Transformers Universe MUX

Luminous, one of the First Transformers, came to Earth looking for Alpha Trion and The Key to Vector Sigma. After being initially defeated by a combined force of Autobots and Decepticons, she set up shop in Brazil, she recruited (by force, if necessary) a cult of followers eager (somewhat) to do her bidding. Finally stopped and driven off, she remains at large, having vowed to return...


When Luminous first awoke, she was bent on killing all heretics. At this time she was played by Dean.

After her initial defeat, she changed tactics, trying to recruit human and android Priests of Primus in an effort to turn Earth into New Cybertron. During this time she was played by Bzero.

IceSpark came up with the idea of Luminous threatening the locals in Brasilia while she was still a guest on the MUX.