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Louisiana is a southern state in the United States of America.


In the early 20th Century, Baton Rouge was home to the bluntly named Psychopathic Institute for the Long-Term Insane, where a crazed Archibald Witwicky was forced to take life at a slower pace.

Muskrat hails from Thibodaux (14,463), which is about 45 miles southwest of New Orleans. Gung-Ho's birthplace of Fer-de-Lance cannot be located on any map or census.[1] It may be that Fer-de-Lance is simply the name Gung-Ho's 137-member family gives to its residence, which lies outside any local jurisdiction. (The closest name is Ferriday, in Concordia County near the Mississippi state line.)

MUX History

During the Flood of 2011, the southeastern section of the South Central United States, including almost all of Louisiana, was currently completely under water with the melting of the icecaps by Megatron. The region still hasn't fully recovered.


  1. Since a fer-de-lance is a large, venomous snake native to South America and the Caribbean, this may be a fictional town. If so, it is the only non-existent birthplace given for a member of the Joe Team.
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