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Macabre is a Decepticon special forces leader.

And after Octane acknowledges me as an equal, I wanna be acknowledged by Misfire!

In spite of being the leader of the Decepticon Special Forces team Squadron X, Macabre has a severe inferiority complex, feeling he finally has to prove himself to the likes of Half-Track and Bugly. He longs to make Squadron X the Decepticon equivalent and nemesis of the Wreckers, and is infuriated the Wreckers barely even know who they are. To remedy this, Macabre berates and trains his squadron members constantly, hoping that one day they'll get the recognition they deserve.

At last, a chance for me —- Macabre -— to show what I can really do! They all treat me with contempt. After today that'll change! Dirge, Octane, Shrapnel -- they'll all acknowledge me as their equal... once I slay Emirate Xaaron! They say they want Xaaron alive so that they can pump him for information. They are gutless fools. Xaaron will die today... and at my hands!

—Macabre, "Target: 2006"


Wings Universe

Macabre is leader of the Decepticon special forces team known as Squadron X. Often involved in the heaviest of conflicts, many new Squadron X recruits are killed before the old-timers even bother to learn their names. Even the veterans have trouble measuring up to Macabre's exacting standards and fierce rivalry with the Autobot Wreckers. Tornado - Decepticon Saboteur

MUX Continuity

Macabre led the vanguard of the Decepticon attack crossing the Metal Plains towards Valvolux. He was taken out almost instantly by a trap laid by Elita One, and had to be rescued and recovered by the other members of Squadron X.

Squadron X were subsequently repaired by Redline, although they didn't enjoy it.

Squadron X later took part in an attack on Valvolux.

When Overlord returned to Cybertron, he immediately took Squadron X into battle against the Autobot forces protecting Valvolux -- all except for Macabre, who Overlord brutally injured for delivering the bad news that Shockwave wasn't where Overlord wanted him to be.




  • According to Grimlock in his letters page, Macabre transformed into a "bat-winged air current glider". No wonder he had an inferiority complex.[1]
  • He killed Impactor in Marvel continuity while Impactor killed him in IDW continuity. Funny.
  • Macabre is probably purple-helmeted and silver-white instead of grey-helmeted and silver-blue in Last Stand of the Wreckers because the wiki had color-faded images of him from Titan Books' shoddily-reproduced Transformers: Target: 2006 TPB up at the time. Oops?


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