transformers by its drunken patrons. (His bar serves "exceptionally pure oil," after all.) He has strict in-house rules against fighting within its confines.

Some confuse the bar's various bartenders for Maccadam himself.


  • Maccadam's Old Oil House has been shown to exist within the Generation 1 continuity, the Unicron Trilogy continuity, the Movie continuity and the Transformers Animated continuity. Logically, this means (a) Maccadam exists within all those universes, but he has yet to show up personally in any of them.
  • In the Dreamwave comics, Maccadam's Old Oil House was suggested to exist out of the normal space and time continuum. This was shortly after semi-established to be true in "Prime Spark", which posed the bar as some sort of multiversal meeting place. All this further pushes the theory that its owner Maccadam is one of the thirteen original Transformers and the same being across continuities.

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