Transformers Universe MUX

Log Title: Long Overdue Debriefing

Characters: Ghost , Omen , Ravage , Soundwave , Starscream

Location: The Cradle - Kolkular

Date: December 11, 2021

TP: Liege Maximo TP , Fight the Future TP , Wild Cybertron TP

Summary: Starscream asks Ghost for a debrief. Soundwave prods as well leading to Ghost spilling a great quantity of information out.

As logged by Ghost


<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream says, "Ghost, report to the Cradle"

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream says, "I think it's time I get a explanation on just what /happened/."

<< Decepticon >> Ravage says, "... I as well if permitted, Regent."

<< Decepticon >> Air Commander Starscream groans. "Fiine, just don't keep me waiting too long."

<< Decepticon >> Ghost says, "Wh.. Oh.. yes sir?"

The Cradle - Kolkular


Ghost pads out of a doorway among other doorways. This one being the one that leads to Soundwave's Workshop, someplace she does seem to lurk a great deal. She carefully settles herself, putting on an expression of polite interest, keeping wings in their 'extended' format but tucked back neatly. On her shoulder sits a cyber-raven who is doing -nothing- to look friendly.

Ravage is coming in as well. He's moving about quietly and rather slowly. Taking his time to carefully maneuver about the room, homing in on Omen's position while going towards the side to stand out of the way of the coming Regent from whatever direction that he might take in. Ravage is giving an expression of concern up at Ghost as she would enter.

There stands Starscream at the main screen, wings crossed, looking as flamboyant as ever, a little tired noticeably as he's going through reports.. He'd glance back, hearing pede steps and turns to face them and places his hands on his hip plating. "I was wondering if you'd report this time or disappear again." He'd huff.

"Suppose we can finely get this done and over with, hmmm?~" he says with a crossing of his hands and a slight swaying of his hips.

Ghost stops at -exactly- the correct distance from Starscream so as not to be rude nor belligerent and then dips into a bow, sweeping wings out then back as she straightens. Omen.. ducks her head as well before shifting to keep a wary optic on the surroundings.

"I have no -plans- to disappear, sir." Lifting of a brow as those finials of hers give a fine twitch. She tenses slightly, expression almost wary at the words, "Get.. what done, sir?"

Ravage would maneuver along, taking a pause as Starscream would enter in, moving to give a formal salute as well with his claw. "Regent." Bowing his head over to Starscream and taking an obedient posture as the Lord Commander would come in.

Starscream gives Ghost a look, like she really didn't remember?! He'd let out a exasperated sigh. "You've not briefed me since.. what, you disappeared the first time? for a month? which lead to Shockwave blasting SOMETHING in the Crystal city," Starscream would cruse, crossing his arms and looking down at Ghost, mostly to see what she would say for herself.

"Then you got attacked by the Autobot, then ended up in Iacon for some bloody reason." Starscream adds on as he starts counting on fingers. "And then Ultrix." he adds on.

Starscream side optics Ravage. "Ravage." he says in a.. perhaps greeting?

Less 'does not remember' and more of a 'wait and see what he brings up' moment from Ghost. She raises both brows, considering before she shifts, crossing her arms across her front. Wings rustle behind her, "Well that's certainly a list of things, Starscream." Tone mild. "As if I asked to be captured and.. things." trailing off. "I have no idea how I ended up in Iacon. I still haven't managed to parse those memories. I do know that I did insure that your second and Ravage made it to the surface after a deep level event at my personal cost of a stay-cation under Ratchet's lovely care."

Ravage is going quiet now as he would be referred to by Starscream, finally going, "My Lord." As Ghost was addressed staying still and in a formal position, face bowed over towards the ground before moving to send up tendrils of concern and support for Ghost and Omen along the mental link, but not moving a nano-klik.

"What were you even doing that warranted that?" Starscream asks with a raised ridge, clearly, he still has NO IDEA what they were even doing at the time.

"And yes, well, we never do, however, it does not negate the fact, that things seem to like whisking you away before you get a chance to brief me on the thing that happened before." Starscream says dryly with a roll of his optics.

Starscream sighs. "What is it, Ravage?" he asks looking down to the cat.

Ghost tilts her head to the side, starts to say something, "Well we were.. Wait.." Optics slit, "Did we ever debrief about that derelict ship that -was- around Earth? I.. thought I'd requested that but.. apparently things keep happening." Wings rustle as she carefully chooses words, "I was visiting Vector Sigma." keep things simple. "And had company. Due to the nature of the thing, there was a spectral shift and ravage was damaged so I emergency evacuated him and Soundwave. Then I've got some lost time before I woke up in Iacon."

Uh-oh. Ravage keeps his posture subservient as Starscream makes inquiries. This is likely going to lead to follow-up questions for himself even as he would keep his posture low and submissive, head bowed down and his optics a dulled red. Sending pulses of support to Ghost.

Starscream stares at her. "No." he says outright without hesitation and just pinches his nose bridge as he listens. "And why where you down there?" he asks, hoping to prompt her to continue.

<< Con-Tapes >> Ghost says, "This is going to be difficult."

<< Con-Tapes >> Ravage would grunt, "Be honest but minimal. You are.. Better at handling him than I am."

Ghost's finials finally flick, angling forward alertly. "Well. The ship had been monitoring Earth, the inhabitants. And all of -our- comings and goings for nearly 20 years. We were attempting to take it over for review and research - however the ship itself is.. alive. I did manage to datapsike and download intel." She tilts her head, biolights dimming and finials slicking back.

"Tell me, Starcream. What do you know about the original 13?"

<< Con-Tapes >> Ghost says, "deflection and distraction first."

<< Con-Tapes >> Ravage says, "Quite."

<< Con-Tapes >> Ravage says, "Also polish to his vanity"

Ravage would listen to Ghost attentively. Well, as best he could from his position while running through the data files on the matter that he had read and what research he had done on things then. Admittedly before events had rapidly gotten sidetracked by other crises.

<< Con-Tapes >> Soundwave says, "what am I missing"

Starscream raises a ridge, and thinks, that was... quite a topic he'd not touched he'd sometime, so much so it was.. fuzzy.

"Had you asked me that question years ago i likely could of listed it all off at the top of my helm, but now its.... I have but a passing knowledge now." Starscream'd huff. "No point to Primes, other then to boast and flaunt." Ironic of a statement.

<< Con-Tapes >> Ravage says, "Our Lord Regent is.. Asking for a debriefing of recent events going back a few lunar cycles"

Ghost gives a tiny shrug, "Well. As much as I dislike being the bearer of bad news, Starscream." She tilts her head, optics dimming, "Apparently there's another one out there that's unpleasant. On the Fallen levels of unpleasant. Liege maximo. And it was -his- ship that was monitoring Earth for so long. I wasn't able to prevent it from transmitting a data burst back to his location."

GAME: Ravage FAILS an INTELLIGENCE roll of Extreme difficulty.

Ravage would go through skimpy files on Leige Maximo. "The self-styled source of all evil." He would muse and then go on, "And at least according to one myth the self-proclaimed creator of our kind." Wholeheartedly something as false as the Quintessons claiming to be the sole creators of Cybertronians.

"Lovely..." Starscream says sarcastically, though that gets the cogs in Starscream's helm turning, and he starts tapping on his forearm. "Liege Maximo... that name rings a bell, but I cannot place where..." he'd muse. "Anything else?" He asks. "Did you parse through the data or..?" He'd raise a ridge.

<< Con-Tapes >> Ghost says, "Yes. I'm reporting about Liege maximo and the ship that was at earth now."

Ghost raises brows, tone sliding amused, "Well - I do have the data. And a location. And a history. And I don't like reading it." Wings twitch. "I do know that Alpha Trion has plans to go deal with his erstwhile sibling."

<< Con-Tapes >> Ghost says, "Soundwave.. What.. how -much- should I report?"

Ravage would muse over while going through datafiles that had long since been marked as inaccurate; even of ones that were had on Cybertronian myth. The joy of firsthand experience with ancient things.

<< Con-Tapes >> Soundwave says, "report everything."

<< Con-Tapes >> Soundwave says, "if he doesn't know by now, he should."

<< Con-Tapes >> Ghost says, "Every.. are you sure?"

<< Con-Tapes >> Ravage says, "That will.. Not go well."

<< Con-Tapes >> Soundwave says, "do you need me present?"

<< Con-Tapes >> Ravage says, "Though.. Ultimately he is owed the information and.. it is -required- we have protocols and plasn to deal with it. He is currently in charge."

<< Con-Tapes >> Ravage says, "And we cannot go around him on this. While there wil never be an opportune time for it nor do I particularly think he will handle it well.."

<< Con-Tapes >> Ghost hnnnss... "It is.. I. very well."

<< Con-Tapes >> Soundwave says, "like it or not he is our commander"

<< Con-Tapes >> Ghost says, "But.... I.. everything?" -ulp-"

<< Con-Tapes >> Ravage says, "Use your diplomatic acumen in the matter to put it forwards to properly engage him. It is your new department, after all."

<< Con-Tapes >> Ravage says, "And it is a good time to practice your skills."

Starscream tilts his helm, clearly his old scientist self is still there, as his wings tip upward, he's clearly interested. "Anything you can share?" he asks, he wants to read for himself, how he wonders what I he could find in there.

Starscream then pauses and knits his ridges. "...Oh lovely, you mean to tell me we possibly have another evil prime coming to cause mayhem?" Oh great, another unicron sized disaster.

<< Con-Tapes >> Ghost says, "There's a time to be diplomatic and a time to.. This.. will not go well."

<< Con-Tapes >> Soundwave says, "are there things I don't know about as well?"

Ghost's finials slick back and she looks at the floor a moment. Wings shift, almost fidgeting as she seems to defocus a moment, archives cycling up, something Ravage could hear really. "I will give you the location of the datafiles, Starscream." Tone sidling quiet before she peers back up and nods, "Yes, another evil prime.. And apparently worse as he has his own army now."

Omen waaaarks and nips at Ghost's finial a moment before fluffing up and tucking beak to her chest, quieting. "Alpha Trion will be asking his siblings to go out to deal with him. Once he has his new body. Now that he's stabilized and sent his duplicate back in time to complete the temporal loop. I.. had a great deal to do with that part."

<< Con-Tapes >> Ghost quiets, then, "Yes."

Now this particular bit always makes Ravage's processor ache. "All we need now is that peacekeeping agent involved to make the entire situation more ridiculous.." Then he would go quiet. His own particular feelings on Alpha Trion and this temporal buffoonery repeatedly stated. Correcting himself since Ghost is explaining things to Starscream, he would go quiet.

<< Con-Tapes >> Soundwave says, "Nice to have the confirmation. Anything you'd like to share?"

Starscream nods. "...Suppose that.. makes sense of at least those two situations.. Possibly a third if it.. deals with what happen at Ultrix." he muses as he crosses his arms once more. "Thank you, I'd enjoy a read over it myself." He pauses. "..How.. big, an army?" he asks, almost hesitant, his voice showing signs of edging concern.

<< Con-Tapes >> Ghost's mental voice is quiet and there's a sense of discomfort. "I've been having dreams.."

<< Con-Tapes >> Soundwave says, "dreams? Is this something for the channel or something you'd like to elaborate in person?"

<< Con-Tapes >> Ghost says, "Dreams. And.."

<< Con-Tapes >> Soundwave says, "what sort of dreams..and...? how does this relate to Liege Maximo?"

<< Con-Tapes >> Ravage would go to skim the report that had been put up.

<< Con-Tapes >> Ghost says, "It doesn't. But you asked if there were things you didn't know about and.. this is one."

<< Con-Tapes >> Soundwave says, "I'd like to know more if you would share."

<< Con-Tapes >> Ravage says, "If you two discuss this would you prefer mental privacy if that makes it easier?"

<< Con-Tapes >> Soundwave says, "if she wants to share she will. I will find out by other means if necessary."

Ghost nods slowly, "Larger than ours I'd estimate based on the information I pulled from the ship's systems. Location of their Empire, and their History." She intakes air, cycling it quietly before continuing. "There's more, sir." Tone sliding formal, "I've been.. told to give a full debriefing."

And she doesn't sound pleased about this either. "Vector Sigma and Alpha Trion loaded something into my systems that I haven't been able to unpack. This was when I aided in collecting the duplicate data entries of the old fragger so he could close the time loop." A blink and a, "And helped him get the correct version of himself into the body he sent back in time." Tone quiet. "I don't remember much about being in iacon, except Blaster popped my chassis open to let Omen out and now they know I'm also a host-carrier. They don't know about the other two, just Omen."

And like she's at confession, she continues, "I've been made an honorary acolyte of Primus. I've met several times with members of the Autobot ambassador team in select neutral locations and they would like another, formal meeting. Soundblaster wanted to know how to create or take symbiotes. He had been planning on luring mine in before Soundwave and Shockwave located me. I.. I thought he was Soundwave for a moment." She looks abashed, looking back at the floor as she continues softly, "That is what the explosion in Crystal City was about, detonating his lair. I suspect Shockwave was also working to clear out the rest of the mercenaries there as well."

Omen shifts on Ghost's shoulder, plating ruffling but remaining silent.

<< Con-Tapes >> Ghost says, "I. didn't think it was important. Just honestly bad memory fluxes, Soundwave. But.. something else happened, I lost some -time- again and.. I asked for a medical review."

<< Con-Tapes >> Ghost says, "Or hallucinated. Or something. Enough that I am concerned."

<< Con-Tapes >> Ravage says, "Bad enough you asked for a review?"

"I'm aware of the acolyte one, little does that pest known as Dust Devil knows, I /do/ pay attention to the broadband and internet channels." Starscream says with a roll of his optics, so, just how much DOES he know? and just don't say anything about.

Starscream nods as he listens. "What information do you have? I fear I may need to.. uhg." Talk to prime again? Yeeep. Specially if stuff is this bad.

Starscream utters the only work he knows that could even possibly describe this situation. "...Shit."

Ravage would manage to resist his attempt at sighing as he would cut off his vocalizer and go to keep his head down over towards the ground. Then at Starscream's use of language Ravage would glance upwards in a gist of agreement. Ravage not elaborating further as Starscream would make a rather spot-on analysis of the situation.

<< Con-Tapes >> Ghost's thoughts flicker and she 'voices' softly, "I thought I could feel Cybertron. The whole planet, joy, rebirth, warmth spreading in places.. Reaching out, almost -breathing-, yearning to burst into /life/."

Soundwave walks in at perhaps the wrong..or right time. He listens silently at Starscream's side as Ghost gives her report. Maybe he's just here to show that he /can/ be.

<< Con-Tapes >> Soundwave says, "And you opted not to share this with - very well. What are your thoughts on it?"

Ghost considers, parsing thoughts, words carefully now, wary. "They have an Empire, Starscream. Led by one of the 13. They know we know they were watching, now." She trails off, frowning as she watches Soundwave take up his place. "Sir." A shallow bow then she straightens. "What information on what do you wish more details on?"

<< Con-Tapes >> Ghost says, "Before.. I thought it was nothing, Soundwave. Until I found myself in the desert, seeing things that were -not- there. Before.. That's why I asked for a medical review."

Soundwave motions a hand "Continue your report as if I were not here, agent." He says. "I am simply here to record for our Lord's benefit."

<< Con-Tapes >> Soundwave says, "You know in our line of business everything is something. This doesn't sound like nothing."

<< Con-Tapes >> Soundwave says, "Acolyte."

<< Con-Tapes >> Ghost mentally winces. "That doesn't mean -anything- at all. It's an honorary thing. Some.. frippery, some joke at my expense.

<< Con-Tapes >> Soundwave says, "everything means /something/ Ghost. This may explain why they are so eager to spend time with you....they think you are...."

Starscream wants to yell, and /blame her/ for not stressing the importance, but yet.. something tugs at him, telling him that no, it wasn't and.. he hates it, and makes him squirm internally. The only outward indication is that He'd pinch his nose bridge and grind his denta. "Right, Frag." he says throwing his hands up. "This makes Bludgeon's tantrum much more of a problem." He'd yell as he turned around to look at the screen.

Starscream'd sigh. "Lets start with the /biggest/ issue in the room that threatens to destroy us all, what can you tell me about Leige Maximo and his ship that you gathered?"

<< Con-Tapes >> Soundwave says, "My presence is interruptive. Please. Return to your report without my presence. I do not want to be the reason for omitting things."

Soundwave turns to the door. "With your permission, my liege I will take my leave. I would not want anything left out because of my presence."

Ravage would move to listen for the moment, letting Soundwave record things, Starscream here, and knowing likely that the first Seeker that Starscream ran into would be due to listen in on things. Ravage would keep his head level and not move a micro-meter of his mecha-frame. Now all they could do was really wait and see.

<< Con-Tapes >> Ghost says, "Wait.. I don't want to.. I don't want you to find things out second hand. Don't.. Don't go. I.. nevermind."

<< Con-Tapes >> Ravage says, "I will ensure he hears all"

<< Con-Tapes >> Ravage says, "And she wants you to be here."

<< Con-Tapes >> Soundwave says, "I do not want to interrupt your report."

<< Con-Tapes >> Ghost says, "They seek to see if they can use me to undermine the Empire. And sow dissension between me and apparently everyone else. They're succeeding int he second but not the first."

<< Con-Tapes >> Soundwave says, "The Autobots or the servants of the liege?"

Starscream's optic twitch's and he QUICKLY spins around and points at Soundwave. "No, no you sit your petty aft down, you're part of this problem and you're not getting out of it!" He'd snap loudly.

Soundwave turns and sits down in the nearest seat "As you command. Continuing recording."

Ghost nods, "The ship moved itself to the other edges of the solar system and is more than well enough armed to blow smaller attempts to re-board to component materials. It has inhabitants that are controlled -by- the ship, mechanibals. The ship itself is -alive-, it felt me inside it. And I felt it. It was.." She shudders, "I'm not designed for hacking -people-. But I felt it become alarmed at my presence and wake its defenders."

Wings twitch, finials remain slicked back as Ghost continues tone soft, flat, "The LIege's empire is located in an area they call The Hub. It is expansive and is in the center of the galaxy. Historically. They.. they..." She quiets, parsing those datafiles in 'real time' again, optics dimming. "They do not think highly of those of Cybertron."

<< Con-Tapes >> Ghost says, "The Autobots."

<< Con-Tapes >> Soundwave says, "I know, Ghost. They want you to be their inside agent."

<< Con-Tapes >> Ghost says, "Well they're not doing a good job. They had no idea I was intel head when I was."

<< Con-Tapes >> Soundwave says, "It's not like we announced it to the world. Do they know now?"

"If I have to deal with this, you do as well." Starscream adds as he squints at Soundwave, then looks to Ghost and knits his ridges. "Oh lovely, a hive mind." he says with distastes as he plops his cheek plating against his lax fist as he listens.

"Right... I need these files collected and consolidated as soon as possible, this is.. Concerning." Starscream'd state.

<< Con-Tapes >> Ghost says, "No. They're not aware, as far as I know, of -who- is Intel Commander. They do know I've been posted as an ambassador."

<< Con-Tapes >> Ghost says, "And think me moderate and easy to deal with."

Ravage would just grunt to himself over and listen. Running through analyses on what info Ghost had shared; many things of which even he didn't know or had enough information to come to any solid conclusion on. Too little data, too little for frame of reference. His optics would dim even more from the dull red they had been.

<< Con-Tapes >> Soundwave says, "That is a good thing. I hope they do not think you are too sympathetic to the cause. I am aware of where your loyalties lie. Pax imperium."

Soundwave nods "Yes, sir." he says. "I thought she may want to tell you more if I were not present. That she'd elaborate on thing that she might not wish me to be privy to."

"Trypticon, Praxus, Arbiter, Kaon mainframes all have full copies of what I pulled and have had copies since I initially reported." Ghost cycles air again, tone remaining quiet and flat, "Less Hive Mind and more.. xenophobic, sir." Another wince and she looks at the floor, quieting.

Starscream pauses, thinking about what was said on the internet channel, to what Ghost was saying.. He'd then roll his optics. "Oh knock it off, we've got bigger issues to /deal with/ at the moment." He'd huff and looks at Ghost. "I need a report, I need all this data consolidated.. I'm going to need to have a /meeting/ later and I would like to have it on hand." He'd roll his optics and rubs at his temples.

"Right.. I'll look it over." Starscream sighs. "And from now on, I would like you to /tell someone/ at least Soundwave of.. such things, I do not know WHAT Megatron told you in regards to holding back information, but I am not him, and need as much information as possible in order to lead things in a proper direction." he'd scoff.

Starscream wasn't Megatron.. he didn't WANT to be Megatron, but even he could internally admit, if he was to lead, and do it properly, he needed all his 'ducks' in a row, so to speak, and working together.

Ravage would stay still over and move to spare a glance to Starscream. One might almost swear to Primus or damn by the Pit that there was sympathy up there for the position that the Regent was in now. But his faceplate would quickly shift back to its nominal default. He's not making any sort of commentary now, even over along the mental link that the trio shared while just observing.

"Megatron had trust that I would do whatever was necessary and needed to insure that in the end, the Empire would survive and thrive. Results mattered, how I got them mattered not." Ghost murmurs, "But you have a different style and. I've been told to 'come clean'. I've been having strange, repeated dreams. And experiencing what I can only guess are sensory hallucinations. Only the once but it was.. it seemed very real at the time."

<< Con-Tapes >> Ghost is quiet, unsettled still, uneasy. "Pax Imperia."

Dreams, mention of the dreams again, Starscream's mind drifting back to all the internet conversations he'd idly read to pass the time... "...And what are they of?" he asks, prompting her to continue, a ridge raised and tone even, even if he was a bit, internally, fearful of what maybe spoken.. That was another thing that had been happening since Ultrix..

Ghost shifts uncomfortably, that facade of calm cracking slightly as she fidgets before stilling herself. "Of.. nonsense. I..." Omen nips her finial and grumbles. "Fine.. I was floating in the Pious pools again, watching the stars rise over Cybertron as Citctus Minor set. It was warm, peaceful, soothing. I could feel the pools warming then.. The planet.. Warm.. slowly. Not just in the pools but places here.. and there, slowly blooming. It was like I was everywhere at once, flitting from place to place, from warmth to warmth. Then.. Something started to blot the stars and the sun out, and everything started to get cold again, and dark. Cold and darkness."

Ghost shudders, biolights dimming. "I.. Recently.. Found myself investigating the Remote Desert Region as I reported. But.. I could -see- things there, that weren't.. real? I suppose. Lines of energy flowing like rivers superimposed on the landscape itself, flowing into the three sand pits that have formed. After some conversation with the Autobot medic, I took some time to.. reach out, see if I could maybe hear anything, feel anything int he sands from what they'd described happened there. Sand.. it's crystals, it can 'remember', like a storage crystal. But.. Instead.. I.. It was like I could feel Cybertron, sirs. The heat rising from the core, feel it reach out to places all across the planet.. The.. sense of doom I've had since I started dreaming faded and it was.. peaceful, comforting. Alive. Joyful. I could -feel- the planet as if it were breathing, yearning to burst with life."

Soundwave nods "I do look forward to a full and /complete/ report on my desk, agent." he says continuing to record. "I do know that agent Ghost does what she does for the Empire's benefit." he says. "There have been others that have had dreams reported on the dalnet channels. At least one neutral and one Autobot. I do not think these are unrelated incidents. The dreams tend to be of the subject's greatest fears. Failures coming back to haunt, and the like." he pauses. "Interesting." He continues to record.

<< Con-Tapes >> Ghost feels ashamed and dirty.

<< Con-Tapes >> Soundwave says, "Ghost. Don't be. You cannot help what they did to you."

<< Con-Tapes >> Ravage would lend a mental sensation of support.

Starscream frowns, he could see how the dream could be something of a representation of their current course, yet... A lot didn't add up, where they even connected? Sure it was a guess but.. Who or what was sending them? though the crystal does make him wonder more. "I see... and that is.. all, of the dream?" he asks.

Though another thought alarms him, and is quite unsure how to even go about bringing it up.

Ravage would go to give Ghost a quiet look now of sympathy, and then the same over to Starscream. He is not making any particular suggestion in the matter or of what course to pursue here. This is well beyond his ken. He is thoughtful over and move to contemplate. Finally evaluating and coming over to a conclusion - but not necessarily a helpful one as he would go to speak idly by. "A connection to the planet? ALmost like a Prime." A rather poor way to put it in the end.. But that might be a match.

Ghost nods, "The first dream repeated a great deal. I.. thought it a bad memory parsing, trying to clear data buffers of when I had been in the Pools and before that had been in the cold-dark after getting Soundwave and Ravage back to the surface." She frowns, finials flicking before returning to slicked back. "The Desert is.. It's warmer than usual for this time of year. Even with us having a sun, the temperature was 12% warmer that night than the year prior."

Starscream rolls his optics at Ravage, cat isn't completely wrong, still ridiculous all the same. ..Perhaps Ghost's estimation of the heat was his opening. "...Now hypothetically." He says, holding up his index fingers. "and only hypothetically." he stressed with a sneer. "Don't go getting any wild ideas, but perhaps, hypothetically, do you suspect, that someone, I do not know whom, is sending you and others these dreams as warnings due to... the possibility, of a /hot spot/ getting ready to ignite?"

GAME: Ghost PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of Immense difficulty.

Ravage would slowly frown, "That area of the planet heating would require an extraordinary amount of energy pending no large-scale solar activity or planetary upheaval. Even with the patchwork that is our sensory net we should have -noticed- that much of a buildup of power."

As Starscream goes on about 'Hot Spot' then Ravage would finally allow, "Possible. In which case it would behoove us to establish an outpost in the region immediately and fortify it."

Ghost snorts, "All the dreams I've heard about have been horrific nightmares. Mine wasn't bad. Just -odd-. And I did lose myself in phase-space for a while and did end up in the Pools, which are warm. So I thought it was -just- defragging 'dreams. It happens. A lot." There's a pause and she frowns, "Hot Spots.." A flick of wings, "One would think the Autobots would be the first to be aware of something like -that- as they /have/ a Prime of their own. If that was happening, they'd already have put a base in place and started shooting at us."

Starscream shrugs. "A hypothetical, and.. Not necessarily a /prime/ would be needed, you do seem to have a special connection with... poking your wires into places." Starscream alludes as he folds his hands behind him. "And who knows what ever it was Alpha Trion planted in your programing." He adds and taps his heel.

"I only come to this hypothesis given the... theme, it seems, of your dream and what Dust Devil spat about on the internet channel.." Starscream frowns, still that leaves a few unexplained things. "It's not something I 'm sure of, but, something for us to keep an eye on." He'd huff.

"For now.. one thing at a time.. specially if we have a large invasion headed our way."

Ravage would give a slow nod at Ghost's response to Starscream's query, and he would go assessing once more. "We will.. Need to start running simulations." Then he would get a frown on his faceplate. "There is a.. Possibility that this.. Maximo is related to the strike on Ultrix. There is no solid data whatsoever.. But from a probability perspective based on supposition.. They know that we are aware of them. It would make sense for them to be monitoring us. A strike on Ultrix while of little strategic value would be a blow to morale. And confirmation that whatever ability they had to bypass our early warning systems worked."

"Agreed, Ravage.. That is a concern." Starscream agrees with an air of concern and sighs. "If that is all as of now, you are dismissed Ghost, and thank you for the debriefing, I look forward to the data report." He'd sigh tiredly.

Ghost tips into another polite bow, "I'll re-tag the pertinent files and resubmit for Command's review, Starscream." She pauses, head tilting before she stares at Ravage a moment, thoughts tick-clicking, "Did you just suggest that.. Nevermind." She scoffs, then shakes her head, "Right, I'll be in the workshop. I've.. a lot of data to unpack and review. See if I can wrangle anything else out of what was stuffed in."

Ravage would glance at Ghost for a moment, "Suggest what?" He would intone at her. But it was a direct request. And a mental inquiry sent along with it while the group would break up, and he would nod at Starscream, "Yes, my Lord. We exist to serve the Empire." There is a pause and a "Should I still have a medical check done, Sir?"

<< Con-Tapes >> Ghost says, "Primes linked to the planet. That was.. How did you get that out of a weird -dream-?"

<< Con-Tapes >> Ravage says, "Not from a -dream-."

<< Con-Tapes >> Ravage says, "But from many things. Interfacings with Vector Sigma. Several times."

<< Con-Tapes >> Ravage says, "Many of those deeper affairs with Alpha Trion I cannot grasp. The endless amounts of data you have gone through."

<< Con-Tapes >> Ravage says, "To me, you are more in tune with the planet than any others I could conceive of."

<< Con-Tapes >> Ravage says, "And forgive me, I meant you no offense, but I could think of no other ways to phrase it given the.. Limited frame of reference and context to refer to it as."

<< Con-Tapes >> Ghost says, "Right. That's part of the legends isn't it about them. Primes of old and something about Hot Spots. I do need to read up on all of.. this.. I bet there's intel in the data I have from the Harmonex archives. Wait.. What me?"

<< Con-Tapes >> Ravage says, "I do not know how to put things into.. Words. I cannot grasp what exactly your connection is to Vector Sigma. Only that Alpha Trion.. Trusts is a term I loathe to use.. Has enabled your connection to the ancient system on a number of occasions. You have engaged in such huge amounts of data the likes of which none of us can comprehend or have a frame of reference to. You know this planet and can feel it."

Starscream glances back and raises a brow. "Yes, see if anything can't be found and everything is in working order." He says, wondering what she was going to ask that he suggested.

<< Con-Tapes >> Ghost says, "I"m not sure if I'm flattered or disgusted or horrified or something of all three. I'm.. There were the thirteen and then there's the Autobot line of succession. What I do is just.. What I do, Ravage. I.. I'm a bit flattered but really, I've got my weaknesses and more. I'm just really good with data."

<< Con-Tapes >> Ghost says, "Were I stronger, I wouldn't have needed Omen to help keep me stable. Or had that code triggered to be of a line as your carrier."

<< Con-Tapes >> Ghost says, "I"m just a field operative with the ability to adjust and change as needed to remain functional."

Ghost nods and turns, headed to the doorway that leads to Soundwave's workshop. "Thank you sir. I'll leave the request open to see who becomes available."

<< Con-Tapes >> Ravage says, "It is not weakness. We are merely Cybertronian. I meant no offense. I did not intend to have referred to you as that. It was the.. Only verbiage I could use that felt like it had any meaning."

Ravage would nod at Starscream, "VEry well, My Lord." And he is plodding out in the opposite direction.

"Good." He states firmly. "And I better see it in the medical reports or I WILL send someone to do it!" Starscream threatens, given, emptily, but still, blasted femme needed to care for herself. The fact that he cared and he was willing to admit that only added to the annoyance it brought him as he looked back to the screen.

<< Con-Tapes >> Ghost says, "I'm not offended, Ravage. It's just an impossibility is all."

<< Con-Tapes >> Ravage says, "Appreciated."

<< Con-Tapes >> Ghost chuckles, relaxing a hair, "Let's get some fuel and recharge time."