This page is for the G.I. Joe Air Force pilot. For the Decepticon briefly known as Banshee, see Nightshade.
Lt. Banshee
Personal information
Real Name

Lori Henshaw







Military information
Service branch

United States Air Force

Primary MOS

Fixed Wing Pilot

Secondary MOS



O-2 - 1st Lieutenant


Conquest X-30

Organizational information

G.I. Joe



Accept the challenges, so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory.

Practical, analytical and methodical, Lori Henshaw is the stereotypical technical geek in many ways. After graduating high school, however, she made a point of joining the US Air Force as a third-generation pilot. She is quite insightful and observant, especially when it comes to objects of interest to her -- such natural talent made it easy for her to learn aerospace engineering on the G.I. Bill. She is also brave, loyal and dedicated to her job, as well as to her family, friends and comrades. Her codename, BANSHEE, came about from taking aircraft through maneuvers that brought screams to the air from the aerodynamic stresses she subjected the aircraft to -- never mind all the kinds of music she enjoys listening to. While highly intelligent and resourceful, Lori's relative newcomer status limits her full potential.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Lori Henshaw is a third-generation Air Force pilot. Shortly after earning her officer's commission as a second lieutenant, Lori was assigned as the pilot for the Lockheed-Martin F-37 Talon project -- a project that had recently been discovered by the Autobots during their search for a new jet mode for their injured comrade Phoenix.

During testing, Lori was informed that she had been selected to join GI Joe -- which unfortunately meant that she wouldn't be flying the Talon project as much as before, given the nature of her new assignment. Still, however, Lori has managed to serve, if not exceptionally, at least with some distinction between her duties at the PIT and her work at Lockheed-Martin.

MUX History:

Since most pilots are officers, Banshee has been commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant.

She was active in the Joes during the World-wide flooding of 2011, helping with SAR efforts around the globe.

In 2019 Lori dramatically re-emerged, defending Earth from a Decepticon blockade. She was later promoted to O-2 (1st Lieutenant).

OOC Notes

Lori's callsign, Banshee, came about in part because of the volume she liked to listen to music while in flight... and in part because of the sounds made as a result of the near-unimaginable stresses she's been able to put several aircraft through during her time in the Air Force.



May 08 - Medical Prognosis - Banshee

TO: G.I. Joe Command Staff, G.I. Joe Air Assets CO / XO

FROM: Doc Greer

SUBJECT: Medical Prognosis - Banshee

Second Lieutenant Lori Henshaw has recently awoken from her coma, the result of injuries sustained when a Cobra Night Raven's heat-seeking missiles targeted the engines of her Conquest X-30 while preparing for liftoff during Cobra's attack on Fort Hood and the Pit in August of last year. The prognosis, however, is concerning: microscopic shrapnel traces are still lodged in her chest, dangerously close to her lungs and heart. Courtesy of G.I. Jane, an electromagnet breastplate is holding the shrapnel in place, but it is rather bulky and unwieldy.

While she seems stable from a medical standpoint, there are concerns that she may have psychological trauma as a result of her near-death experience, although she is doing her best to hide it. I would suggest that Psyche-Out conduct a psychiatric evaluation as soon as possible. Regardless of those findings, I fear that further military duty will not be an option for her, and that proceedings for a medical discharge will be called for in the near future.

Currently, Lt. Henshaw is recovering at the Wilford Hall USAF Medical Center, Lackland AFB, Texas - it was the closest facility for medical treatment following the attack on Fort Hood, and given the severity of her injuries, moving her was out of the question. Her mobility is currently limited, due to the electromagnetic breastplate, but G.I. Jane has developed a specialized wheelchair that incorporates the breastplate functions. Visitors might do her some good; her family is present and supportive, but a sign of support from those she served with may help to raise her spirits during this troubled time.

Aug 04 - AAR: Northwest United States

<< text-only report >>

At the request of Scarlett -- Medical, do take it easy on her for relaying the
 message -- I took an Osprey to coordinates marked by Coldshot for a bombing
 run. What I discovered wasn't pretty -- some Autobot spider tank looked like
 it got ripped up pretty badly, and Coldshot... well, I don't know what her
 status is. She looked very bad, though. Kamakura helped to scramble a medical
 team for retrieval -- I don't have any significant medical training, and
 without knowing how bad her injuries really are, I didn't dare try to move
 her. I'll let Medical make their own report on that.

"I did, however, wait long enough for the Autobots to retrieve their
 spider-tank companion -- not sure what his name was, but he claimed that he
 used to be some sort of cyborg originally before becoming an Autobot. If
 there's any more information needed, I'll try to provide it, but I didn't have
 very much to go on last night, and Coldshot was quite unresponsive in that
 regard, given her energies. Banshee out."

Aug 16 - Inland Evacuation

<< text-only message sent to the Pit >>

New Orleans has been mostly taken care of now -- I feel for the Big Easy, being virtually swamped twice now in about six years. I'm helping out and moving down the Texas coast as well, using an Osprey. These things are more fun than I thought they'd be -- guess I know what I'm going to seek qualification for next, most likely.

I'm still willing to come back if needed, but right now I'm working along the low-lying coastal areas and helping evacuate as best as I can -- at least the S&R aspects are done for the time being. Banshee out.


Feb 27 - AAR: Near-Earth Orbit

<< text-only report >>

While out and taking some time for myself, my comm-link alerted me to Decepticons attacking the Vilnacron Station in near-orbit. Given the lack of response to the Lazy Sue’s mayday aside from Lieutenant Commander Faireborn aboard the Autobot shuttle Federation and a lone Autobot, I took it upon myself to head up and lend whatever assistance I could – which was admittedly rather minimal. If nothing else, it can now be confirmed that my armor can handle near-Earth orbit and altitudes.

The Lazy Sue was ultimately saved, mainly due to the Federation and a very large spacecraft that looked suspiciously like Spaceball-I from the movie – safe bet to say that if any Cybertronians or whatever did try to walk the length of it, they’d take so long that the movie would be over; at least there was no Dark Helmet or Colonel Sandurz or President Skroob that I saw. At any rate, the Lazy Sue was towed safely to Vilnacron Station and I returned to my normal relaxing flight. Second Lieutenant Henshaw, out.

<< a digital image of Evil Inc.'s Spaceball-I cityformer-sized ship is attached to the text file >>

May 20 - Medical Report

To: G.I. Joe Command Staff (Rank 7+)
From: Remedy (Greenshirt Medic)
Subject: Chrysalis Under Quarantine

“Under normal circumstances, Doc would be the one making this report, since she witnessed it first-hand, but the past ninety-six hours have been intriguing, to say the least, and she’s kept on top of it. I’ll start with what Doc told me:

“Thursday evening at 2000 hours, Doc went to check on First Lt. Lori Henshaw in the Brig, where she quarantined herself within twelve hours of the events in Medical with the alien “Joe” and “Jane” impersonators nine days previously. Doc was originally giving her the once-over, though Lt. Henshaw reported some sort of enhanced “healing”, where her wound from the alien bio-spike completely closed up and healed within thirty-six hours of it; from all indications, the “armor” Lt. Henshaw possesses is similarly repaired of all damage.

“Lt. Henshaw reported that she wasn’t consciously aware of the fact that her armor apparently uploaded the specs of Doc’s alien-detector device, and then changed the sense of detection from touch (Doc’s device) to sight. Moreover, the visual capability of the device was not limited to Lt. Henshaw’s armored form – she visually detected the true appearance of “Jane” before the impersonator shifted into its true form. Before she could explain further, Lt. Henshaw suddenly grew extremely ill, staggered from her cot to the far corner from the forcefield barrier, and began to violently retch.

“By the time Doc was able to move closer, she observed that Lt. Henshaw was apparently emitting part of the liquid-metal basis of her armored form. Strangely, however, the bio-material began to move as if it had a mind of its own, and began the process of cocooning Lt. Henshaw into a protective chrysalis. Doc’s assumption is that this is the result of the alien genetic material “infecting” Lt. Henshaw’s unique bio-mechanical systems. We have yet to closely examine the chrysalis, and R&D is apparently in an uproar because Doc has excluded them from making any first-hand analysis – this is, apparently, in response to Lt. Henshaw’s discomfort and distrust of R&D in light of the revelations concerning the “Jane” impostor.

“Medical was called in, but by the time we arrived on-scene, Lt. Henshaw was completely cocooned within the chrysalis. Doc ordered it moved to the Medical Bay – which took having to cut out portions of the wall and floor from Lt. Henshaw’s cell. The height of the chrysalis was approximately four feet tall when it arrived – apparently Lt. Henshaw was curled up in a fetal position. More than that, I can’t say because this is well outside my area of expertise.”

Nathan Brundle
Corporal, US Army


Banshee was created and is played by darksabrz.

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