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Alright, alright, I'm gettin' to it.

LUGNUT is the grumpy-yet-skilled medic most often found in Autobot City's repair bay. Although very dedicated to his job, his irascible personality makes him seem like he'd rather be someplace else. It might be the extremely long shifts he works -- although he claims to hate the medbay, he's seldom seen anywhere else. Attempts to cheer him up usually just lead to more gruff complaints, so by now most Autobots simply take his nastiness in stride as long as he continues to do good work.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Lugnut was built along with Autobot City, to man the medbay when others aren't available.

MUX History:

Lugnut somehow always winds up pulling the worst shifts in Autobot City, and seems to live in the medlab when even Ratchet and First Aid are gone. Lugnut was badly injured in an attack on Autobot City in 2017.

OOC Notes

Lugnut is the auto-medic in the Autobot City medlab, but over the years he's been given a grumpy personality by those that @emit him rather than just +fix me and leave.

Logs / Posts


  • February 27 - "Verbal Bitchslap" - Typhoon visits her fellow Autobots in the repair bay.


  • February 23 - "Injured List" - Lugnut reports on the previous night's attack.


Lugnut isn't really a playable character, but he is sometimes @emitted by those roleplaying in the Autobot City medlab.

Shattered Glass

In the Shattered Glass universe, Lugnut was a polite, hard-working mech, who worked tirelessly to rebuild Emperor Prime after Prime's devastating loss to his positive-polarity counterpart. For his trouble Lugnut was rewarded with a chainsaw to the head during one of Prime's rages.

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