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Shattered Glass

Shattered Glass Ark

The Ark was constructed at the design and direction of Emperor Prime for the primary purpose of attacking Earth. The Nemesis was built by the Decepticons to pursue the Autobots before they can attack modern-day Earth.

The Ark was completed in 2010, and successfully launched before Cybertron entered the Plait Expanse. However, during its trip to Earth the Ark was boarded by Scourge, who attacked Prime on the bridge, causing the Ark to crash into Arizona Bay.

When the Autobots were ready to begin their invasion, they sent a full-out attack against Polyhex to try to prevent the Decepticons from following them in their interceptor. Megatron led the defense of Polyhex, allowing the Nemesis to launch, and then pursued in a smaller shuttle, catching up with the Nemesis on Earth days after the other Decepticons arrived in Earth's orbit.

The Nemesis remained for a time in Shattered Glass Earth's orbit, commanded by Megatron. In 2012, General Flagg used GODS system to cripple the Nemesis and knock it out of Earth's orbit, causing it to crash into Mount St. Hilary.

By 2016, Stellar Spanner and Junkion Spacefold technology once again allowed easy transport between Cybertron and Earth, and the rosters are now much more fluid. The Decepticons have also since built a city that was attacked last in 2016.


Crew of the Ark

The following Autobots were on board the Ark when it crashed on Earth in 2010:

Optimus Prime, Emperor of Destruction

They joined the following Autobots already on Earth:

With the activation of the Stellar Spanner, the following Autobots joined those on Earth:


Nemesis Crew

When the Nemesis took off to stop the Ark, the crew consisted of
They joined the following Decepticons already on Earth
Decepticon Shuttle <Freedom>

Megatron, leader of the Decepticons

Megatron and Octane arrived later in a shuttle with Motormaster (SG), Rumble, and Laserbeak having escaped Cybertron just before it entered the Plait Expanse.

Decepticon allies


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