Transformers Universe MUX


Blurr, Autobot courier

 @mail[/switch] <player-list> = <subject>
       This begins a message to all players in <player-list>.  The
       <player list> forms the To: line of the @mail -- the list of primary
       These add text to the message in progress, for example, the
       following would add the text 'This is a test' to the end of your
       @mail message:
           -This is a test
       Likewise, ~<text> prepends the text.
       This sends the message that is currently in progress.
       -- is the equivalent of @mail/send. @mail/urgent sends
       the message as urgent, and should not be used often.
 @mail/cc <player-list>
       This adds <player-list> to the current list of recipients.  Like the
       primary recipients, these additions will be visible to every
 @mail/bcc <player-list>
       This adds <player-list> to the current list of recipients.
       Unlike the primary recipients and the carbon-copy (cc) receipients,
       these additions will be hidden from every recipient including each
       This shows you the message that is currently in progress, as
       it would be read by whomever received it.
 @mail/edit <old text> = <new text>
       Like @edit, but edits the message in process.
       This aborts the message currently in progress, allowing you
       to start a new one.
 @mail/fwd <msg> = <player-list>
       This sends a copy of <msg> to all the players in <player-list>.
       The copy will appear to have been sent by you (not the original
       sender), and its status will be "Forwarded". Note that this
       places the message to be forwarded into your mail buffer, where
       you can edit it with @mail/edit, add text with '-', or prepend
       text with '~'. You have to use '--' or @mail/send to send the
 @mail/quick <player-list>/<subject> = <message>
       Sends <message> to the list of players.