Luisa is a Peruvian archaeologist.

Luisa Huamán

Luisa Huamán is a Peruvian archaeologist specializing in the protection and study of ancient Incan temples.


The Transformers cartoon

Fire on the Mountain

Luisa Mona Huamán was born in a Peruvian mining town near an ancient Incan temple that housed the legendary Crystal of Power. She helped the Autobots defeat the Decepticons when they attempted to use the Crystal for nefarious reasons.

Teen Luisa

So, what are those. Pancakes?

When the Decepticons uncovered the Crystal of Power in the temple near her village, Luisa recognized what it was. Her grandmother feared it was the ancient god coming back to punish the villagers. Ha ha, stupid old foreign people! When the Decepticons raided the town, Bumblebee and Spike Witwicky rescued her. She led them to the temple, where the Autobots were able to stop the Decepticons. When Bumblebee drove her back to the village, Luisa hoped to introduce Bumblebee to Juanita, the convertible owned by her brother.

MUX History

In 2014, the Decepticon Windshear travelled to Peru to collect remaining shards of the Crystal of Power. Luisa received reports on Windshear's presence, and called in Optimus Prime to help. Confronted there by Optimus Prime, Windshear stood his ground, and was soon backed up by Megatron, who arrived in the Dictator. Megatron was defeated by Optimus Prime, but not before Windshear had time to gather many shards of the Crystal of Power. Windshear returned with Megatron to base, and Luisa gave Optimus Prime several shards of the Crystal that her students had recovered, so the Autobots could study and ascertain what the Decepticons were after.




  • Luisa is not named onscreen, but is identified in the episode's script. But we knew her name before that even became available, 'cause it was in some Dutch sticker album, or something.

Foreign names

  • Japanese: Luisa (ルイザ Ruiza)


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